Funny / Itadaki Street

  • The characters' interactions can slip into this.
    Bowser: Urgh! Mario's bad enough, but don't tell me I'm gonna get beaten by Luigi now!
    Bowser: Hold up, (player)! No one's supposed to beat me but Mario! I mean—no one's supposed to beat me at all! GRRR!
    Bowser Jr.: (after warping) AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! Ahem. That did not scare me at all.
    Daisy: (to Luigi) Oh, Luigi! You sure you don't want to let ME win? Hmph! After all we've been through together!
    Daisy: I know how this scenario goes… First you empty my pockets, and then you kidnap me! No way, Bowser!
    Toad: Bowser is going to win? Oh, the Humanity!!
    Wario: You're robbing me blind, Peach! How about I just give you a kiss and we'll call it even?
    Wario: That's it, Donkey Kong! I'm selling you to the zoo!
  • Angelo's responses to Birdo's advances.
  • On some levels, when you bankrupt Dragonlord and he breaks down into tears.
    • Speaking of Dragonlord, one of his lines is priceless:
    Dragonlord: Ah ha ha hah! Mwah ha ha ha haaah! ...Ahem! My turn, is it?
  • Before his turn, Kiryl can sometimes be overheard trying to learn the correct times to cast Whack.