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  • When Tandrak meets Raven, an Author Avatar who wrote the book that fell on Valka's head, she tells him that he cursed Garven and gave him amnesia in her books. Tandrak responds by saying that that sounds cruel. Raven then says that he also cursed Lilo and Elon, tricked them into thinking he was their friend, sabotaged the entire Cup, and had a crush on Kep when he was young . Of course, he completely ignores the other ones and freaks out about how he would never fall in love with Kep.
  • Valeria's little insight on time traveling: "Don't you watch enough time travel movies to know that if your future self disappears, you die. If your past self disappears, you die. Therefore, if you mess with time travel, YOU DIE!"
  • At one point, Tandrak breaks down, considering suicide options and crying for his mom. Why? Because Antola and Prytariel randomly (and terribly) began to sing Caramelldansen. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Pretty much the entire Shaye History Museum segment, especially when Etoile finds a Lysander statue and finds out that Lysander and Tandrak are the same person:
    Etoile: When bumping into a statue, do you apologize to the statue or the person it's made of?
    Tandrak: Erm, apologize to the statue, because I didn't feel any pain.
    Etoile: This is still quite strange. Should I speak to Tandrak or the statue—
    Everyone Else: LET'S GO!
  • Lor puts a Hello Aisha and Flowerfluff Girls leash with little pink flowers on it on Zax, then asks Mirsha to put girly clothes on him. Hilarity Ensues.
  • One time, when Prytariel and Mirsha have their usual Rintariel argument, this gem came along:
    Prytariel: "Must resist the urge to throw a Clockwork Yooyu at Mirsha..."
  • This exchange between Sandra and Antola:
    Sandra: Now that that's over... prepare to die! I will avenge my brother's defeat by your hands, if it's the last thing I do! I will finish, what my brother was unable to finish himself. Any last words... Antola Huozai Maeir?
    Antola: Cool story bro.
  • When Antola was dying, Mirsha and Derlyn were annoying Prytariel when it came to shipping, which causes Prytariel to start shipping the twins together, Windy/Ruko (the twins' puppteer) agrees with it. When one of the paramedics is their mom, Hilarity Ensues.
  • When Antola was dying (again), as more or less an aftermath of her Crowning Moment of Awesome, Derlyn chops up 'Dirty' as retribution for trying to kill her sister, and to an extent Antola. Guess how her mom reacts? She didn't like it...
    • Later revisited when Derlyn wants to chop up Antola/cut off his *redacted*, her mom, did the same thing.
  • When Antola was dying (like the above two), and Tandrak was saying a lot of stuff about rabies, Mirsha was trying to make fun of his fear of rabies. One of the ways she did this was to claim that he was in love with Garven. Moogi then threatened her that she would kill Antola if she didn't stop. So she decided to talk about Rintariel.
    • And then, Moogi then said...
      Moogi: ...if you're gonna be like that, I won't let you talk about shipping period!
      Mirsha: (pouting) But, shipping is fun, and fun things are fun!
  • When Moogi was gone, Derlyn drew a lot of stuff on Antola, when he wakes up, everyone laughs.
    • To Zenor's (who had been warning everyone that Antola would blow everyone up for drawing on him) surprise, Antola himself laughed, only disliking the picture of his worst enemy who previously tried to kill him, 'Dirty', hugging his fiancee, Xana.
  • Mirsha has a tendency to forget Turo's name. Her daughter, Sakura, has this same tendency, because it's funny.
  • The entire Marth Arc could be seen as this, especially near the end where Ruko and Moogi are coming up with genderbent names for other characters, using Super Smash Bros. as a resource.
  • Mirsha made an impact into the saboteur camp. Hilarity (and Mirsha getting attacked) Ensues
  • There is a huge battle between Lor and Daragon going on. The first bit of dialogue after the post is this:
    Mirsha: Could you two Jerkfaces take it outside? Besides Lor, Mom kinda just kicked you out of the hospital.
  • During a recent "Freaky Friday" Flip, Tandrak and Timu make out, because they were Derlyn and Mirsha respectively, and their puppeteer likes that pairing, for some strange reason.
  • Xana asked Moogi this question, "Moogi, who do you consider Ruko's main character?" The puppeteers delay it For the Lulz.
    • This is the list of Delays:
      • The Daily Guest attack
      • Moogi shoots herself.
      • Moogi giving Ruko a Cranial Eruption
      • Lyvon impacts onto Mirsha.
      • Ruko pushing Mirsha into an elevator, which causes her husband, Foltaggio, to shoot Star Bits at Ruko.
      • Antola's staff getting out of control, causing a piano to catch on fire, and have Antola have lighting struck on him.
  • The puppeteers turn the ambulance into a Chamber of Torture. These are the tortures that ensued:
    • A bomb with a boxing glove in it punched Mirsha in the face.
    • A box fell on Mirsha.
    • Derlyn was sprayed with water
    • Mirsha got trapped in a cage, then had a stretcher go on top of her.
      • The cage repairs itself, starts to crush her, and bursts into flames.
    • A can of Neocola hits Derlyn's head.
    • An anvil was dropped on Antola.
    • As Ruko put out the flaming cage, she also splashed Derlyn.
    • Ruko gave Antola a concussion.
    • Moogi threw water balloons at Derlyn.
      • Ruko then joins in on the fun.
    • A torrent of water trenches Derlyn.
    • Another stretcher is poofed on top of Mirsha. This is repeated.
    • Ruko splashes Derlyn with a bucket of water.
    • Moogi throws boots at Tandrak.
      • She then uses the stretcher that trapped Mirsha to hurt him.
  • Valka interrogates Laine about whether or not she knows about who her counterpart, Kaine, is. Laine has a Comically Missing the Point moment, and proceeds to summarize the entire plot of Citizen Kane in one (albeit fast-spoken) sentence:
    Laine: Oh, Kane! Well, he was this newspaper mogul guy who died in this movie, and he dropped a snow globe and then whispered 'Rosebud,' but no one knew what it meant, so all the reporters went and interviewed a bunch of random people, but even then they couldn't find it out, but at the end, it was revealed that Rosebud was really this dude's sled, but no one ever found that out, since they thought it was unimportant and burned it. And that, my fellow tropers, is where the trope name 'It Was His Sled' came from!
    • Even better: Raven herself has admitted to doing the research, since she actually saw the movie. So it's technically Shown Their Work.
  • Derlyn throws something at Foltaggio,like usual. The reason why this counts as a Crowning Moment of Funny is because Foltaggio wasn't even there!
    • She does the same thing to Prytariel a little later.
    • She then manages to have it duplicate. Yeah, we don't know either.
    • She also throws it at Valka while she is in a trance.
  • Tandrak is threatening to ditch Xana and Antola because the former was rescuing the latter. Derlyn then decides to scare him into not leaving, which almost fails until she actually goes through with her threat, which was beat him up with Lor (who Derlyn was holding out the window of the van most of the time), kick him in between the legs, and puts him in her hammerspace, where she keeps her heavy objects. Tandrak is not amused, everyone else on the other hand...
  • Moogi decides to make Antola hate Xana, and he decides to be a Jerkface to Xana, which causes Mirsha and Xana to Towse at him. This entire thing (and it's results) breaks canon.
  • Prytariel said something about 'Tsundere Gnorbus (refering to Derlyn) who should have creepy babies with Lilo Blumario'. Naturally, this is one of Derlyn's Berserk Buttons, so Hilarity Ensues.
  • When Kaine tries to prove that she's Valka, she (mistakenly) thinks that 'Alexandria' is Tandrak's real name.
  • 'Trapper' announces that he most totally doesn't work for a certain paramedic's brother. Cue Faith, who just so happens to be that certain paramedic, saying this:

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