Funny / Island in the Sea of Time

  • Marian Alston's first meeting with her in-laws turns mortifying when Swindapa starts describing Marian's sexual prowess to her mother.
  • After discovering that the folks at Mandela Base (Nantucket's African base) have been slacking off (and allowing wild animals to breed, and also possibly taking advantage of the Alban workers), Alston rips into the commandant. We only hear the funniest part.
    "This may be an island, it may be a tropical island, BUT IT ISN'T GILLIGAN'S GOD-DAMNED ISLAND - YOU HEAR ME, MISTER?"
    • And then Swindapa asks Ian who Gilligan is.
  • Kat Hollard and Swindapa gush about how hot Prince Kashtiliash is. When Marian protests, Swindapa says that she promised to be monogamous, not blind.
  • Kenneth Hollard finds out that his sister (and second-in-command) may be bisexual in an incredibly awkward manner - he walks in on her and another girl, and the other girl, a Babylonian former slave, tries to attack him, thinking that he has malicious intent. He inwardly deadpans that if nothing else, the efforts to teach the former slaves to stand up for themselves are paying off.
  • Ian Arnstein tells Walker to his face that his mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries.
  • Toward the end of the second book, Raupasha makes a rousing speech to her followers that somehow gets them to rally behind Kenneth Hollard. When he asks her what she said to get them so excited, she explains that she's introduced Kenneth as her new consort. Kenneth's immediate reaction: "Oh, shit."