Funny / Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

  • Jason Goes To Hell is no where near a perfect film, but some of the lines from it has some classic jems, including Creighton Duke's description of what he thinks of Jason Voorhees and these:
    "My professional opinion: this guy's deader than shit! Hahahahaha! Um, strike that last comment from the record."
    "You know what I'd like to do to you? I'd like to take a crap right on your fuckin mask! A big old mango-sized crap!"
    "Planning on smoking a little dope, having a little premarital sex, and getting slaughtered?"
    • Not to mention the opening, where everything starts out perfectly routine for a Friday film, when suddenly Jason's latest victim suddenly cartwheels out of the way and lets a dozen or so gunmen empty a few hundred rounds into him, eventually taking him out with an air strike. You can almost see Jason screaming "What the fuck!?" behind his mask.
    • And there's this bit of dialog between Jessica and Joey B, after Jessica shows up at the diner with Steven. Joey holds a gun on them because Steven's wanted for the murder of Jessica's mom, so Joey refuses to hand over their daughter. In Joey's words, "No one's touching that fucking ray of sunshine!" Then we have:
    Jessica: Joey, please, just let me get the baby and we'll go.
    Joey B.: Shut the fuck up! You're with a fucking felon!
    Shelby: Hey, baby, watch your language.
    Joey B.: Fuck you!
    (Jessica tries to grab the gun and causes it to misfire and hit the fuse box)
    Joey B.: Now look what you fucking done!
    Jessica: Give me the baby, Joey!
    Joey B.: Fuck you!
    (Jessica picks up a napkin holder and whacks Joey in the face with it)
    Jessica: Sorry.
  • Any scene with Randy and Steven, especially the fight. Because of all the things that Steve put Randy through before going to jail, the first thing Randy does is punch him out, Steve responds with a punch of his own. They fight until they tire and rest against the cop car and this little exchange happens.
    Randy: I'm taking you in.
    Steven: What makes you think you can?
    Randy: I got a gun.
    Steven: Fuck that, I got a gun.
    [Both point their guns at each other.]
  • The one cop's reaction when he sees Possessed!Robert smash the two cops heads together and then notices him. Being all "Oh FUCK this shit!", he runs off as fast as he can, only to be closelined by Duke for the keys to the cells. Made even more funnier due to the cop being played by the director of the film!
  • The two SWAT team members' deaths. After possessing the coroner, Jason attempts to exit the morgue, only to overhear them insulting him. He immediately turns to face them, just in time to see one of the two (played by Kane Hodder!) say that Jason was "nothing but a big old pussy anyway"... then it immediately cuts to the two's corpses on a news report.