Funny: It's Just a Game

  • In the very first week of the game, Linkara and Doctor Forrester have a big debate in which they argue about shades of green, Dr. F screams "Don't you know anything about science?", and best of all, Linkara calls the police on the doctor for disturbance when he yells out the window that he is mad as hell and he's not going to take this anymore. And somehow, even though Linkara wasn't actually making a real phone call and is furthermore IN SPACE, it works.
    • As a bonus, a subthread of this debate contained nothing but Linkara, Iron Liz and Minako coming up with synonyms for "mad scientist."
  • The entirety of Earth vs. Soup. The ridiculous writing on Crow's part was amusing enough, but combine that with Minako's horrible southern accent, an entire end half of the thread completely improvised, and PINKIE PIE as the soup monster, and even people not involved with the game were raving about its hilarity.
  • Tom Servo's D&D game, which started with a Balrog attack and quickly devolved into the Balrogs insulting Sora's hair and refusing to let him eat at their lunch table, and ultimately the entire party was killed via tableflip.
  • After the first riff of Twilight, Minako drove a Chevy into the wall of the Satellite of Love. From the outside. IN SPACE. How could she and Mike breathe out there? Why did she think this was a good idea? How are they all still alive? Who knows.
  • Pinkie Pie navigating a rope wall and winning the Temple moat race despite her lack of thumbs by launching into a musical number.
  • Falco's reaction to being sorted into the Purple Parrots. Namely since Liz calls him a parrot all the time just to ruffle his feathers.
  • Kuzco breaks the fourth wall to insult Liz's hair and scribble on her frame in the film reel. Linkara immediately appears and compliments him on the film reel trick...then punches him in the face.
  • 90s Kid. Do. Not. Jump. The shark. Yes, Kaldur'ahm actually said that. He was actually given a reason to say that.
  • Minakara. Just...Minakara.
  • When Terra came across the poor pathetic Christmas tree on the weapons deck, Midna offered to help fix it. Her brilliant idea? Use Terra's pants to hold up the tree.
  • Poor Riku. Never mind that he just got beaten up by his Evil Counterpart and is battered and bleeding, WHAT IS PINKIE PIE DOING IN HIS UNDERWEAR DRAWER?
  • When Kotetsu was scheduled to riff Twilight, he invited his Evil Counterpart still left over from the event to join them. Upon hearing what they were riffing, the shade ran away in terror, clumsily falling to its death in the stairwell between decks.
  • Speaking of Evil Counterpart deaths, 90s Kid's was killed when it exploded from too much pop rocks and cola.
  • Rarity's reaction to Lexaeus in a Fabio wig. She is completely calm in asking Terra why she might find a chaise lounge before finally collapsing into tears as she dramatically swoons once she finds it. But that's not all; an onslaught of characters immediately ganged up to try to console the poor drama pony, to the point where her player encouraged the ENTIRE GAME to go comment.
    • While everyone else desperately attempted to calm Rarity down from her hysterics, Pinkie Pie was completely unfazed and instead just remarked on how ridiculous Lexaeus looked.
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