Funny: Jamie Bamber

  • His reaction when an autograph seeker mentions having seen the film Ghost Rig—he literally doubles over, buries his face in the crook of his elbow, and mutters, "Oh, God. Not that one".
    • Then when the fan tries to assure him that it wasn't that bad, he snaps, "It was TERRIBLE!" and declares, "I'm so embarrassed I can barely look you in the eye." (he does in fact, refuse to make eye contact for the duration of the clip)
  • When asked how many people he would kill in order to appear on Doctor Who, his Captain Obvious/Deadpan Snarker response is hilarious:
    "None. Because that would be murder. And then I'd be in prison and I wouldn't get to be on Doctor Who".
    • The "duh" that he tacks on at the end caps it off.
  • After he complies with a request that he say some things in French and Italian, a forum moderator teasingly tells him, "That sound you hear is of ovaries exploding."
  • At another forum, when he responds to a question in French (both out of respect for the Canadian locale and that his fellow forum attendee Kandyse McClure (who's Canadian) is speaking in French), the audience applauds. He demurs, saying IN FRENCH, "No, please don't. My French is not that good", despite the fact that it's clearly flawless.