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Funny: Jasper Carrott
  • The entirety of the Back to the Front show about his 25th wedding anniversary trip to Thailand and Bali.
  • The entirety of The Magic Roundabout sketch.
  • His mother-in-law's driving.
    "She's never been in an accident... seen loads though."
  • Insurance Claims.
    "The bloke was all over the road! I had to swerve a number of times before I hit him."
  • His whole routine about the British government turning the Sellafield Nuclear Power Station into a tourist attraction.
  • His talking about his native Birmingham's "Spaghetti Junction" (a complicated multidecker motorway) being called that because "they made a right bolognese of it".
  • While talking about the content of different women's magazines:
    "Articles in Women's Own are always about either royals, needlework or cooking. The ideal Women's Own article would be "How To Macrame Prince Charles Out Of Pot Noodles"!
  • This line from Commercial Breakdown 2:
    "I was talking earlier about the subtle but essentially destablizing effects of advertising on our culture and on the deleterious effect it has on the fabric on comtemptious society. You know, just before the farting elephant."

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