[[folder:Season 1]]
[[AC:The Dark Hand]]
* Uncle tells Jackie "One more thing!" for over a full minute, with Jackie becoming increasingly irritated with every repetition.
-->'''Uncle:''' One more thing, this is Jade, your niece. She will live with you for a year, okay?
-->'''Jackie:''' Okay. ''(beat)'' I have a niece?!
* When Captain Black tells Jackie that their current location must remain secret, Jackie responds like this:
-->'''Jackie:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Yes, I can see that this is some very special garbage.]]
* When Jade breaks into Section 13, Captain Black only has this to say:
-->'''Captain Black:''' Would someone care to tell me how our security was penetrated by a child?
* Also, when Valmont has Tohru punish his Enforcers for their failure, you can see him casually checking his manicure.
* A running gag through this episode is Jackie trying to get somewhere, only for somebody to beat him there. When asked on how they got there, they all respond in a deadpan tone.
-->'''Jade/Black/Tohru:''' The stairs.

[[AC:The Power Within]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0znoyLr7qAw Never. Mock. The cookie.]]
** The hilarious comeback in Season 3. "Never. Mock. The sock."
* Jackie forces Jade to apologize for creating a disturbance in the restaurant.
-->'''Jackie''': My niece is very sorry. ''(picks up Jade)'' Aren't you?
-->'''Jade''': I am such a dork.

[[AC:Enter the Viper]]
* This interaction between Ratso and Jackie, when they were still new to each other:
-->'''Ratso''': Chan!
-->'''Jackie''': You! Uh... Dark Hand guy!
* "What rock... is the legless reptile under? Where... does the serpent sleep?" *{{Beat}}* "'''''Where's the snake talisman?!'''''"

[[AC:Shell Game]]
* There was a nice moment when Jackie defeats Ratso's crane and confronts him directly.
--> '''Ratso''': ''(raises arms)'' Uncle!
--> '''Jackie''': Where? ''(looks around in panic)''
* Shendu furiously berating the Enforcers and then breathing fire at them provokes this reaction:
-->"Whoa! I did ''not'' know he could do that."

* When Uncle first visited Section 13:
-->'''Uncle:''' Captain Black, your place is too big! I have to walk very far to get to the bathroom!

[[AC:Project A, for Astral]]
* This dialogue:
-->'''Ratso:''' Yeah, but findin' Section 13 ain't gonna be as easy as snatchin' the Talisman out of some sleepin' kid's hand.\\
'''Valmont:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Did that occur before or after]] [[BlatantLies Chan chucked the bus?]] [[note]]The Enforcers had originally told him that they had to fight Jackie for the Talisman, and that he "threw a bus" at them.[[/note]]
* While Captain Black is with the (Shendu-possessed) Jade at Melvin World:
--> '''Guy in Moose Costume:''' Okay, now smiiiile for the camera!
--> '''Possessed Jade:''' [[Film/EvilDead2 Soon I will devour your soul.]]
--> '''Guy in Moose Costume:''' ''(Gasps and sobs)''
* Jackie trying to prove to Captain Black that Jade (who was [[DemonicPossession possessed by Shendu]] at the moment) is "evil". Jackie's expressions and gestures make it even better.
--> '''Jackie:''' I'll prove it to you! ''(Beat, then he grabs a guy in a Melvin Moose costume)'' WHAT'S THE MOOSE'S NAME?! THE NAME?!
--> '''Shendu (in Jade's body):''' Urgh...
--> '''Jade (in astral form):''' I'll give ya a hint. Another word for wedgie.
--> '''Jackie:''' You can't name it, can you?! ''(Pushes moose away)'' You're evil, YOU'RE EVIL!
** Even better, this comes while Jackie is very sleep-deprived. To everyone who doesn't know Jade's possessed (read: everyone), Jackie comes off as having completely lost his mind.

[[AC:The Rock]]
* After the Enforcers returned from an unsuccessful Talisman in the Arctic:
-->'''Finn''': Big V, think you can turn up the heat?
-->'''Shendu''': Allow me. ''(Breathes fire at the Enforcers)''
-->'''Finn''': That's plenty!
-->'''Ratso''': Much obliged.

[[AC:The Dog and Piggy Show]]
* The scene where Hak Foo acquires the [[EyeBeams Pig Talisman]], and begins yelling "[[CallingYourAttacks Heat Beam Eye Blasts]]!" every five seconds.
** The best part is the first time he says it, before looking at the Talisman and looking completely befuddled.
--->'''Hak Foo:''' "Heat Beam Eye Blasts! ... Heat-beam eye blasts?"
* Speaking of Hak Foo, we have this gem:
--> '''Hak Foo:''' "Angry crow takes flight!" ''(jumps at Uncle)''
--> '''Uncle:''' "Thank you for sharing, angry crow!"
--> ''[[SingleStrokeBattle (Uncle knocks Hak down with one kick)]]''
** Hak Foo gets apt revenge seconds later.
---> '''Hak Foo:''' "Elephant thrusts its leg!" ''(floors Uncle with a punch)'' "I meant ''fist''."

[[AC:The Tiger and the Pussycat]]
* The episode opens with Jackie popping up from behind a table of pies, jabbing repeatedly at them with a fork. In the most concerned voice with a haunted expression, he says 'The Tiger Talisman is inside one of these pies.' The utterly troubled way he says it coupled with the absurdity of such a situation [[NoodleIncident which is never explained]] is hilarious.
* After Jackie is split in half by the Tiger Talisman, Uncle tells them to put the two halves together, so they can turn back into one Jackie. Both Jackies refuse. Dark Jackie doesn't want to share a body with a wimp, and Light Jackie hates Dark Jackie's lack of manners (He burps without saying "excuse me"!). Since they both disobeyed him, Uncle gives them his trademark [[DopeSlap two-fingered strike]], and then Dark Jackie returns the favor. The two start hitting each other as Light Jackie and Jade watch dumbfounded.
* Light Jackie's reaction to being kidnapped and forced into a car:
--> "Are those seats real leather?" ''(cries)'' "Oh, the poor cows!"

[[AC:Day of the Dragon]]
* Why does Tohru make his HeelFaceTurn at the end of Season 1? ''Jackie told him there were free doughnuts at Section 13.''
** Though of course, the other reason was that Valmont almost got Tohru killed by Shendu.

[[folder:Season 2]]
[[AC:The J-Team]]
* When Uncle sees that Tohru and Jade followed him and Jackie to Tibet to fight Shendu and the Dark Hand, Uncle asks who's watching his shop. The scene cuts over to Captain Black sitting in Uncle's library, reading a book about chi spells.
** [[BrickJoke The episode ends]] with Captain Black accidentally turning himself into a frog.
* The fight between the J-Team and the Talisman-powered Dark Hand in the Tibetan Temple is both this and an AwesomeMoment. Highlights include:
** Ratso using the Rabbit Talisman to ram into El Toro, only for the masked wrestler to step aside, and he runs into a wall.
** Upon losing his Talismans, Ratso tries borrowing one from Finn, who's busy fighting Jackie. Distracted, Jackie ''and Ratso'' steal all three of Finn's Talismans.
** Chow steals the Pig Talisman from Jackie, and tries to use the power of eye beams, only to destroy his glasses and have difficulty aiming due to his poor eyesight, and he gets kicked down by Viper.
** This exchange between Tohru and Hak Foo (who has the Tiger Talisman):
--> '''Hak Foo:''' "Yin-Yang, the power of balance! You will be unable to knock me ov-"
--> '''Tohru:''' "[[VerbalTic NYAR!]]" ''(Headbutts him)'' "''Spiritual'' balance, Hak FOOL."
*** Which is immediately followed by...
---> '''Uncle:''' ''(Kicks Hak Foo away without even looking at him)'' "YOU ARE BLOCKING MY LIGHT!"
*** In addition to that, Hak Foo tries to attack Tohru with the [[AstralProjection Sheep Talisman]], only to have his astral form phase through Tohru. Tohru uses this an as opportunity to body slam Hak Foo. Upon returning to his body, Hak Foo yells in pain.
* With the Dark Hand defeated, Uncle states that it's a good thing Shendu was unable to steal the Pan'ku Box; only for Jade to inform Uncle that Shendu did steal the Pan'ku Box, at which point Uncle unleashes a drawn out "AIYAH!".
* Another Tohru and Hak Foo exchange.
-->'''Hak Foo:''' Minnow wallops whale!
-->'''Tohru:''' I'm sorry, what was that last part?
-->'''Hak Foo:''' I said minnow-
-->[Tohru charges into Hak Foo knocking Hak Foo into the wall.]
-->'''Hak Foo:''' ''*Mockingly, yet dazed*'' What was that last part?

[[AC:The Curse of El Chupacabra]]
* El Toro Fuerte is transforming into, well, a {{Chupacabra}}. So of course, Jackie calls Uncle to help them find a cure. The first thing Uncle does upon arrival? Walk in, drop his bags, and begin to bitch about the flight.
-->'''Uncle:''' The flight was late, the food was terrible, the movie had no plot, and I had turbulence!"

[[AC:Mother Of All Battles]]
* Uncle is a gold-mine for these.
--> '''Uncle:''' The hand is quicker than the eye
--> ''(SlowMotion as Uncle moves his hands about. Uncle kicks mook in the face)''
--> '''Uncle:''' But you should have been watching the ''foot''.

[[AC:Rumble in the Big House]]
* Jackie is undercover in prison. When he gets his one phone call, he contacts Uncle and tells him that he's in prison. Uncle (not knowing about the undercover operation) berates Jackie about it.
-->'''Uncle:''' "You are in ''prison''?! You are a terrible influence on Jade!"
* Later in the episode, Jackie, as per tradition:
-->'''Jackie:''' "Jade, stay here."
-->'''Jade:''' "Tch... in a prison?"
-->''(Cue Jackie's frustrated look.)''
* At the end, after they've just beaten the bad guys, the prison guards show up, grab Jackie, and drag him to solitary confinement. Jackie begs for help, only for Jade, Uncle, and Tohru to do a ShrugTake and walk away.

[[AC:And He Does His Own Stunts]]
* When Jade is surrounded by the Enforcers:
-->'''Jade''': "Hey look, Film/TheThreeStooges!"
-->'''Ratso''': ''(He, Chow, and Finn look up excitedly)'' "Where?!"
-->'''Jade''': ''(Steals their map and runs)'' "Duh!"

[[AC:Queen of the Shadowkhan]]
* Valmont complains about Shendu forcing him to wear a "sorcerer's robe" (which Valmont thinks looks too much like a dress). The Enforcers also mock the robes as well:
-->'''Finn:''' Hehe. Shendu-''dette''. ''(mock bows)''
-->'''Ratso:''' Pretty dress.
-->'''Chow:''' Very becoming.
* When Hak Foo chases Jade into an alley:
-->'''Jade''': Help! Anybody!
-->''(Shadowkhan appear)''
-->'''Jade''': Shadowkhan... oh no oh no oh no...
-->'''Hak Foo''': ''(Smirks, then advances toward Jade)''
-->''(Shadowkhan block him)''
-->'''Hak Foo''': Huh?
-->''([[CurbStompBattle Gets the stuffing beaten out of him by the Shadowkhan]])''
-->'''Hak Foo''': ''(in utterly humiliated tone of voice)'' Bunny flees from vicious jackals! AAAAAH!
* After returning back, Hak Foo tells them about it, but no one believes him until Shendu decides to call the Shadowkhan.
-->'''Shendu''': Come, minions! ''(cue to lightning effect but no Shadowkhan appear)'' Minions? ''(looks around in confusion)''
-->'''Valmont''': It would seem you have lost your touch, Shendu!
-->'''Shendu''': I HAVE NOT LOST MY TOUCH!!!
* After that, you see the Shadowkhan reappear, surrounding Jade in the bathroom, only to offer juice, cereal, and a toaster with fresh toast. Seeing them tend to her needs before school is oddly funny, because of how unusually ''innocent'' the normally serious minions appeared.
* The second time when Finn and his friends try to steal the book. Finn enters as a [[PaperThinDisguise wealthy art collector]], while the others dig a hole to snatch back the book. After retrieving the book, Finn's 'cover' was blown when his pillow drops down but as he leaves, Uncle didn't notice it, and he even blames Jackie and Tohru:
-->'''Uncle''': ''(whacking them with a pillow after they just arrived with tea)'' YOU ARE BOTH VERY BAD SALESMEN!!!
* Jade ordering her Shadowkhan to ''spank'' the Enforcers, especially since the way she initially said it, it sounded like a childish euphemism for kicking ass. Bonus points for two Shadowkhan [[LiteralAssKicking literally kicking Hak Foo's ass]] to spank him.
-->'''Jade:''' GIVE THEM A SPANKING!
* Jade asking Jackie if she can keep her Shadowkhan, as if she brought in a stray dog:
-->'''Jade:''' So, can I keep them?
-->'''Jackie:''' No, Jade.
-->'''Jade:''' Awww. Why not?
-->'''Jackie:''' Because you're turning blue.
-->'''Jade:''' Blue's my favorite color, besides you gave Tohru a chance.
-->'''Jackie:''' Tohru is human.

[[AC:Shanghai Moon]]
* While everyone is aboard the space shuttle, Valmont temporarily awakens from Shendu's possession, and demands to know where he is. His [[BigNo terrified reaction]] [[OhCrap upon seeing]] that they're flying away from Earth is priceless.
* When the Dark Hand discovers the pilot is a chimp, they all scream, except for Ratso who goes into CutenessProximity.
* While Hak Foo is fighting Jackie in outer space:
--> '''Hak Foo:''' Tiger Prowls Through... ''(confused)'' ...Pudding?
** Also, when the astronaut chimpanzee steals the Pan'ku Box:
---> '''Hak Foo:''' Flying Monkey Snatches Magic Box?!
* Soon after Tso Lan emerges from the portal, he looks at the space chimp and asks Shendu with confusion if this is Jackie Chan.

[[AC:Agent Tag]]
* On a plane in-fight, Jade kicks a man, knocking him unconscious.
--> '''Jade:''' "I'm Jackie Chan... [[OhCrap and you're the pilot]]."
* Jackie pushes a button on [[OvertOperative Agent Tag]]'s briefcase, which unfolds into a giant glider plane... and promptly flies away, leaving him and Jade stranded on the side of a volcano, and alerting the {{mooks}} to their presence.
--> '''Jade:''' See? This is why we can't buy you nice things.
* The whole episode was a hilarious parody of the ''Film/JamesBond'' series, but by far the funniest of these scenes is when Jackie uses [[GrievousHarmWithABody an unconscious Agent Tag]] as an ImprovisedWeapon, going so far as to twirl him around as if he were a Bo staff.
* Likewise, the villain getting tired of his DeathDealer henchman's card puns.

[[AC:Tale of the Demon Tail]]
* Jackie rescuing Uncle from Hsi Wu from the top of a water tower. At the moment, Hsi Wu is trying to get Uncle to un-curse his severed tail, and his goons have just arrived with Uncle's books, having been sent all the way across town to get them at Uncle's insistence. Uncle notices Jackie coming up behind Hsi Wu, so he delays. ("These are not my reading glasses!") Hsi Wu, finally fed up, is preparing to strike at him, when Jackie throws him off the tower.
--> '''Jackie:''' Uncle, run!
--> '''Uncle:''' ''(looks to one side, then the other)'' Where to?

[[AC:The New Atlantis]]
* Shendu is forcing Valmont to take potions that make him look more [[DraconicHumanoid dragon-like]], much to the latter's dismay.
-->'''Valmont:''' ''(Referring to a horn on his forehead)'' "Wearing the skirt is demeaning enough, Shendu. But this is over the line!"
-->'''Shendu:''' "Do you think I am pleased with our union, Valmont? If I am to remain in your pathetic body, I must at least make a few cosmetic improvements. Now hold still while I sprout our tail."
-->''(Valmont fights with Shendu over control for his body, using the Pan'ku Box to temporarily incapacitate Shendu.)''

[[AC:The Eighth Door]]
* Every once in awhile, Jackie gets in some excellent [[DeadpanSnarker snarking]].
-->'''Shendu:''' "Why the interest in the box Chan? You have sealed the portals."
-->'''Jackie:''' "I want a keepsake of our time together."
* Valmont's reaction to finally getting Shendu expelled from his body:

[[AC:Demon World (Part 1)]]
* After Shendu uses the Book of Ages so that he and his brethren can continue ruling Earth, what he does after his conquest is hilariously petty: he keeps all the humans he knew and hated from the previous timeline as his personal slaves.
** He keeps his arch-nemesis Jackie as a submissive right-hand slave and yes-man (whom Jade compares to "a dog on a leash").
** He forces Jade to trim his toenails, and refill his mud bath, which visibly disgusts her.
** Uncle is his "library boy" (though he's forbidden from reading any books about magic).
** The entire Dark Hand gang are forced to entertain him as court jesters, while Shendu tosses fireballs at them for added amusement.

[[AC:Demon World (Part 2)]]
* This exchange between El Toro and Tso Lan:
-->'''[[GravityMaster Tso Lan]]:''' "[[CatchPhrase Behold my mastery of gravity]]!"
-->'''El Toro:''' "Behold my mastery of..." ''(takes a look at the Rooster Talisman)'' "...[[GratuitousSpanish pollo]]!"
* Later, the [[RabbitSeasonDuckSeason Jackie / El Toro]] RunningGag evolves to the point that Jade and Paco are arguing through the [[RealityWritingBook Book of Ages]] itself in making their respective idol "the greatest". Each time, they grow proportionally larger than the other, while everyone just watches on awkwardly.

[[AC:Enter the Cat]]
* Jackie's reaction to a thug breaking a telephone he (Jackie) tried using as a weapon.
-->'''Jackie''': You are going to be in big trouble with the phone company.

[[AC:Tough Luck]]
* Finn's dream sequence about the Dark Hand starting a rock band, only to get beaten up by Jackie anyway.
-->'''Finn''': But... we're not even doing anything wrong!
-->'''Jackie''': You are off-key. ''(punch)''

** After Finn's nightmare, he resolves to go solo, getting dressed and even going as far as to take a determined step out the front door...[[RealityEnsues before realizing it's still the middle of the night, and deciding his plans can wait until the morning]].
* Finn decides that he's had enough of being in the Dark Hand, so he tries to start his own gang. He holds auditions for henchmen, but everyone's pathetic except for a skilled swordsman... except he has a fear of mice.

[[AC:The Chan Who Knew Too Much]]
* This bit:
-->'''Magister:''' "[[YeOldeButcheredEnglish Thou knoweth too much]]!"
-->'''Jackie:''' "NO WE DON'T!"
* He ends up in their bathroom briefly.
-->'''Magister:''' "He is privy to our privy!"
* After a montage of Jackie stumbling into "secret rooms" and being told that he knows too much after each one, he finally exclaims,
-->'''Jackie:''' "I'M JUST LOOKING FOR THE EXIT!"
* Not to mention the Magisters always conveniently finding him as he tries to call for help.
--> '''Magister:''' "Thou has faxed our insignia!"
--> '''Jackie:''' "It didn't go through!"

[[AC:Chi of the Vampire]]
* The [[ChineseVampire Jiangshi]] drains chi from three of the four protagonists, and two of them get "chi transplants", so their personalities are all mixed up;
** Tohru gets some of Jade's chi, causing him to act very childish and energetic like Jade. His eyes grow really wide as well.
** Jade gets some of Uncle's chi, causing her to act grouchy and bookish, and she even starts speaking with Uncle's thick accent.
** Uncle gets drained without receiving a chi transplant, so he turns into an evil vampire slave with a sycophantic loyalty to his master.
* After Uncle's transformation, Jade has to use an enchanted note of paper to restrain him, saying that he cannot move until it is removed.
-->'''Jackie''': ''(Approaches the completely still Uncle and leans in close. There is a brief beat and then...)''
-->'''Uncle''': "You are DOOMED!"
-->'''Jackie''': "AUGH!"
-->'''Jade''': ''(In Uncle's tone of voice)'' "One more thing! He can still ''talk''."
-->'''Tohru''': ''(Crossing arms and pouting)'' "Shoulda put that thing over his mouth!"
* That's not getting into Uncle's Renfield behavior during the final fight. Jade's discovery that in order to defeat the vampire, he must [[EyeOfNewt have a mushroom from a graveyard put into his left sock]], and then have said sock thrown into the river (Jackie's reaction: "...You're making this up,") has Uncle lying on the ground completely frozen (with his arms in the most ridiculous position), saying things like "Is that your sock, master?" and begging him to take the others' "Delicious chiiiii..." complete with Uncle's slight increase in pitch at the end. Classic!
** After everyone is back to normal:
-->'''Uncle:''' "Who stuck special parchment to Uncle's face?!"

[[AC:Shrink Rap]]
* While Uncle is attempting to find and retrieve the missing Jackie (who actually shrunk down to a tiny size, but everyone thinks he disappeared to another dimension), he accidentally summons a strange green monster instead:
-->'''Uncle:''' "This antidote will release from detention, he who is trapped in another dimension!"
-->''(Uncle uses a potion to open up a portal, which releases a short green monster)''
-->'''Jade:''' "Uh... Jackie?"
-->'''Monster:''' "It's just me, but thank you ever so much for freeing me from that beastly limbo!"
-->'''Uncle:''' "Not Jackie!"
-->''(Tohru walks in with a tray of fresh cookies)''
-->'''Monster:''' "Mmmm, lunch!"
-->'''Tohru:''' "Uh, cookie?"
-->'''Monster:''' ''(Looks hungrily at Jade)'' "What's a... ''cookie''?" ''(Roars)''
-->'''Uncle:''' "GO AWAY!"
-->''(Uncle banishes the monster back through the portal)''
-->'''Uncle:''' "We need to try a different spell."
-->'''Jade:''' "Ya think?"

[[folder:Season 3]]
[[AC:Viva Las Jackies]]
* During the ColdOpen, the Chan family's background antics behind Daolon Wong.
-->'''Uncle:''' "Aiyaaah!"
* This phone conversation between Uncle and Jackie (unbeknownst to the former, the latter has been [[LiteralSplitPersonality divided by the power of the Tiger Talisman]] again).
-->'''Uncle:''' "Room service? I have been waiting for--"
-->'''[[NiceGuy Yin Jackie]]:''' "Uncle! Thank goodness you are--"
-->'''Uncle:''' "Jackie! [[ItMakesSenseInContext How could you leave Uncle at a shabby hotel with no]] [[EyeOfNewt eel saliva]]?!"
-->'''[[{{Jerkass}} Yang Jackie]]:''' "[[CallingTheOldManOut Pull your tongue out of your mouth and wring out the spit]]."
-->'''Uncle:''' ''(gasps)''
* When Finn, Ratso, and Chow see the two-headed Jackie:
-->'''Finn:''' "Whoa, and I thought we looked freaky."

[[AC:Aztec Rat Race]]
* When Finn, Ratso, and Chow state why they were unable to defeat Jackie and acquire the Noble Rat, Finn is the only one who has a legitimate excuse.
-->'''Finn''': "Chan has a masked crime-fighter with him." [[note]]He's referring to [[LivingToys Super Moose]].[[/note]]
-->'''Chow''': "The sun was in our eyes!"
-->'''Ratso''': "I need a bigger hammer."
-->'''Dalon Wong''': "Excuses, excuses, excuses!"

[[AC:The Invisible Mom]]
* When hunting for the Noble Snake, the J-Team faces the return of Tohru's mother, and the renewal of her and Uncle's rivalry.
-->'''Uncle''': "'Too much garlic', Uncle ''knew'' you were vampire!"

[[AC:A Jolly J-Team Xmas]]
* Jade thinks SantaClaus is fake, just like the ToothFairy. Cue flashback to Jackie trying to slip a dollar underneath Jade's pillow only to get caught, presumably because Jade pretended to be asleep.
* Viper's reaction to Jade turning up at her place:
-->'''Viper''': "You brought an elf to a Hanukkah party?"
* Tohru is SubbingForSanta and at the first house...
-->'''Kid:''' ''(offscreen)'' "DADDY! A fake Santa is eating Santa's cookies!"

[[AC:The Ox-Head Incident]]
* After Hak Foo becomes a [[SuperpoweredMook Dark Chi Warrior]], he upgrades his attacks accordingly:
-->'''Hak Foo:''' "Meteor Brings Mass Extinction!"
-->'''Hak Foo:''' "Tornado Desecrates Trailer Park!"
* Jackie attempts to use Ratso's hammer to free Uncle's head from the sphere, only for Uncle to yell at him and accuse him of trying to give him a headache.

[[AC:Attack of the J-Clones]]
* When they're trying to find out which Jackie is the real one, and which one is the clone, and Captain Black asks, "Jackie, when's my birthday?" Neither Jackie knows, and Captain Black gets upset and says, "Jeez, Jackie, I thought we were pretty close!"
** After that, Jackie's clone escapes, but Captain Black reassures them since he planted a tracking device on the clone, but he sees a blinking red light on Jackie's shirt, and realizes he tagged the wrong Jackie.

[[folder:Season 4]]
[[AC:The Amazing T-Troop]]
* Tarakudo has a telekinesis battle with Eggbert. In case you are wondering, Eggbert is a rooster with the [[MindOverMatter Rooster Talisman]].
** Perhaps the only thing that makes it funnier is that he struggles with the whole battle, and has to win through a cheap shot.

[[AC:Black Magic]]
* After Captain Black is split by the Tiger Talisman, Good Black has to stop [[EvilTwin Evil Black]] (who's still possessed by an Oni Mask).
-->'''Good Black:''' ''(to Jade)'' "Let's go kick my butt."

[[AC:The Demon Behind]]
* This happens after the mask of the Oni general Ikazuki is awakened with the [[AnimateInanimateObject Rat Talisman]]. He's quite disappointed about being reduced to just his face.
-->'''Ikazuki:''' "[[LargeHam IKAZUKI LIVES]]! [[KneelBeforeZod Bow before my mighty form]] and -- wait, [[EpicFail where is my mighty form]]? Insolent humans, you shall pay for your trickery at the hands of my Shadowkhan!"\\
''(Attempts to summon the {{Samurai}} Khan, but nothing happens)''\\
"Ahem. At the hands of my Shadowkhan!"\\
''(Still nothing happens)''
* Ikazuki somehow escapes from Section 13, and he awkwardly attempts to find a host to attach himself to. For example:
-->'''Ikazuki:''' ''(while sitting in a woman's lap)'' "PUT ME ON YOUR FACE!"\\
''(She screams and throws him away)''
* Ikazuki later (accidentally) succeeds at being placed on Finn... on Finn's butt, to be exact. There's also Jade's reaction:
-->'''Jade:''' "Hey look, it's the Demon from Planet [[UranusIsShowing Uran]]--" ''([[CurseCutShort Jackie covers her mouth]])''
* At the end, Ratso dabs his hands in the mask removal potion, and he performs the admittedly awkward task of removing Ikazuki from Finn's ass, with Ratso and Finn [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain both agreeing to never talk about it]].

[[AC:Half a Mask of Kung-Fu]]
* An Oni Mask gets broken in half, with one of them sticking to Valmont, and the other to Jade. She tries to resist the murderous impulse of the Oni:
-->'''Jade:''' ''(to Jackie)'' "...Your brain's starting to smell yummy."

[[AC:The Shadow Eaters]]
* After all of Hak Foo's efforts, he ''finally'' gets an Oni Mask and summons his Shadowkhan, anticipating mighty demon ninjas... and gets a bunch of the [[MiniMook tiniest]], most {{adorable evil minions}} ever. His expression when he realizes what he's summoned up is priceless. Of course, as it turns out, [[KillerRabbit they're some of the most terrifying Shadowkhan in the series]].
-->'''Hak Foo:''' ''(attacking with angry disappointment)'' "[[CompensatingForSomething Demon compensates for inferior ninja army]]!"
* After one of Hak Foo's Mini Khan eats Tohru's shadow and incapacitates him, and while Jackie and Jade are hunting the swarm of Shadowkhan, Uncle passes the time by making an oil painting of the comatose Tohru.
* The scene where Hak Foo is trying to train his Shadowkhan without knowing their true capabilities. He has them attack a training dummy, and the little shadowkhan harmlessly bounce off and flop on the floor like fish. And then when Hak Foo has them show Tarakudo their war faces.

[[AC:The Good Guys]]
* What motivates Finn, Ratso, and Chow to perform their HeelFaceTurn?
-->'''Ratso:''' "We're tired of never making any money!"
-->'''Chow:''' "We're tired of being enslaved by [[BigBadEnsemble dragons, wizards, and floating demon heads]]!"
-->'''Finn:''' "But most of all, we're tired of getting our butts kicked... by you."
-->'''Ratso:''' "It hurts."

* The former Enforcers claim they aren't bad people.
-->'''Chow:''' "We just fell in woth the wrong crowd."
-->'''Ratso:''' "Yeah, each other.".
-->''cue elbow to the ribs from both Chow and Finn''

[[AC:Deja Vu]]
* How about when the {{clip show}} starts to speed up?
--> '''Jade:''' "I think I'm gonna hurl."
--> '''Uncle:''' "Uncle becoming very dizzy..."
* The part where Jackie is forced to go through a montage of every time he said "[[CatchPhrase BAD DAY!]]".

[[AC:J2: Rise of the Dragons]]
* Drago's face when the dragon teeth got turned to ash
--> '''Drago:''' ''(beat)'' "NOOOOOOOOO!"
* Then when Drago tries to get at the Jades, he get KOed by a chi spell by Uncle.
--> '''Drago:''' "I shall destroy you now and FOREVER! Ngaaahh--agh!" ''(is blasted and knocked out)''
--> '''Uncle:''' ''(shows up with Jackie)'' "I told you a thousand times; magic must defeat magic!" ''(looks at pile of ash)'' 'Where did teeth go?"
--> '''Future!Jade:''' "Dragon's fire breath is magic, duh."
--> '''Uncle:''' "Who is smarty-pants-good-chi-magic-know-it-all who looks like Jade?" ''(beat) "Aiyah!"

[[AC:The J-Tots]]
* This moment after all the adults on the J-Team get turned into kids:
-->'''El Toro:''' "El Toro Fuerte never removes his pants!"
** No, no, no, here's Uncle:
-->'''Uncle:''' ''(using a paper fortune-teller on Paco)'' "Fortune-teller reveals... You have big crush on Jade!"
-->'''Uncle:''' ''(to Captain Black)'' "You want Uncle to cast reversal spell on J-Team, yes? Then you will [[SuddenlyShouting STOP FOR ICE CREAM]]!"

[[AC:Ninja Twilight]]
* Tohru uses the Monkey Talisman to turn two Oni Generals into cute little cats. But Uncle is not pleased by this for some reason.

[[folder:Season 5]]
[[AC:Relics of Demons Past]]
* Drago gives the Enforcers some of his Fire Demon Chi, so they test out their new [[PlayingWithFire powers]]. Ratso's response?
-->'''Ratso:''' "Hey, I can make grilled cheese sandwiches whenever I want!"
* Captain Black tells Jackie about Drago and the Enforcers. Jackie tells Jade to stay in the shop, then gets into the car, only to see that Jade is [[OffscreenTeleportation somehow inside the car, even buckled up in the back seat]].
-->'''Jade:''' "Seriously, [[OverusedRunningGag don't you get tired of saying that]]?"

[[AC:It's All in the Game]]
* The Chan Clan participate in a humiliating game show, in order to win a MacGuffin containing the Water Demon Chi. Jade gains a rivalry with the other team's youngest member... who develops a crush on her by the end of the episode.
* When the Chans have to vote which one of them has to exit the game, the winner is Uncle, thanks to Jade's conspiracies. As Uncle's dragged away, he yells in a hilarious way at Jade for cheating on him.

[[AC:Black and White and Chi All Over]]
* A recycled joke from "Tough Luck", with Drago trying to find some henchmen of his own, but all the potential recruits are awful. There was one man who could destroy a refrigerator in a few punches, only to be scared of flies. As a bonus, [[DemotedToExtra Valmont]] shows up, but immediately gets rejected by Drago.
* Drago berating the Ice Crew for losing to the heroes in a flower shop.
-->'''Drago:''' "Was that a joke back there? Did I hire clowns? I give you powers beyond your wildest imagination, and you amateurs can't get past an archaeologist, a tub of guts, an old man, and a little girl?!"

[[AC:Mirror, Mirror]]
* The evil Mirror Spirits possess our heroes and [[BalefulPolymorph change them]]; Uncle becomes mute, Jackie's head grows huge, Jade is turned into a ''literal'' {{stubborn mule}}, and Tohru becomes a giant clone of his mother (complete with her voice and personality too, thus getting on the silent Uncle's nerves).
* In order to exorcise and reseal the Mirror Spirits, Uncle instructs Jackie and Jade to retrieve some moss from the top of a statue. Jackie climbs his way up, and notices that Jade beat him to the top. Jade points out there were trams that allowed tourists to reach the top of the statue. Jackie [[FacePlant face plants]].
* Then at the end, glass objects are needed to reseal the Mirror Spirits, so Jackie takes out a flashlight, Uncle takes off his glasses, and Tohru takes out his mother's compact makeup mirror and gets some stares from Jackie and Uncle, and states his mother left it behind during her last visit.

[[AC:Antler Action]]
* While a nerdy guy named Larry is transforming into an [[DishingOutDirt Earth Demon]] and decides to become a superhero, he's asked about what he's turning into; he looks up at his horns, and then replies "Super Moose!".
* At the comic convention, Uncle is playing a trading card game against a young boy. Even though he hasn't even played the game before, he somehow aces through the match, and he even uses a ''magic blowfish'' card to finish off the kid!

[[AC:Clash of the Titanics]]
* Uncle is forbidden from coming underwater due to his cold, but he sneaks along anyway in Jade style. When he's found, he [[BorrowedCatchphrase greets Jackie in Jade style]].
-->'''Uncle:''' "Hi Jackie!"
* While the Chans pilot a submarine through the deep sea, it gets ambushed by a [[GiantEnemyCrab gigantic lobster]] [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere that just suddenly appeared without warning]].
-->'''Uncle:''' ''(when asked about what spells to use)'' "Magic must defeat ''magic'', not ''overgrown shellfish''!"
* At the end of the episode, Uncle is locked up in a decompression chamber for 48 hours due to Jade [[BlatantLies claiming]] that he has the bends like Jackie. The real reason for this was to decimate his stronger than normal garlic odour and to have some peace and quiet from the yelling from his sickbed.
** As Captain Black makes his exit, he has a smug look on his face, indicating that he went gladly along with Jade's lies.

[[AC:Stealing Thunder]]
* The episode's ending: just when Jade no longer seems interested in gaining a ''Robomercs'' game, Jackie is very pleased, prompting a very tired-looking Tohru bringing one of the giant manual ''Robomercs''.
-->'''Tohru:''' "Jade, I do not believe this will fit in the overhead compartment."

[[AC: Weight And See]]
* Drago going in stealth mode while the rest of his team watch him in confusion over what he's doing.
-->'''Cobra:''' "Why's he talkin' into the headset?. Yo we're right here."
-->'''Ice:''' "Dude's into protocol."

[[AC:The Powers That Be (Part 2)]]
* Valmont shows up for the last time... as a bus driver. When Jackie recognizes him, poor Valmont slinks off. Also {{heartwarming| moment}} in an odd way; just like the Enforcers, Valmont has [[HeelFaceTurn turned over a new leaf, and is now living honestly]].