Funny / Jane and the Dragon

  • The singing auditions in "Dragon Diva," but special mention goes to Smithy's "Hammering Song" and Jane and Jester's extremely creeped out expressions afterwards.
    • After Lavinia has spent the whole episode pretending Pig is a prince:
    Smithy: Princess, I think it's time you knew. Pig... is just a pig. I hope you're not too disappointed.
    Lavinia: No, not at all! I knew the pig was not a prince all along!
    Rake: You did?
    Lavinia: Of course! I was just playing along for you, Rake! *skips off*
    Rake: To tell you the truth, I'm a bit disappointed.
  • After Gunther and Jane refuse to fight in the sword match:
    Sir Ivan: Nice? Nice?? We're all nice! Charming, wonderful people, the lot of us! NOW START HITTING EACH OTHER!
    Sir Theodore: Would someone care to explain this sudden plague of gallantry?
  • Jester's Sir Ivan impersonations.
  • The episode "Mismatched" is one big mix of this and CMoH.
    • Sir Ivon's attempt at love advice:
    *accidentally pokes himself with a sword* First rule of romance: always learn from your mistakes! *promptly jabs himself again*
  • Jester and Sir Ivan's "duel."
  • Smithy is helping Jester watch off the itching powder in "All Fool's Day,"
    Jester: *to Jane* No, don't come in, thank you, I'm in my frozen underleggings!
    Jane: Trust me, I have no wish to see that.
    Smithy: Very wise.
    Jester: Hey!
    • Later on Jane tells Smithy of her suspicion that Jester is still planning to prank them. Smithy says nothing, merely turns around and dumps a bucket of water over the stall onto Jester's head.*
  • The Chamberlain believing Theodore and Ivan are about to kill each other... and then stumbles over them playing Soldiers. Especially Sir Theodore of all people scrambling to find an excuse.
    Theodore: Ah... uh... we are studying the ancient battles, uh... the Siege of Southfield?
  • "King's Knight" has a few moments, including this exchange:
    Jane: We pledge our allegiance by swearing to the king.
    Dragon: He likes it when you swear at him?
    • Lavinia making Gunther swear to do whatever she tells him, and Smithy pitching in with ideas makes it even funnier. The ensuing tasks she makes him and Ivan do clinch it.
    Gunther: With my fairy magic... I make myself invisible.
    Lavinia: No. Fairies can always see each other. *Gunther glares at her*
    • "King Cuthbert! Do we laugh or cry? Ah... you tell me."
  • "So without the charming, delightful and ever-diplomatic Gunther, we are still one short for a game of bandyball." Oh, Jester.
    • Dragon watches them play bandyball, promising that they won't even notice he's there. He promptly begins heckling them.
  • Sir Ivon reminiscing over the armor he plans to use to bargain for the dragon egg:
    Ivon: *picking up a spiked mace* Ah, now this I won in my first tournament, for "Gratuitous Use of Unnecessary Violence!"
    Merchant: *flatly* I have three just like it.
    • Plus the fondness of which he speaks of the royal privy chamber.
  • In a bout of extreme overprotectiveness, Dragon won't allow Jane to eat fish because a bone might get stuck in her throat.
    Rake: Um... it is alright if Smithy and I eat the fish?
    Dragon: Suit yourself. What am I, your mother?
    • Same episode, when Dragon confronts the others over Jane's absence:
    Smithy: I gave her a good horse.
    Dragon: A horse? A talking horse? Who breathes fire? A horse with razor-sharp claws? *Rake and Pepper nod frantically*
  • After Cuthbert steals all the strawberries from the kitchen, Pepper is forced to make the tarts with turnips instead. After Jane runs off in dismay, we get this line:
    Pepper: I could bake a funny face on them! With mustard!
    • Jester, desperate for inspiration, composes a little ditty on the spot:
    There was a little majesty who had a little malady
    She snuffled and she sniffled from a cold in her head,
    She snuffled and she sniffled til she dropped down— Eh, no.
  • "Nothing in here, just a rat! Hello, rat!"
  • In "Go West Young Gardener," after Rake is stuck in the log,
    Jane: *riding Dragon* How are you, Rake?
  • Gunther trying way too hard to be friendly to Rake and Smithy in "Pride and Pollen,"
    Gunther: Just look at these lovely lilies!
    *awkward pause*
    Rake: Roses.
    Gunther: Roses, of course. Roses are red, lilies are... not. Oh, and what do you call these?
    Rake: Weeds.
    Gunther: Delightful!
    • And later...
    Smithy: Gunther, why are you loading weeds into a catapult?
    Gunther: Oh, um... just testing a little theory of mine. Trajectory, wind conditions. No need to worry your head over it.
    Smithy: *glares at him* ....Right.
  • After it is revealed that the merchant has bought Pig:
    Rake: Why would the merchant want Pig anyway?
    Jester: Rake, some questions are better—
    Rake: Not to work in a forge. Has he even got a forge? No. So why— *he gasps as Jester silently counts to three on his fingers* OH! Oh, turnips. *covers his mouth*
    Jester: Exactly. If he invites you to dinner tomorrow, make your excuses. *Pepper gasps and covers her mouth too*
  • Gunther corners Rake in the garden demanding to help him in order to win favor with Sir Theodore:
    Gunther: *running after Rake* WAIT! Come back! I insist on helping you!
    Rake: And I said no thank you!!
    • Later, helping Pepper gather eggs:
    Gunther: Do not mention it, Pepper. Actually, do. To Sir Theodore.
  • Jane and Gunther's battle cries.
    • Later when Lavinia is throwing a tantrum:
    Jester: Jane, you scared me! Well, scared is not the word—more like 'startled' or 'slightly bemused'—HOW DO I GET HER TO STOP??!!
    Jane: Hello, my little majesty! I bet I can be quieter than you can! *Lavinia immediately shuts up*
    • Jane leaves Jester alone with Cuthbert.
    Jane: Will you be alright?
    Jester: Of course. He's just a child, Jane, not a wild animal.
    *Cuthbert pounces on him immediately after; off-camera screaming ensues*
  • Dragon's ever-tactful comments in "Shall We Dance:"
    Jane: Princess Lavinia will be finding a partner for the first dance...
    Dragon: Ivon will be under the table, Prince Cuthbert will be screaming for food...
  • "The Tooth Fairy," besides Dragon constantly following Gunther around calling him a fairy, has this exchange:
    Smithy: A crown big enough to fit a dragon. Is that all?
    Jane: No...
    Smithy: Surprise.
    Jane: It must be a magnificent crown.
    Smithy: Aaaaand...?
    Jane: And... I need it by tonight. Is that possible?
    Jester: For most blacksmiths, no. But our Smithy is the metal miracle maker... the miracle metal... no... He's very good.
  • The idea that someone so arrogant and haughty like Gunther gets a kick out of fart jokes.
    • Jester attempting... and failing... to teach Jane about humor.
    • "No, YOU will save the damsel in distress, and I will save the damsel in DAT-dress!"
    • Once Dragon finds out he's been used:
    Jane: You might kill someone accidentally!
    Dragon: Yes, life can be so cruel and fleeting.
  • Ivon is awfully accommodating to the princess:
    Cuthbert: Knights do not tell a prince what to do! Especially a girl knight! Tis not fair!
    Ivon: *on all fours, being brushed by Lavinia* Life is often unfair, your highness.
  • "Dragonphobia" is a tearjerker episode for the most part. One comedic highlight, however, is when Jane is frightened by Dragon outside her window and runs screaming into the garden where Rake is working. Does he try to calm her down? Nope. He just gets up and begins running in circles screaming too.
  • The entire exchange between Pepper and Jane in the kitchen when Jane is helping her as a punishment for failing to guard the Queen's portrait.
  • This promo, with Lemony Narrator in full effect.