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  • During the episode, Zim is in the lunchroom and attempts to fit in. It doesn't go well.
    (Zim walks up to a child while holding a lunchtray)
    Zim: I eat food! JUST LIKE YOU!
    (child stares and leaves)
  • When he scooches/walks, scoochwalks up to a kid and screams out of nowhere, "I HAVE A STOMACH!"
  • And this after he eats the beans.
    Zim: Now that's good ea—
    (Zim falls off the chair, back-first)
  • Any face Zim, Dib, or Gaz makes.
  • This, as Zim and Dib approach each other ready to Food Fight to the death:
    Zim: An arm-mounted food launcher! ... Neat!
    Dib: (visibly flattered) You really think so? Thanks. I was up all night working on it.
    Zim: Well, it shows.
    Dib: (giggling) Oh, quit it.
  • During the Food Fight in question...
    Dib: You picked the wrong planet to land on, Zim.
    Zim: (stops fighting) Wait a minute. Which planet is this?
    Dib: Earth.
    Zim: Nope, it's the right planet. (fight resumes)
  • "Scared of beeeeans, SPACEBOY???"

    The Nightmare Begins 
  • Tallest Purple while talking about how smoke machines are the new thing, gets hit by one of the lasers.
  • "But Invader's blood marches through my veins. Like... giant radioactive rubber pants! The pants command me! Do not ignore my veins!"
    • Even funnier when you think about the commentary where Richard (Zim's voice actor) said he was supposed to say 'rubber ants', which even he said made more sense, but Jhonen found pants so funny he kept it.
  • The Doom Song.
    • Watch. Before the radar goes off, you can see Zim reaching over to strangle GIR. Priceless.
  • Also, Zim wreaking havoc with a giant robot in a flashback, laughing maniacally, along with an attendant shouting "But Sir, we're still on our home planet!"
    • "Silence! Twist those knobs! Twist those knobs! And you! Pull some levers! PULL SOME LEVERS!"
    • Immediately followed by this exchange.
    Zim: I put the fires out.
    Tallest Purple: You made them worse.
    Zim: Worse... or better?
  • Also:
    Tallest Purple: Weren't you banished to Foodcourtia? Shouldn't you be...frying something?
    Zim: Oh, I quit that after I heard about this!
    Tallest Purple: You quit being banished?!?!?
  • And:
    GIR: GIR, reporting for duty.
    Zim: GIR? What does the G stand for?
    GIR: I don't know. [pauses, then begins screaming and hitting himself]
    Zim: it supposed to be stupid?
    Tallest Purple: It's not stupid, [sarcastically] it's ''advanced''!
  • "Hello friends! I am a perfectly normal human worm baby."
  • As well as:
    Dib: And what about his horrible green head?!?
    Zim: Insolent fool boy! It's a... skin condition.
    Dib: And he's got no ears! Is that part of your "skin condition," Zim? No ears?!?
    Zim: [looking sad] Yes.
  • As Dib continues to accuse Zim, we get this:
    Classmate: You're always going on about aliens and ghosts and seeing Bigfoot in your garage.
    Dib: He was using the belt sander!
  • The ice cream truck. The voice coming from its speaker said in a Austrian-sounding voice, "YOU LIKE ICE CREAM. YOU LIKE ICE CREAM. YOU LOVE IT. YOU CANNOT RESIST ICE CREAM. TO RESIST IS HOPELESS. YOUR EXISTENCE IS MEANINGLESS WITHOUT ICE CREAM."
  • "Not now, son. I'm MAKINNNNNG... (electrocutes something) TOAST!" (raises a piece of toast into the air)
  • Zim's reaction to Ms. Bitters saying she doesn't want to hear another sound from him.
  • Zim: And keep it down! Do you wanna wake up the whole planet?!"
    GIR: I do.
  • "Can I be a mongoose dog?"
  • Dib: Finally! A way to prove that I'm...I'm...
    Zim: Dur, crazy...
    Zita: Okay, now that makes sense.
  • "I've been preparing for this moment all my life." *gnome zaps away handcuffs* "Okay...I'm gonna go home now and prepare some more!"
  • Gaz: "Dib drank the last soda...HE. WILL. PAY."
  • GIR saw a squirrel.
  • "Invader Zim signing off..." *GIR crashes into Zim from above causing Zim to fall down* "UGH MY SPINE!"

    Bestest Friend 
  • The scientist that's in the background, near the right in the fake interview with that scientist who said that he caught Zim because he had no friends in "Bestest Friends..." whenever he shows up, I start laughing like a complete idiot for no reason.
  • Zim going up to a kid saying he's looking to see if he's interested in being his friend and the kid says "I was born with webbed fish toes, like some kind of horrible fish boy. Wanna see?" and Zim quickly backs off with a disturbed look on his face.
  • The montage of Keef and Zim acting like "best friends", especially with the music and the end where Zim shoves Keef away.
  • "MEOWWWW!"
  • Zim's criteria for an adequate friend include absorbancy, electrical conductivity, and some horrible, off-screen test involving an RC taxi cab and a beaver.

  • Gaz: (to Dib) When you die, can I play?
    • And no, she's probably not talking about in the game.
    • You really can't tell.
    Zim: You can't beat me, Dib! My piloting skills are unmatched!
    Gaz: Is that Zim? Is this an online game?
  • Not to mention Dib's "finishing move."
  • Dib: ARMS. LIKE. NOODLES!!!!!!!
    Gaz: (Pushes Dib aside) It's my turn.
  • Arm control nerve
    Dib: Arm control nerve?
    Zim: That's right.
    Dib: In my... belly?
    Zim: Yes!
    Dib: Humans don't have arm control nerves—
  • Dib's Big "NO!" after Zim reveals his intention to wipe his brain.

    Parent Teacher Night 
  • When Zim tries to program his robot parents to behave more realistically for their trip to a parent-teacher conference, he leaves the duty to GIR, who predictably messes them up by showing them random TV shows and commercials. At the conference, Zim's father robot takes a bite of one parent's homemade cookies and starts doubling over in pain.
    Mom Robot: Oh no. Honey, is it...?
    Dad Robot: Yep. DIARRHEAAAAAAAAAAaaHuh.
  • Zim's robot parents were hilarious during this episode. "NOOOOO! My squeezing arm! Not my SQUEEZING ARM!"
    • Followed by Zim's half-assed explanation that he "lost his arm in the war."
  • "Can't you see this woman is suffering from severe pokey-trauma?"
  • "Oh, and you've just got to see these pictures! Here's Billy cryin' when he was kicked off the soccer team for cryin' too much!" *Billy begins crying*.
  • "NO! YOU GOT THE MIXTURE ALL WRONG!" (explosion)
  • The following:
    Ms. Bitters: Don't forget that tonight is Parent Teacher Night. Everyone is required to bring their parents to the cafeteria.
    Zim: I never agreed to attend this Parent Teacher Night!
    Ms. Bitters: Yes, you did.
    Zim: No! You lie! [makes wild scratching motions with his arms] YOU LIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
    [Ms. Bitters puts a disc into a computer. The chalkboard slides down revealing a screen showing Zim]
    Ms Bitters: [on video] Zim, are you going to bring your parents to Parent Teacher Night?
    Zim: [on video, aimlessly playing with a pencil] Yeah, sure, whatever.
    [Zim looks up at a ceiling-mounted video camera]
    Zim: Why would you tape that?
  • As well as:
    Dib: [in Zim's thought bubble] I'll see you AND your parents tonight, Zim! By the way, it's not called "Parent Teacher Night." It's called Zim Doom Parent Night...Zim Doom...Zimmy...Doom Night. [chortles] Watch out for that puppy. [Zim trips over the puppy]
  • Don't forget this gem:
    Ms. Bitters: (to parents) "When you were my students, I said you'd amount to nothing. And I was right. You're NOTHING!"
    • Funnier still, that's a Call-Back to Ms. Bitters' lesson earlier about how there was 'NOTHING' before The Big Bang.
  • And:
    Dib: Hello Zim.
    Zim: Dib...
    Dib: Dad, there's somebody I want you to meet. This is Zim. You know, the alien(!).
    Membrane: And what country is the little green boy from?
    Zim: Yes, yes that's fascinating. (runs away but quickly comes back and hits Dib's cup causing it to hit him in the face with punch)
  • And later after Dib throws punch on Zim, Zim opens his mouth to yell at him, but only makes a hissing noise before he's cut off.
  • "I love you cold, unfeeling robot arm!"
  • "Oh, my dad lost his arm in... uhgh... the war.
  • At the end, after Zim's "Parents" fly off, destroy part of the ceiling in the process:
    Dib: Lemme guess...nobody saw that. *tosses cup on the ground*
    Man: HEY! THAT KID'S THROWING PUNCH! *Entire crowd turns and stares at Dib*
  • The aspirin commercial.
  • When Zim's robot mom tells him to go to his room, she picks him up and drops him in the punch bowl.

    Walk of Doom 
  • Highlights include GIR replacing his guidance chip with a cupcake, Zim's experience with public transport, and "BEEEEEES!"
    • "Awwwwwwww. My bees."
  • "Wait a minute... I'M BLIIIIIIND!"
    • "Gyaaaaa! They've booby trapped their sun somehow!"
  • Zim to the bus driver after being asked for the fare: "Have you the brainworms?"
  • Zim's first exchange with the bus driver: "Mind your business, BUS SLAVE!"
  • Zim ending up in a filthy, vaguely Mexican townnote  The music is what seals the deal.
    • And GIR dancing.
  • "I miss you, cupcake..."

  • The movie Zim and Gir watch in the Cold Open.
    Scientist: Let's build a giant space station, evacuate all the people and live among the stars!
    Other Scientist: There's not enough time for that!!
    First Scientist: (Sheepishly) Can we build a small space station and evacuate all the scientists?
    (Other scientists look at him hopefully)
    • Then as the female scientist begins her demonstration of how to defeat the aliens with germs, she holds up a pepper shaker (to make herself sneeze).
    Scientist: Right!! We'll destroy them with pepper!
    (The Female Scientist just stares at him)
  • The story of how McMeatie's completely sanitary burger patties came to be. SPAAAAAACE MEEEEAAAT!
    • "Not having access to that technology, we make ours out of napkins."
      • The fact that the word "napkins" echoes.
  • "I'm gonna roll around on the floor for a little bit, 'kay?"
  • The following:
    GIR: Aww somebody needs a hug!
    Zim: No no no no no Gir no!
    Zim: *runs out of house screaming*
  • Zim's Shout-Out to Howard Hughes, down to the tissue box shoes.
  • Zim's various screams throughout the episode from seeing the germs. During his five-second demo of the germ-seeing goggles, he screams for so long he has to pause to breathe!
    Computer Voice (As Zim is cowering in his chair): Wasn't that neat?
  • The punchline of Zim showing up to class the next day, covered from head to toe in meat and giving the rest of the class a chipper "Howya doin'?"

    Dark Harvest 
  • Zim plays dodgeball.
    ZIM: (after getting hit with a dodgeball) OW! MY SQUEEDLYSPOOTCH!
    Dib: Did you hear that? He said Squeedlyspootch. That's not a human organ!
    Gaz: I have a squeedlyspootch.
  • Zim's got head pigeons.
  • And then there's this gem:
    Ms. Bitters: "Zim!"
    Zim: "SIR!"
  • Zootch's delivery of the line "Mis organos...!" in the Spanish dub somehow manages to be even funnier than the original.
  • The school nurse giving Zim a checkup after he's become a bloated blob of stolen human organs.
    Nurse: Why, you're just the healthiest little child I've ever seen! And such plentiful organs!
  • This bit of dialogue right here.
    Gaz: You're in my light.
  • Dib's excuse for getting out of class:
    Dib: (with half a pencil in his nostril) Ms. Bitters, I think a pencil is lodged in my brain. Can I go to the nurse?
    Ms. Bitters: How far in your brain?
    Dib: *Beat* ...Pretty far...
  • The "auxiliary hall pass" just being a giant weight with "Hall Pass" written on it.

    Attack of the Saucer Morons 
  • The very first joke!
    (Police officer in car.)
    Police Car Radio: (Unintelligible static).
    Police Officer (Responding into walkie talkie): Bluelugh... blulugh bluh. Bluh.
  • "FOOLS! There is none so worthy as ZIIIIIIIIIIIIM!"
  • Zim calls GIR to rescue him from the Saucer Morons by wearing an even more obviously robotic exosuit and posing as a government agent. He also sends a retrieval pod for his ship, cloaked as a giant pig balloon.
    GIR: (in fake voice) I am government man! Come from the government! The government has sent me! Ho Ho Ho This is not an alien life form. He is an experimental government aircraft.
    UFO nut: That's an aircraft?
    Zim: Fool! What else would I be?
    UFO nut: What about the floating pig?
    GIR: That's a government pig. Well, I've got to take everybody back to the home base now. Bye!
    UFO nut: How do we know he's really a government aircraft? And how do we know you're really from the government?
    GIR: (drops fake voice and caresses his head) I like you.
    • When Zim called for the rescue, GIR was out clubbing.
  • "...Or I'll... I'll... I'll lay eggs in your stomach! I mean it."
  • "The pig accepts me! It chose meeeee!"
  • This, especially if you're a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan:
    UFO nut: You are the one we've been waiting for! The one foretold in the prophecy! The prophecy told by (beat) Frank.
    Frank Conniff: Yep. Told ya' he'd come.
  • The nuts found other "alien artifacts", including a plant and a dog. Zim's reaction is priceless.
  • "Perhaps the pig form represents man's...pig-like affinity for...discovery?"
  • The bee. That is all.
  • Zim tries to run over a baby For the Evulz, and the way the dad cries after saving it is hilarious.
  • After escaping the Saucer Morons, Zim and Gir crash land at...another saucer moron convention.
    Zim: What?!

Exam Robot: 94%. Your score is...UNACCEPTABLE!
And then right after:
Exam Robot: (to Dib) 94.1%. Your score is...ACCEPTABLE! CONGRATULATIONS! (Shoots out confetti)
  • "Doctors say big head not mean bad! Shunk not bad. SHUNK EAT ENEMY!!!!"
  • Dib: How did you pass the verbal part of the test?
  • Gaz swears terrible vengeance on Dib solely for taking the last slice of pizza.
    "From this day, until the END of the day, VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE."
  • According to his autobiography, Professor Membrane's first thought was "I will poop now."
  • As Dib is being forcibly removed from the TV studio, he uses the exploding permission slip as a diversion... but not before this exchange.
    Dib: (To one of the security guards throwing him out) Excuse me, do you have a pen?
    Security Guard: (Politely hands him a pen without a second though) Here ya go!

    Planet Jackers 

    Rise of the Zitboy 
  • Dib's hilariously bad squirrel disguise.
  • GIR and the Pizza Guy.
    Pizza Guy: Here's the pizza you ordered.
    GIR: (teary-eyed) Th-thank you... I... I love you.
    Zim: GIR! We're supposed to keep humans away from our home, not invite them in!
    GIR: I had a coupon!
    • What makes it even funnier is the way the guy says it, "Here's the pizza you or-DERD."
  • This.
    Zim: (starts furiously eyetwitching)
    • Even funnier because Zim tore open a wrapper to get to the soap. GIR went to a lot of trouble to put bacon in it.
    • In the commentary for that episode, Richard Horvitz specifically mentions that as his favorite exchange.

    Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain 
    Tallest Purple: I'm glad it had a happy ending after all.
    Tallest Red: Me too.
  • GIR takes over the house's computer systems, and suddenly decides he wants to go get Mexican take-out.
    Zim: GIR! Tacos are not worth compromising the mission! I am your master, and you will obey me, so obey me! (beat) Please?
    GIR: I guess you're right... I'll get a giant burrito, too!
    • And then when GIR bucked like a horse and yelled BURRITOS!!!!
    • GIR proceeds to turn the house into a giant robot and run off to Krazy Taco.
    • "So, that's two large tacos, a burrito, and a medium GIR-Take-Us-Back-To-The-Base-Right-Now. Do you want a drink with that?"
    • The way the guy silently slips down under the window without changing the expression on his face is unbelievably funny.
    • GIR realizing he has no mouth with which to eat the tacos he ordered.
  • "I need tacos, I need tacos or I will explode....that happens to me sometimes"
  • From the same episode, GIR making Zim dance.
  • The yuppie at the pay phone bragging about his new car... which is crushed by House!Gir mid-sentence. He then calls 911 and reports the incident with the exact same enthusiasm.
    "Hello, police? I'd like to report a... giant house that flew out of the sky and de-STROYED my car! Okay, thank you!"
    (Hangs up. Several beats. Screams and flails his arms)
  • "Can mobile homes rampage?" "MUST BE ONE OF THEM NEW ONES!"

    Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy 
  • GIR's brief moment of brilliance is downright hilarious.
    GIR: Wait...if you destroy Dib in the past, then he won't ever be your enemy. Then you won't have to send a robot back to destroy him... and then he will be your enemy, so then you will have to send a robot back...(GIR's head explodes)"
  • Professor Membrane outlining the dangers of altering the timeline:
    Professor Membrane: Anyone who would build a space-time object replacement device is a complete MORON!
    Meanwhile, in Zim's lair, as if on cue, even as Membrane's Power Echoes fade out...
    Zim: GIR! The space-time object replacement device is complete!
  • On a related note, the giant fish in a bear suit. "He would be HORRIBLE! Look at him go!"
  • "No! These are for science!" *holds up rubber-piggy* "SCIENCE!"
  • This exchange:
    GIR: What is it?
    Zim: A hunter-destro-
    Zim: A hunter-destroy-
    Zim: A hunter-destroyer machine.
  • Muahahaha, Zim has finally gotten rid of the foolish earth-creature—and Membrane made his son a Humongous Mecha with the strength of TEN THOUSAND LITTLE BOYS! Cue Dib's Roaring Rampage of Revenge, ripping Zim's house apart all the way down to the lab, whilst the alien futiley tosses in more and more rubber piggies, giving Dib even more weaponry... There's just something inherently funny in seeing Zim's latest filthy evil snowball through his lair.
  • Prof. Membrane's entire narration at the beginning. "Aw, look, he's happy."
  • "YOU CAN HIDE, ZIM, BUT YOU CAN'T... (Beat ) ...HIDE!!"
  • More Black Comedy than anything, but the ending has Zim throwing one last piggy into the past as a Reset Button. Said piggy replaces his brain and features this message:
    Zim: ZIM! Don't use the time machine. Love, ZIM!

    A Room with a Moose 
  • Zim: But I choose this particular wormhole especially for the occasion...You see, at the end of this wormhole lies...A ROOM! WITH A MOOSE!!!
    Flashes to a white room with a moose staring menacingly
    Dib: NOOOO- Wait a minute, did you say a room with a moose?
    Zim: Yes, your fear is overwhelming, no?
    Dib: Um, no. What's so scary about a room with a stupid moose in it? I mean, yeah, that's a big moose, but really.
    Dib: (off screen) Nuh-uh!
  • Zim, after using the toilet, screams, "LEAAAAAAAVE NOOOOOO EVIDEEEEEEEEEEEENCE." (He was actually destroying evidence of an evil scheme.)
  • Zim: Now, Dib, I leave you to your...
    GIR: (whispering) "Moosey fate!" Say "moosey fate!"
    Zim: ...(Ponders this before deciding it's actually a good idea) Your moosey fate.
  • MY BUSINESS IS DONE! Also, "Nonsense I had much to do! SO MUCH!" And "Ms. Bitters I have a MIGHTY NEED to use the restroom."
  • From the DVD Commentary: They didn't ask for CGI walnuts, but they got them anyway, and it cost them the last of their CGI budget, stopping them from making a massive space-battle episode further down the line. It bares repeating: Vasquez is claiming that five seconds of CG walnuts was equal in cost to animating a massive space battle.
  • Zim: Phase 2 is underway.
    GIR: That's my favorite phase.

  • "Don't fear the Peepi; fear me! Fear me."
  • When Peepi is introduced to the class, everyone thinks he's adorable. Except, of course, for Zim.
    Zim: *screams hysterically*
    Dib: "...Do I even have to say anything at this point?"
  • The citizens' screaming fear being constantly interrupted by gushing how cute Peepi is.

    Plague of Babies 
  • Zim and GIR in the out-of-control Voot Cruiser, screaming their heads off.
    • Gir is eating a hot dog the whole time.
  • "He's cute. And sticky looking. HI BABY!" (is tackled by Zim)
  • I AM THE NEIGHBORHOOD BABY-INSPECTOR! I have come to inspect the baby.
  • "Get him! EAT HIS FEET OFF!"
  • GIR's increasingly crude preparations of chicken & mayo, culminating in dipping a live chicken in a pile of mayonnaise and eating it whole.
  • Gir beat boxing. That is all.
  • The alien babies' leader demanding that Zim not call him by his fake human name of Noogums and instead call him by the more dignified... Schnookie.

    Bloaty's Pizza Hog 
  • "I'm trying! To draw! A little! Piggie!!" (Head turns around Exorcist-style as Gaz foams at the mouth) "CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TRYING TO DRAW A LITTLE PIGGIE!?!" (Normal voice) "Be quiet."
  • "Reign of terror, Gaz! Reign of terror!"
  • This exchange:
    Zim: Your pitiful rescue attempt is nothing but a pitiful failure! Stupid, stinking, humans.
    Gaz: Doesn't this station have escape pods?
    Zim: Of course, they're right over there. (points to escape pods) Stupid, stupid... Hmmm?
  • The Bloaty's Pizza commercial. "Bloaty hates his life..." *sobbing*
  • The actor in the Bloaty costume is actually even more grotesquely fat than the costume itself, looking like a human ameoba in a dirty tank top. He actually cushions the escape pod when Gaz crashes into the restaurant, with no damage to him other than briefly waking him up from his food coma.
  • The voice credits for the animatronic characters in the restaurant being listed as "Animatronic Horrors".

    Door to Door 
  • Poop Dawg's Totally Radical routine is funny, but one line towers above the others
    Poop Dawg: And if you thinks you all's somethin' with the top sellies... and... wit... [normal voice] I can't do this.
    Director: CUT!
  • "Please buy my candy or my little brother will go insane."
  • WARNING: Candy made entirely out of sawdust.
    • "MmmHmm, that's the sawdust."
  • If you don't buy my delicious candy, my little brother will go insane!
  • Adhesive Medical Strips
  • Then, during the initial zerg rush of children, lasers can be seen going through the air. Why? Because it's funny. And the reaction of the adults: "Fundraising...children! AAAAAAAAGH!" This is especially funny if your school had you sell stuff door-to-door as part of a fundraiser.
  • "Why iiiiiiiis his head so big? WHYYYYYYYY'S HIS HEEEEEAD SO BIIIIIIG?"

    FBI Warning of Doom 
  • Slab Rankle. That is all.
  • The computer's definition of the FBI.
    Zim: Computer! give me all the information you have on the FBI.
    Computer: The FBI is a government law-enforcement agency.
    Zim: Continue!
    Computer: Insufficient data.
    Zim: Insufficient data?! Can't you just make an educated guess?
    Computer: O...kay. Um...Founded in 1492 by...uh...demons, the FBI is a crack law-enforcement contingency designed to...uh...I dunno...fight...aliens?
    • Don't forget the pictures of them flying around and using corn as guns.
  • The movie GIR is watching opens with an FBI warning that starts off as the usual piracy notice but takes a turn for the bizarre halfway through.
    "Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, exhibition of copyrighted motion pictures in any medium (Title 17; United States Code, Section 501 and 506). The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigates allegations of criminal copyright infringements. They will hunt you down like the dirty monkey you are and force you to wear a moose skin and ride a greased pig while singing folk tunes. They are forcing me to ride the piggy as I write this. The piggy is smelly!!"
    • Although that should really have been expected, considering it actually started with Warning of Doom!!!
  • Slab decides it's TIME FOR ZOMBIES! ...And they are so non-threatening (being, well, mindless shambling zombies) that Zim doesn't even have to try to avoid them in the last few feet to the return slot. He even uses one's head as a step-stool. Glorious.
  • "I couldn't help it. I've got the MUSIC IN MY SOUL!!"
  • When Zim leaves all the people who've been kidnapped by mall security to Slab Rankle after giving his inspirational spiel.
    Zim: "See what you can accomplish when you just work together?" *escapes*

    Bolognius Maximus 
  • This.
  • This exchange:
    Ms. Bitters: Dib, you stink! Go and roll around in the toilet until you smell better.
    Dib: But I'll smell like the toilet.
    Ms. Bitters: Exactly.
    Dib: But... Willy was the last one to use it.
  • When Dib and Zime form an Alliance to find a cure.
    Dib: Just this once, we work together! Mortal enemies working together for the common good!
    Zim: BE QUIET!
  • When Gaz takes a bite out of Dib's bologna-head.
  • "Gaz, taste me! I'm delicious!"
  • Computer? Have I absorbed the bologna?!

    Game Slave 2 
  • IGGINS!!! Best Writer Revolt ever.
  • Dib meeting the rat people living in the mall parking lot.
    Rat Woman: I was once a man...
    Dib: But... you're a woman.
  • Iggins desperately hitting the button on the elevator neurotically.
  • The kid exploding after being thrown onto the zipline.

    Battle of the Planets 
  • This exchange when the Tallest discuss the importance of Zim's exile on Earth with the Irken army.
    Tallest Purple: And we all remember how Zim messed up Operation Impending Doom 1, am I right?
    Random Irken: I don't!
    Tallest Purple: Seize that guy, and throw him out the airlock!
    (guards send the screaming Irken into space)
    Tallest Purple: That was the wrong guy, but that's okay. I think everyone gets the point, hmm?
  • ''GIR, get off my head!''
  • Professor Membrane: (strictly) Where are you going at this hour?
    Dib: know...
    Professor Membrane (via a puppet of himself, wearily): To save the Earth?
    Dib: Uh huh. (leaves)
    Professor Membrane (disappointed): My poor insane son.
    (Exchanges an exasperated look with his puppet self)
  • A hologram of a Martian explains to Zim that the now-extinct Martian race died out while working to convert Mars into a spaceship:
    Zim: Why would you do all that?
    Martian Instruction Manual: Because it's cool.
    Gir: Mm-hm.
  • GIR's method of sabotaging Dib's "ship":
    • Dib: Hey, Go away.
      GIR: Okey-dokey! (flies off)
  • Four words: The Soda Can Guy. The greatest Big "NO!" ever.
  • Zim contacts his leaders to update them on his progress... while wearing a fluffy bear suit.
    Tallest Red: Greetings, Zim. Working hard, it seems. Doing us proud.
    Zim: Why yes, yes I am... I'm in a bear suit!
  • Soon after: "I am becoming impatient with this subtle infiltration, and grow ever hungrier for the destruction of the humans. DESTRUCTION IS NICE!"
  • "Real science. Try it!"
  • In the titular battle, Zim finally ups the ante with a race through the Asteroid Belt.
    Dib: That's just stupid...
    (Cue Mars getting crushed by hail of asteroids and screaming Zim)
  • Funny Background Event: Pilot-less Mars rams right through the Irken Armada.
  • "Nope, this time I was trying to get rid of Mars. I'll do Earth next. I'm an unstoppable death machine, you know."
  • There's something inherently funny about all of Nasaplace.
    Dib goes running by screaming intelligibly
    Nasaplace Worker: Was that the, eh... crazy UFO kid?
    • Also, "Sorry, kid. Since they cut the funding we're not even allowed to look at those monitors."
    • "Nothing to worry about, Dad! And I said I was sorry about that!"
      Prof. Membrane: "What's your brother doing this time? He's not trying to raise the dead again, is he? Always with the dead, that boy!"
  • GIR is having tea with a pig when Zim summons him.
    GIR: I gotta go, pig. I'll see you later.
    Jumps on table
    Flies off with his Rocket Boots leaving the pig charred and confused.
  • Zim: These Mars-oids left no evidence of there destruction for me to find! Just a bunch of rocks! I hate them!
  • Skooch is ugly and short.
  • At one point when Zim and Gir are sharing an Evil Laugh, the Martian Training Manual joins in.
  • Upon first opening the Manual, Zim assumes the entire Martian species were manuals.
  • Zim backing up the Mars-ship, complete with with truck sound effects.
  • Zim is frustrated with the lack of evidence about Martian civilization or what destroyed it aside from the weird monuments, leading to this gem:
    "This planet's a rock! A useless wasteland! Ooh! Whoever they were, they left no sign of what wiped them out. They just left these stupid structures here to taunt me! I HATE THEM! And I hope they DIE-(kicks a Martian skull)...oh, yeah."

    Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom 
  • Ms. Bitters's account of when she was allegedly a fairy princess, especially the ending where she flies into a bug zapper.
  • Zim: Where are we?
    Dib: Some kind of alternate universe. It's based on my imagination somehow.
    Zim: And you brought me here?! You sickening, troublesome human!
    (Zim activates his PAK legs and approaches Dib threateningly)
    Dib: Hey! The only way out is through my head! Anything happens to me and you're stuck here forever!
    (Zim retracts his robot spider legs)
    Zim: Curse yoooouuuu! Wait; I can still do stuff to your legs, right?
    Dib: I guess, but- wait! No!
    Zim: Curse yoooouuuu!
  • When the Nightmare!Whitecoats are bringing Dib to the Nightmare!Miss Bitters, one of the Whitecoats begins to monologue about their evil plan, which is interrupted when Dib teleports back to his world. Although it's imperative that they find Dib, the other Whitecoat immediately goads his partner to continue with his speech before going to tell their boss that Dib has escaped, because "I love it when you do those speeches all scary-like". His partner obliges.
  • The dancing skeletons that randomly appear after a wave of bats fly at the screen.
  • Dib nonchalantly standing there and eating a lollipop while Zim threatens to destroy him.
  • "I've had enough of your nonsense from your smelly mouth filled with...corn!"
  • Nightmare Bitters is, unlike her real-world counterpart, a hilarious Large Ham with No Indoor Voice. This comes to a head at the ending, when she reaches Earth, but is scared off by the trick-or-treating Skool kids and a truly enormous, bloated GIR. "SUCH HORRIBLE DOODADS!! AHH-HAAAHH!!!!"
  • "He said we could destroy his friend. Then he threw a can at my head. It hurt."
  • GIR attacking trick-or-treaters and stealing their candy, flying tackling someone so hard their underpants fly off.
  • The fact that Jhonen has no idea at all how this episode got on TV.
  • After learning the way back to reality is through a portal in Dib's head.
    Dib: Wait, how do I get back?
    Zim: Good question. *long pause* But I don't care!

    Mysterious Mysteries 
  • Although the entirety of the episode is pretty much one Moment of Funny after another (thanks to the host's clear wish to kill himself and the world's worst dramatic reenactments ever), GIR's version of events takes the cake. Just... wow.
  • Zim's.
    In a heavy Received Pronunciation accent "But I need these monies to buy nutrients!"
  • "I was a chubby lady, hiding in the bushes!"
    • This one deserves context. GIR was the robot in a tape Dib made and sent to Mysterious Mysteries. GIR went on the show as a "mystery informant" with his face mostly pixellated. This foot-tall, metallic "mystery informant" was not the foot-tall robot in the tree, but a chubby lady hiding in the bushes. Named "Stacy".
  • The host visiting Dib's house.
    Gaz: WHO ARE YOU?! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!! (throws food at host)
  • Don't forget:
    Host: Are you an alien?
    Zim: LIES! THE FILTHY EARTH BOY LIES! [beat] ...I mean, 'no'.
  • "And then the squirrel ate Dib's greasy head."
    • The looks on the rest of the cast's faces during this particular "reenactment" are priceless.
    Host: What does that have to do with anything?!
    GIR: Me and the squirrel are friends.

    Future Dib 
  • Professor Membrane: So I got to thinking. Why has nobody made a power source that needs no fuel? WHYYYYYY?!
  • Zim: GIR! GIR! Unleash the monkey!
    GIR: [walks up to microphone] "MONKEY!" [walks away]
  • When Professor Membrane gets annoyed with the hecklers in the audience and retracts his perpetual energy generator.
    Prof. Membrane: No power for you.
  • Torque Smackey
    (after Dib mentions that Membrane is his dad): So? (eats Super-Toast. Cue Body Horror)
    (after Membrane states everyone knows all power sources need fuel) "Pff. I didn't know that."
    "My dad can fit an entire potato in his mouth."
  • After Future Dib finishes his longwinded story, Dibs reaction is priceless:
    Dib: Wow, i'm boring! Do I always explain everything like that?

    Hobo 13 
  • Zim electing himself squad leader, with predictable results. How bad is he? He loses three squad members at the first obstacle!
  • "Headless clown! HEADLESS CLOWN!"
  • This exchange.
    Throbulator: The holding pen is painful?!
    Commander: Yes.
    Throbulator: Does it have to be?!
    Commander: No, not really.
  • Zim's hilariously half assed attempt at saving Skooch.
  • When Zim throws the cute baby-looking alien into the jaws of a monster thing.
    • From the DVD commentary: "He didn't even need to do that!"
  • "I bet ten thousand monies something eats him up!"
  • Bob's gloating as Zim proceeds to win.
  • R. Lee Ermey is once again a Drill Sergeant Nasty. It never gets old.
    (as he and Zim prepare for their final battle) You're the worst student I've ever had, Zim..
    Zim: Perhaps you've trained me too well!
    Commander: No. Really. You're the worst. I'm looking forward to tying you into a horrible twisted knot...made of you.
  • Roll call.
  • Skooch cements himself as the show's Spotlight-Stealing Squad:
    Zim: Skooch? I thought the Almighty Tallest killed you.
    • Later on...
    Skooch: Zim! I made it! I survived the Hogulous! I'm alive!
    (The Commander lands on him rear-end first
    Skooch: Where am I?! What am I seeing?!
    (The Hogulous comes back and the Commander tries to beat it into submission using Skooch. No-Sell.)
  • Zim, after hearing Skooch mention how the Tallest promised to promote him if he cleared the training, quietly laughs to himself calling Skooch gullible for believing this and still remaining blissfully unaware that he was in the exact same situation.

    Walk for Your Lives 
  • The Tallest checking up on the other invaders for Probing Day
    Purple: Now if you'll just show us a little puppet show depicting how you plan to destroy the planet...
    Invader Slacks: Puppet show?!?
    Red: Everyone loves puppets! Except you, it seems. You fail inspection!
    Purple: You get a pummeling.
    (Two mallets on mechanical arms extend from Slacks' base and pound him over the head repeatedly. The Tallest toast their drinks as they watch)
    Red: Happy Probing Day, Invader Slacks!
  • After failing to smother the temporal explosion in a cesspool, Zim decides the best course of action would be to simply remove the time field around the explosion and let it detonate at regular speed. The plan is so stupid that even GIR points out how severely flawed it is.

  • Zim receives a giant robot capable of ultimate destruction and plans to destroy Dib with it. The robot's cloaking device only cloaks the robot itself (making it look like Zim's floating in midair) and makes as much noise as humanly possible, so when he shows up at Dib's house:
    Zim: Now, fight an enemy you cannot see!
    Dib:'re right there.
    Zim: What?
    Dib: There! Your mighty Irken cloaking device cloaks the robot but not you!
    Dib: I can't. It's invisible.
    Zim: ...but you can see me?
    Dib: That's what I said.
    Zim: OH, THAT'S STUPID!!
    Dib: Really stupid!
    Zim: YOU DARE AGREE WITH ME?! Prepare to meet your horrible DOOM!!
  • Early in the episode, Zim is walking back from Skool with an unnamed boy, ranting and raving semi-coherently about Dib. Then the boy asks, "What are you talking about? Who are you?"
  • The entire sequence of Zim in the Megadoomer with the cloaking device on; basically the robot is completely invisible except for Zim (who looks like he's floating in mid-air), and GIR has to constantly find a plug outlet to keep it working.
    Megadoomer Computer: Cloaking Device activated.
  • This exchange:
    • Zim: Do you know what that means, GIR?!
      GIR: "Oooooooooooh-AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" *spazzes out*
      Zim: It means it can turn invisible.
      GIR: I had no idea.
  • Hey! Hey! Hey! MOVE IT! Hey! Hey! YOU INVOKE MY WRATH?!
  • Almighty Tallest enjoy a hearty chortle, after which Purple randomly says "Let's go eat food."

    The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot
  • "I thought you were one of those kids after me lucky neck meats. They're aaallllways after me lucky neck meats. Y'see me neck meats? They're lucky."
  • "Wait! Come back! You're not a freak! You're just stupid!"
  • Dib, while watching a show on paranormal activity, sees footage of a "horrible chicken monster", to which he says "That's not a monster! That's a guy in a chicky-licky suit! I can see the zipper!"
  • Later on in the same episode, you get: "This here's a dirty chicken toy. Squeeze it, and it makes a noise. And its beak comes off as a grappling hook." "That's a..... weird thing for a chicken to do."
  • In that same episode:
    Chicken Foot: I used to be a man, just like you. And I worked in a chicken restaurant, just like you.
    Dib: I don't work in a chicken restaurant.
    Chicken Foot: DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!
    • The violin in the score slowly going sour as Chickenfoot's story continues.
  • Bill's absolutely ludicrous theory on Chickenfoot:
    Bill: Chickenfoot is not a real chicken. He's a space chicken...from a planet where pig demons rule!

    GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff 
  • Duty!GIR: Sir, target is a hologram and therefore not a threat to our mission!
    Zim: And what is our mission, GIR?
    Duty!GIR: Blend in with the indigenous life, analyze their weaknesses, prepare the planet for the coming badness. Yay.
  • "I have captured the enemy for meat-testing. Praise me! PRAISE MEE!"
  • "I'd planned to spend this afternoon experimenting on the happiness centers of that Earth child's brain..."
    • "I' happy! All the time! Just great!"
    What makes this really funny is that according to the kid's shirt, his name is Nick
  • "You're in a filthy Earth-brain hospital. Your feelings are normal. There's a squid brain in your head!"
  • This exchange:
    Duty!GIR: With all due respect, you build a SIR Unit code that enables free will in the event the mission is threatened. This police human was a threat.
    Zim: You dare tell ME what I ALREADY know?!!
    Duty!GIR: Did you know that?
    Zim: Of course I- [grits teeth] YOUR LEGS ARE STUPID!
  • Squidman is a CMOF all by himself.
  • From the DVD Commentary, after Squidman shoots ink, another crew member asks how he did it. Jhonen's response? "With his natural ink-shooting glands, of course."
  • "The knowledge, it fills me! It is neat."
  • "He's gettin' eaten by a shark!"
  • "Dance with us, GIR! Dance with us into oblivion!"
  • "HI COW!"
  • "GIR, bring me cowwwwww~"
    • Made all the more hilarious when it's revealed in the DVD Commentary that Jhonen had told Andy Berman to "try to do Dib, but badly" for that scene. Jhonen jokingly remarked that "he did it the best he's ever done Dib, ever."

    Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom 
  • "Delicious. Delicious! I'M NORMAL!"
  • "Things he DO?"
  • While they're in the school cafeteria, Dib throws a muffin at Zim, who overreacts as usual:
    (Muffin hits Zim)
    Zim: (looking everywhere) What?! Who?!
    Gaz: (to Dib, both watching Zim from another table) That...that was horrible.
    Zim: (grabbing the muffin) Who did this?!! (he jumps on the table) Who dares to soil my normal boy-head with this... PORK COW?!!
    Random kid in the cafeteria: THAT'S A STINKIN' MUFFIN!
    Zim: Silence!! Whatever this is, I will find the beast who threw it, I WILL FIND YOU!! Sleep peacefully now, for it is the last peaceful sleep you will KNOW FROM THIS MOMENT ON!
    Another kid: But we're not asleep right now!
    (There's a pause as the kids stare at Zim, then he yells like a lunatic and bursts through the doors.)
    Dib: (chuckles) Wow.
    Gaz: ...Actually, that was kinda funny.
  • "It's been nice working with you, GIR, now self destruct."
    • "FINALLY!" (cue giggling and poof sound)
  • Dib hosting the opening ceremony of the "Dib Institute of Paranomal Studies slash School of Paranormal Tolerance slash Museum slash Snack Bar".
  • The very end of the episode where Zim discovers Dib had thrown the muffin at his head and kicks him out of his base.
    Zim: Oh, just one more thing... *taps a control*
    (A massive cannon descends from the ceiling, powers up...and fires a muffin at Dib's head. Cue ridiculously inappropriate maniacal laughter from Zim)
  • "I'm not just gonna sit back and let Zim get away with his...his...THINGS HE DO! I mean..."
  • This exchange, likely a jab at viewers who insist that Dib's last name is Membrane.
    Sneaker Alien: Now, Dib... er, Dib.... whatever your last name is.
    Dib: (Assuredly) That's right.

    TAK: The Hideous New Girl 
  • Tak: I was placed on a janitorial squad... and then sent to Planet Dirt!
  • Dib: You can't do this! People will know somethings up. I mean look at this place, it's enormous!!!
    Tak: The great thing about your people, Dib, is that most of them don't notice. All they see is another corporate venture, not a plan for world conquest!
    Dib: Wait, is there really a difference?
    (there is an explosion and Zim bursts through the wall)
    Zim: It's over, Tak! The Earth is mine to devastate! ...and I already promised the moon to GIR.
    Dib: Zim!? How'd you know we'd be here!?
    Zim: I placed a tracking device on you.
    Dib: Tracking device!? Where?
    (Dib turns around revealing GIR has been on the back of his head the entire time)
    GIR: Your head smells like a puppy!
  • (Later, Zim and Dib argue over Mimi's memory disk.)
    Zim: I'm the only one with the technology to decode the files!
    Dib: And we're the only ones with the files to be decoded!
    GIR: (trying to sound serious) AND I'M... hee, hee, hee, I dunno!
    Dib: Your base, our disk, Zim. Let us see the base!
    Zim: After we destroy Tak, I'm going to feed your brains to my robot!
    Dib: Deal!
  • GIR making Gaz dance.
    • (sing-song) "Only if ya dance with meeee!"
  • There's this little exchange:
    Zim: Yes, yes, so you blame me for your horrible life, blah, blah, blah, BIG DEAL!
    Tak: This is about taking your mission, Zim, not revenge!
    Zim: You're after revenge?!
    Tak: NOOOOOO! It's not about revenge! It's about taking what's rightfully mine. I should have been an Invader! I should have been part of the Great Assigning! I shouldn't HAVE to be stealing THIS planet from YOU!
    Zim: [pause] YOU'RE AFTER MY ROBOT BEE!!
  • This:
    Zim: My beautiful base!
    Tak: Part TWO is..
    Zim: No! My beautiful base! No!
    Tak Part two is..!
    Tak: [struggling] Part... two... IS..!
    Zim: NO!!
    Tak: Part...
    Zim: NOO!!!
    Tak: ... Okay, I'm... okay, I'm leaving now.
    Zim: [suddenly straight-faced] But you didn't tell me your plan.
  • Tak's poem.
    "For longer than I can remember, I've been looking for someone like you
    Someone with a head like yours and a torso too.
    Birds sing and you're gonna pay. The end! HERE'S SOME MEAT COVERED IN BARBECUE SAUCE!" (throws meat at Zim)

  • Ms. Bitters' reaction to Tak's poem: —>Thank you Tak, that was horrible
  • Two words: Underground classroom
  • The Tallest Red and Purple replacing themselves with puppets during a transmission with Zim. The Tallest Purple puppet gets its head punched off, which leads to this exchange...
    Tallest Purple: *Putting his own head where the puppet's was* Um...That's great Zim, sounds great. *Puppet arms flail wildly, and Tallest Red giggles* Don't worry, that's just my arms flailing and giggling- *Puppet arm punches him in the face'* QUIT IT! *Puppet arm punches him in the face again* QUIT IT!
  • This small exchange:
    Zim: Oh no, despite his large head, the Dib-monkey is quite stupid.
  • "This has nothing to do with jelly!"
  • Zim: Computer!
    Computer (exasperated): Whaaaaaaaaat....?
  • The Tallests response to Zim's report on stopping Tak.
    Zim: You should have heard the lies she told about you. Well, all that matters is that Tak's evil snack plan was stopped.
    (Beat as the Tallest glare at Zim)
    Purple: Hey, I like snacks!
    Red: He likes snacks, Zim!
    Zim: (nervously) I know you do... I know.

    Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars 
  • This episode is undoubtedly the funniest of the entire series, from the best Overly Long Gag ever ("My Tallest! My Tallest! Hey! Hey! Hey! Over here! My Tallest!") to the Good News, Bad News inflicted on the Resisty ("And the good news?" "Well it's been replaced by a new, horrible one"), but the crowning moment is definitely Zim's Epic Fail at an insult:
    Zim: You're nothing, Earth boy! Go home and shave your giant head of smell with your bad self!
    Dib: ...O-kay. There's all kinds of things wrong with what you just said.
  • Zim finds GIR face down in a pile of mashed potatoes.
    Zim: GIR! Get up! What do you think you're doing?!
    GIR: I made mashed po-tay-toes!
    Zim: Yes... and muffins!
  • Robomom: "Hey! HEEYY! HEEY, EVERYONE!! HEEEYYY!!! Won't you come on over and help us EAT this little boy?!"
  • "It's me! I was the turkey all along!"
    Zim: (stares) ...I was wondering what that turkey was doing there. GIR! I'm delaying the brain parasite plan for now! I want you to-
    GIR: I was the turkey! MEEEE!
    Zim: (nods sagely) Yes, so you were.
  • Don't forget this priceless scene:
    Zim:(laughing) I said evil!
    Professor Membrane: (from downstairs) Son! There had better not be any walking dead up there!
    Dib: There's nothing to worry about dad! And I said I was sorry about that!
  • And then of course there's the Tallest's lines when the Massive is about to crash into a star... "It's not so bad." "I think so too."
  • What about the "Shrinky Self-Destruct"? Zim's about to crush Dib with a spaceship...only for it to shrink down to the size of a fly, then make a pitiful piff noise as it explodes. Cue crickets.
  • "Yaaaaaay! I don't know what you just said!"
  • Pretty much everything that happens with the robot parents.
    • "Come on, son! Let's go play in the toilet!"
  • "How 'bout the PIRATE MONKEYS?! (Beat) S'an awesome name."
  • Mundane Utility: Dib's hair is good for zip lining.
  • This entire exchange:
    Zim: Hah! Watch, Dib! Watch as I bring a royal audience to the downfall of the human race!
    Dib: I don't wanna watch that!
    Zim: Oh, okay. (Beat) Wait! that's too bad! because mankind ends now! And to make it even sweeter, I'll land the Massive right on top of your landing pad-sized monster of a head, which is disturbingly large!!
  • The Tallest are absolute jerks, but look what they put up with: three hours of Zim not shutting up, their crowning flagship messily hijacked past several galaxies and through a star, and this joke of a resistance taking the chance to vandalize their hull in the process. And the cause of all this ridiculous nonsense?
    • Aaand then the vid chat reveals Zim's base in apocalyptic ruin, Gir shoveling mashed potatoes into his face, and Zim himself running around screaming about the hideous parasite on his head eating his brain. Complete with Scare Chord. Red can only gape in stupefied horror, while Purple declares that he's gonna throw up. Karma or justification for anything they at least do to Zim, (maybe Zim is their Karma?) this episode was epically hilarious.

    Mortos der Soulstealer 
  • GIR "I had a sammich in my head!"
  • GIR looking into a pet store at some puppies and Zim dragging him away, declaring, "You can eat later!"
  • And also Zim and Dib's yelled "conversation" across a street in this episode:
    Dib: ZIM!
    Zim: WHAT?
    Dib: ZIM!
    Zim: WHAT?
    Dib: ZIM!
    Zim: WHAAAT?
    Dib: You'll never get away with it!
    Dib: No! Your plan! I'm going to stop you! I have a secret weapon!
    Zim: WHERE IS IT?
    Dib: *shifty eyes* Around!
    • Which apparently, was originally going to have traffic constantly flying through the road.
    • Frankly, it's significantly more fantastic because they couldn't put the cars in.
  • Zim and Dib are really a whole trove of wacky in that episode. Also memorable is:
    Zim: I am infecting this city with genetically enhanced vermin. But you'll never know!
    Dib: You Just Told Me.
    (Zim gives him an annoyed glare then...) YOU'RE LYING!!!!!!!
  • GIR throwing a sandwich at Dib's head. He throws it so hard that it sends Dib flying through the air and crashing through the wall of the nearest building.

    ZIM Eats Waffles 
  • The entire episode of "Zim Eats Waffles." Especially...
    Zim: "GIR, your waffles have sickened me! Fetch me the buckeeeet!"
  • Zim: "Look. They're going to start making artificial beavers." Dib: "HE'S AFTER OUR BEAVER TECHNOLOGY!"
  • Zim: "Time to work on my next Evil Plan! To cripple the humans by destroying-" Gir: "GUESS WHO'S MADE WAFFLES?!"
  • Zim: "Hey, these aren't bad. What's in 'em?" GIR: "There's waffle in 'em!" Zim: (pause) "YOU'RE LYING!"
  • Just the line "THE GIANT FLESH-EATING DEMON SQUID HAS ESCAPED!" You don't get to hear something like that every day.
  • Zim"Talking about my evil plan is making me tired. How about we have a moment of silence, huh?" (LONG Beat)
    GIR: "I... Love... Waffles.."
  • When Dib's plan to contact the Swollen Eyeball Network falls through, he decides to call the FBI. If the fact that Dib apparently has the FBI's number on speed-dial isn't enough to make you laugh, then the fact that the operator has a giant lit-up marquee behind him that spells out "FBI" should do the trick.
    • Followed by this gem of an exchange:
    FBI Agent: "Hey, you're Dib, right? Did you ever get that ninja ghost out of your toilet?"
    Dib: "Yeah, no thanks to you!"
  • There's something inherently funny about ZIM and GIR, who are usually screaming at the top of their lungs and destroying things, sitting around having a calm, completely normal conversation about "that ugly neighbor lady."

    The Girl Who Cried Gnome 

  • Zims robot parents offering the gathered crowd muffins. Except instead of a tray of muffins, they're holding out a toilet.
  • The girl scout the episode is centered around, she should be the Trope Image of Girl Scouts Are Evil.
  • The robotic gopher... just the robotic gopher after it appears in front of the Girl Scout.
    Zim: I don't remember programming that...
  • At one point, the girl scout screams so loudly that the camera pulls back to reveal that she's being heard onboard the Massive, which is orbiting another planet. The Tallest are shown looking up, trying to figure out where it's coming from.

    Dibship Rising 
  • Professor Membrane: Now, Gaz, if you could just put that can of beans in the proton oven! Be sure to take them out of the can or the explosion will destroy all human life!
    Gaz: (A little later on in the episode) That didn't destroy all life as we know it. You LIED TO ME, DAD!
  • Dibship trying to go to school. The inappropriately happy background music is what really sells it.
  • Zim's response to seeing the Dibship for the first time.
    Zim: Dib's looking a little different this FILTHY Earth morning!

  • The gym coach's speech at the beginning, which delves into either Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick or Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking depending on your interpretation:
    I have shown you the horrors of war! The despair of famine! Pictures of my birth!
  • Dib asks the new guidance counselor at the Skool, Mr. Dwicky, what happened to the old counselor. The camera then slowly pans upward and a raspy voice from the air duct says "Help...meeeee..."
  • Dib and Zim are about to face off in a dodgeball duel. We here Dib's very serious internal monologue about facing his enemy in an epic battle of human versus alien. Cut to Zim's internal monologue.
  • Laer on, Zim's classmate says he's not an alien...he's just sick and ugly. When Zim later replies "Yes, I am normal. So NORMAL and UGLY am I!" his classmates actually smile cheerfully and nod their agreement.

    Gaz, Taster of Pork 
  • GIR's only line in the episode. In the commentary, Rikki Simons notes that he was paid for a voiceover session that consisted of saying it a dozen times and going home:
  • "There are no curses son." (Randomly contorts) "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" (Immediately returns to normal)
  • I don't know why, but that kid with the apple just gets me everytime.
  • Don't forget when the hobo kidnaps that random guy with the ice cream cone.
  • The Shadowhog himself is made of win.
  • "Then-and only then- will I stop talking to myself."

    The Frycook What Came from All That Space 
  • Dib: Zim is an alien! Why do I even have to try and prove it this much?!
  • When Zim is attempting to escape to Earth, singing "Doodey-doo-too-doo-too-TOO-" and is cut short by his vehicle exploding. Trust me, it's much funnier when you hear it.
  • Zim not recognizing Sizz-Lor until he puts on his frycook hat.
  • The costume Zim is forced to wear.
    Sizz-Lorr: Now put on this Happy Shloogor costume and fill the customers with joy!
    Zim: But it's full of white hot grease!
    Sizz-Lorr: Makes you dance better!
    • Which immediately segues into, "Hey all you people! I hope you're all having a wonderful time eating our life-sustaining matter! Yahoo! I'm so happy—OH IT HURTS SO BAD!!! THE GREASE!!!"
  • Dib and GIR dancing, accompanied by squeaky noises and the Tallests watching from a video screen in the background.
  • "Snacky Cab station is now closed! Any cabs not docked will explode for no apparent reason!"
  • Sizz-Lorr captures Zim and blasts off
    Dib: Did anybody else see that?!
  • When Zim flashes back to why he was originally exiled to Foodcourtia, we get a scene where Zim runs off after seeing a news report on the impending invasion, and Sizz-Lor comes in right afterwards, swearing to hunt him down no matter where he goes.
    Zim: Iunno...
  • When Dib comes by looking for Zim, he's drinking a slurpee, and GIR gleefully snatches it out of his hand, and starts drinking it.
    Dib: Yeah okay, you can have that.
  • When Zim complains that another worker gets to leave the restaurant without blowing up, Sizz-Lor responds, "I hired him! You're here as punishment for almost destroying our civilization!" "Am I the only one who is impressed by that?"
  • How Zim escaped from Foodcourtia the first time: by literally just walking out the back door.
  • When Zim was being sentenced to exile for ruining Operation Impending Doom, he takes offense pointing out he "Blew up more than any other Invader." Tallest Red corrects him saying he BLEW UP all the other Invaders. Zim takes it as a compliment.

    The Most Horrible X-mas Ever 
  • Even though it's likely due to an animation coloring error, but the fact that it appears Membrane doesn't wear pants underneath his labcoat, is pretty funny.
  • For the voice of Mr. Sludgy, the storytelling robot snowman, Fred Tatiscore does a fantastic Burl Ives impression.
    Bow down, bow down
    Before the power of Santa
    Or be crushed, be crushed
    By his jolly boots of doom!
    • Fun fact: the chorus of the song has an operatic track to it. Those high notes were thrown in by Melissa Fahn herself! The song itself was written by Fahn as well.
  • "I don't get it! Why does Zim want to take over the Earth so BADLY? I mean, what does he have to gain? or to LOOOSE? And the mechanizations of this malfunctioning Santa suit COMPLEEETELY ELUUUUDE ME!"
    • Then the robot snowman shoves him under the bed without a second thought. "As I was saying..."
    • Most likely unintentional, but the fact that the child sounds exactly like a younger version of Archibald Asparagus, both in their accent and personality, is pretty funny.
  • Professor Membrane: Friend of Mankind, Enemy of Santa Claus.
  • GIR telling the Mall Santa what he wants for Christmas
    GIR: I wants me a barrel of flies. I wants me two balls of glue/food to be my friends! And I wants to go dancin'... NAKED!
    Jump Cut to some time later. GIR is still going and the Santa looks ready to snap.
    GIR:...And a chair made of cheese and a table made of cheese and...
  • During the news report on "Santa's" return:
    Woman: My heart explodes with joy!
    (Cue a nasty "squash" sound and the woman falling on her face, dead)
  • Even when talking to himself, Zim can't help but inflate his own ego.
    "But I made the suit too smart, because I'm amazing."
  • Dib escapes from the "Jingle Jail" with candy-cane bars.
    Zim: Seize him! And put him in the actually strong jingle jail this time!
    Dib: Why didn't you put me in the real one in the first place?
  • The santa suit is jettisoned into space, and returns to earth millenia later as an Eldritch Abomination they appease with a city-sized tray of milk and cookies.
    Mr. Sludgy: But Santa didn't die in space. Santa lives on.
    Mr. Sludgy: No! In space! Gathering power! And that's why we all live in this protective dome. Raise the shields, children! Santa has returned!
    • Even funnier, when the gigantic Santa monster attacks Earth, the machine which raises the shield also produces a giant glass of milk with cookies which Santa briefly stops his assault to eat.

  • Zim: GIR. Remember with your brain. You must behave like a human dog monster, do you understand?
    GIR: I really don't.
    Zim: GIR! Human dogs don't speak!
    GIR: Oooh.
    Zim: Now go answer the door.
  • Dib gets stolen by a giant floating baby.
  • Everything regarding the two aliens that abduct Zim, from their human disguises which actually manages to be WORSE than Zim's, to their insanely poor attempt at mimicking human behavior while posing as Zim's new neighbors, such as requesting to GIR that they wish to "vomit language" to the human occupant of the "shelter unit." Even Zim is able to see through their costumes at first glance.
    • When they first meet Zim, they refer to him as "Perfectly normal human worm baby."
    • They decide to "fuse" Zim with another human being. A: It's a gopher, and B: They tape it to his head. They then get into an argument about whether they should fuse Zim with a juice box or if they should experiment with shoving things through his head.
      Green Alien: His head is just begging for juice fusion!
    • After Zim escapes, the blue alien worries the "fusing" made him too powerful, and the green one insists fusing him with the juice would've slowed him down.
      Blue Alien: What if the juice had made him even more powerful? What then?
      Green Alien: Whoa whoa wait are we talkin' 'bout the saaaame juice?
      Blue Alien: Yeah when's the last time you cleaned yourself?
      Green Alien: Define self.
    • A very funny but easy to miss joke is that the two are wearing name tags, except the one in the male costume is wearing the one that says "Mary" and the one in the female costume says "Fred".
  • The alien's "Plan 2" for capturing GIR? "Stuff him in a sack". GIR's "Defense mode"? Jump into the sack.
  • GIR escapes rather easily.
    Blue Alien: Now the other one's getting away!
    Green Alien: Oh look at him go.
    • Later, after Zim and GIR leave:
      Blue Alien: I thought I told you to lock the escape hatch!
      Green Alien: Oh just because I didn't lock it's MYYYY fault it was unlocked is that what you're trying to say?!
      Blue Alien: That's what I'm saying yeah!

  • Arguably the entirety of the commentary tracks on the DVDs could be considered a CMOF.
    • The cast and crew totally losing it over the bottomless coffee cup in "Battle of the Planets".
    • Richard doing horrible impressions, supposedly his previous voices for Zim.
    • Most of the "wacky" introductions are priceless, like the crew snoring through the opening and then "waking up" when the episode starts or chewing noisily on junk food as they introduce themselves. This troper's personal favorite, however, is the whispering one. It starts:
      Jhonen: {whispering) Hi, I'm Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Invader Zim, to my left is Richard Horvitz, voice of Zim.
      Richard: {whispering) Hi, I'm Richard Horvitz, voice of Zim. To my left is Jhonen Vasquez, and to my right is Rikki Simons, colorist and voice of GIR.
      Rikki: {whispering) Hi, I'm Rikki Simons, colorist and voice of GIR, to my left is Jhonen Vasquez and Richard Horvitz, to my right is...
      • It goes straight into Overly Long Gag territory, seeing as there's about seven people on the track, but circles back into being funny again when Danielle Koening (story editor) forgets to whisper, jarring the almost certainly despondent audience and everyone else starts yelling at her for killing the gag.
    • Some commentaries open with the crew explaining that they've been doing the recordings shacked up in an abandoned house, rapidly running out of food, for at least 800+ days. "Andy's gone." "We ate Andy." "It doesn't matter, though, because America hates Andy." is one of the best exchanges to come out of this gag. (He gets better.)
    • Richard Horvitz jokingly invoking Hilarious in Hindsight: "And I took one look at the script and thought 'Yep, this show could last at least 26 episodes."note 
    • The Running Gag about the show being cancelled because it was too successful.
  • Zim's Giant Ego is probably one of the definitive CMOF traits of the show. Even though he is a complete failure as a human and an Irken, his super inflated ego blinds him into constantly believing he is the single greatest being in the universe, which makes his character so stupidly hilarious to watch. For example, in the episode "Walk For Your Lives," Zim's plan to get rid of a gigantic slow-moving explosion is to simply speed it up and and have it explode like normal. While his computer and even GIR(?!) warn him against doing so, Zim nonetheless carries this out because in his mind, all of his ideas are genius. "I AM ZIM!"
    • Another hilarious example of this: Despite the fact that Zim is supposed to blend in with everyone on Earth, he still cannot restrain himself in announcing to everyone that his Irken species is so much better than theirs.
      I'd just like to say that if I were a member of an alien race - which I'm not!-I'd have to take this opportunity to say - Filthy Earth creatures! It is clear who the superior species is! Isn't it?! Isn't it?! You stink!
  • Jhonen Vasquez voicing the computer:

    Zim: "I don't pay you to contradict me!"
    Computer: "You don't... pay me at all."

    Zim: ...and why was my computer coughing?
  • Anything and everything Professor Membrane says. Rodger Bumpass is a voice acting comedy goldmine.
  • The Nickelodeon comic. All four pages of it.

    [unproduced episode] Mopiness of Doom 
  • GIR: Listen to me, he needs you Mary [Dib]! You two good friends! Like hot dogs! Please hunt my Master again! COUCH!"
    * Zim: (after Dib returns from his 10-Minute Retirement) You have no idea how happy that makes me, you revolting little worm!

    Dib: It's over, ZIM! There's nowhere left for you to hide!
    ZIM: What about my house?
    Dib: Oh, yeah, I guess you can hide there...HEY WAIT! NO! Stay where you are!
    ZIM: Or what, you're gonna stop me with your oven mitt?
    Dib: It's not an oven mitt, you lizard, it's a genuine freezing talisman. There's no way you'll escape its power.
    ZIM: Your loony "PARA-CHUTING" powers don't scare me, Dib. All it does is make you look stupid!
    Dib: It's para-NORMAL, and you're wrong, it makes me look cool!
  • In the live reading, Richard Steven Horvitz is hilariously expressive with his Zim puppet, and near the end, Andy Berman, who hadn't touched his puppet since it started, puts it on as Zim and Dib reunite as enemies, and then have the puppets kiss.

    [unproduced episode] The Trial 
Tallest Purple: But some Irkens, they get fitted with damaged I.D. PAKs. These people are called "Defectives" and must be deactivated, erased, never to be remembered.
Smeet Timmy: Thank you mista' PURPLE! I SMART NOW!
Tallest Purple: The child knows too much. TO THE DUNGEONS WITH IT!
  • Anything GIR does in this episode. Up to and including him apparently taking over Earth in an Ironic Echo Cut:
  • The prelude in the live script reading.
    Membrane: I have just perfected quantum split technology. I can now exist in six places at once!
  • And:
    Gaz: Stories are stupid.
    Membrane: And this is the stupidest one yet!

    [unproduced episode] Nubs of Doom 
Zim: (to Minimoose) If I were capable of love, I might actually love you, maybe!

    [unproduced episode] Ten Minutes to Doom 
Dib: IT'S NOT A SHIRT! It's taking over my inferior human mind! You have to analyze it! I'm sure you'll be amazed.
  • Dib's encounter with Screamy. Voiced by Rodger in the live script reading.
    Screamy: HI DIB! HOW YA DOIN'?!
  • Gaz riding Zim like a horse to get past the guards.

    [unproduced episode] Return of Keef 
GIR: You just gotta give him a chance, and open up his head and sleep in it like a squishy little bed.
  • Zim and Dib pretend to play patty cake for Keef. Neither of them seem to know the words. Zim sings the Alphabet song incorrectly while Dib's lyrics seem to trail off to a list of baked goods.

    The Comics (2015) 
Issue 1
  • Where has Zim been all this time? Hiding inside his toilet.
  • Zim's "reign of terror" now that Dib is too invalid to fight him, which consists of such horrible things as kicking trash cans, stealing his neighbor's newspaper, and mixing up the mail. And then GIR launches a dog into space from inside his head.
  • Dib singing his own workout montage, and then recruiting Gaz to do it for him (complete with a guitar solo that ends up setting the guitar on fire) when he points out that it'll help him stop being so grossly out of shape.
  • Zim says that he has no time to waste to start his new Evil Plan... and then it Gilligan Cuts to a week later, where he and GIR are on the couch, binge-watching some show.
    Zim: They've completely ruined this show, GIR. Not a single original cast member remains. I want the purple one to be dead.

Issue 2
  • Dib tracks Zim down across space in Tak's ship. And starts getting sass from it.
    Dib:Listen, computer, if you're patterned after Tak's brain, then you hate Zim as much as I do. If Zim takes control of that... thing, whatever it does, it means nothing good for Earth and victory for Zim. Zim winning is bad. Help me!
    Tak's Ship: Ooh. It's tough, though. Because I hate you both.
  • Dib catching up with Zim:
    Zim: (Evil Laugh) Victory is near, GIR! Soon I'll be in control of the Gargantis Array! This was almost ''too'' easy to pull off without that meddling little-
    Dib: Zim!!
    Zim: What? No, I was gonna say Dib. Waitaminute!
    Zim: Just because you have an Irken ship doesn't mean you know how to use it, Dib! Eat my space dust!
    Dib: Well you're right about that. So how do you fire the lasers or whatever on one of these things?
    Zim: Oh. Well you see that dark red panel on the right arm console?
    Dib: Nope. Wait.. oh yeah, there it is.
    Zim: Okay, just double tap that until it lights up and you get a reticle overlay. Why do you wanna know? (gets shot by the lasers)
    • Then he tempts fate again:
    Zim:(While flying on GIR after his ship gets blown up) Ha! Zim is always one step ahead, Dib! Probably two steps ahead if you really th-(GIR gets zapped) WHOA WHOA WHOOOOAH!
    GIR: Yaaaay! I'm exploding!
  • Zim's evil plan: which wasn't to destroy Earth, but using an ancient transmitter built by an alien race that "liked yelling a lot" to broadcast Dib's training montage from the slob he was in issue 1 across the entire galaxy and transmit the sound of laughter from every being in the galaxy. Except the Tallest:
    Fat!Dib:My belly button hurts.
    Red: This is the most horrible thing I have ever seen.
    Purple: Why can I smell the transmission?
    • The end:
    Zim: Hey! Can I get a ride home?
    Dib: No.
    Zim: Curse you then, I guess.

Issue 3
  • Gaz trolling Dib by taking pictures with Bigfoot, who posts them online.
  • "You even knocked down the wing of a hospital for the donkey butt."
  • Everything about Zim pretending to be a modern artist.
  • The lampshading of the series' Negative Continuity, as the issue ends with Earth being sent flying into the Sun... and then uses a "Next time on" panel to show Zim denying remembering the events of the issue.
    Dib: Remember when I told you not to do that thing, and you did that thing anyhow and a giant donkey destroyed the Earth?
    Zim: Nope.

Issue 4
  • The Tallest send a loaf of cheese through a prototype portal onto Zim's head for kicks. Zim traces it back to them and thanks them for giving it to him.
    • Then they convince Zim that it's a weapon and order him to "charge it". Cue Zim "testing it" on humans at the park:
    Old lady: My, my. What a lovely baby!
    Zim: The prune woman feels the weapon's power! But it's not enough. Need more scans! (wacks the old lady in the face with the cheese) Taste the baby, human!
  • Zim's other tests (which involve falling off a floor in the mall, with a cowboy hat on with to fly on it).
  • The final prank. The Tallest "warn" Zim about that he's being hunted for the cheese and they tell him not to call them back. Cue Zim's frantic paranoia.
    Zim:(Hears explosion) What's that? I'm under attack!
    Zim: An unknown enemy slithers towards me on his nefarious belly. Life the nefarious-bellied slitherer of planet Slitherfarious Four.
    Zim: My enemies may be outside. Stalking me. On stalks. Little stalking stalks.
    Zim:(to the computer) Lock down the base immediately! Maximum Maximumness!

Issue 5
  • Dib yet again involves Gaz (who's in the middle of playing an online game, which Dib turns off) in spying on Zim... telling a cat being fed by GIR to get off his lawn.... You think Dib would learn by now.
  • The next morning begins as sickeningly peaceful... Until, of course, a Darth Vader Clone breaks down Dib's door, kidnaps him, and forces him to be played by other gamers in mind simulators, in each of which he dies horribly. Membrane had to pay them to let him take Dib or else they would take his families' robot chef away.
    Dib: You chose Foodio 3000 over me?
    Membrane: Have you ever tasted his poached eggs? Have you!?
    • As it turns out this wasn't the reason why he did it. Gaz asked him to. With ingenious manipulative skill...
    Membrane: Build you a machine capable of allowing you to enter alternate realities so you can kidnap your brother and trap him in a nightmare of virtual horrors? That sounds awful. Why would I help you do this?
    Gaz: I dunno, Dad. Science or somethin'.
    Membrane: WHAT!? I'll do it!
  • Dib's first simulation. He's a Minecraft character who's Eaten Alive by zombies.
    Dib: AAAAAAAAH! They're eating my blocky innards!
  • Gaz's dimensional travel montage. In her search for the gaming universe, she found alternate versions of Zim and GIR with toast for heads, as zombies, with goatees (and a scar on Zim's face), as babies, and as flowers.
  • The amount of references to other games in general. Soldier of Doody 25, Dank Souls, Bloayo Kart 9, Puzhole, Angry Turds, and finally... Meat Gear Solid 13. Just one name change and an added number.
  • After panels of endless suffering and humiliation, Dib apologizes for putting his interests above Gaz's hobbies while a Gray Fox Expy just stands next to him.
    Gray Fox Expy: Okay, I'm just uncomfortable now.
  • At the end of of the comic, Dib plays a game with Gaz and beats her at it.
    Dib: Hey! I actually won a round! Neat!
    Gaz: CHEATER! (Throws Dib though a wall)

Issue 6
  • Zim spends most of the issue running around in half a robot suit because GIR ran off with the bottom half (the legs), eating anything he could find, while Zim is chased by panicked EMTs. Near the end, Zim gets him back, only for a now bloated GIR to come shooting out. So, Zim responds the only way he can:
    "I HAVE GIVEN BIRTH! That was the problem all along!"
    • The robot suit that Zim wears? It's most likely a parody of Donald Trump.

Issue 7
  • This exchange, when Zim is trying to repair his crashed ship:
    Zim: GIR, hand me a wrench. (beat) This is a pretzel.
    GIR: Yeah it is.
  • The whole reason the ship crashed was because GIR bought some kind of giant slug, which pops out of his head and attacks Zim mid-flight.
  • Zim experiments with the primal ooze of the planet by spitting in it, which creates a mini-Zim... which is quickly killed by the amoeba creatures worshipping Zim, for being a heretical "false Zim". Zim himself doesn't care.
  • Zim initially likes having the amoebas worship him, but they quickly get on his nerves.
  • The backup strip, which has Zim attempting to wipe Dib's memories, only to accidentally wipe his own by mistake.

Issue 8

Issue 9
  • The Running Gag of the insane and stupid comments on Dib's web videos. The first time around, the last one simply reads "I Have Knees" by a guy with an account name that reads as such as well.
  • For Black Comedy, there's Gaz enjoying inflicting pain on Dib with the flesh processor while giving him his alien disguise.
    • There's also the Brick Joke of her giving herself extra arms so that she can play multiplayer games by herself.
  • Everything that comes from Dib having to pretend to be Zim's intern:
    • His first task is to clean out the puppies GIR stuffed in his head and "disguised" by covering them in honey.
    • The montage contains such gems as dusting a vat of ooze (the ooze, not the vat), walking Minimoose (who's on fire for some reason), eating peanuts in order to shut up GIR, and doing data processing and yard work.
    • The final straw comes when Zim tries to tell him to clean up GIR's vomit.
  • The activity pages that follow the comic...they must be seen to believe.

Issue 10
  • The Skool talent show. Zim has a good, cruel laugh at the pathetic assemblage of performances, but becomes genuinely enraged (note: he wasn't even competing) when the winner winds up being a boy whose talent was "owning a pet snake."
  • Hoping to attain similar adulation, Zim plots to capture a Sylvestran Snarl Beast to flaunt in front of his classmates. Even though the beast is a notoriously deadly creature, bringing it to Skool could potentially blow his cover, and Dib just heard him loudly plot this scheme.
  • Gaz lets herself be dragged to Zim's house by Dib, but warns her brother that the 10 dollars he paid her to be there are "wearing off." Dib explains the importance of what they're doing, but ends his spiel by reminding her that he actually bribed her with 20 dollars.
  • Dib ending up on top of the Voot Cruiser as it starts to fly towards space.
  • Zim and GIR gear up for their Snarl Beast hunt. Powered Armor, loads of guns, knives, camouflage paint, bandanas; the works. Their last step? Plopping their heavily armed posteriors on a "hunting couch" from a nice, safe vantage point as they remote control the Voot Cruiser to do all the hunting for them.
  • Zim explains that the Snarl Beast they're fighting is the first one anyone has seen in "over a thousand years" because "nobody has been dumb enough to look for one in all the time." He then boasts that "Zim is dumb enough!"
  • With his plan seemingly foiled, Zim shrugs and begins walking home with GIR, who tells him that he ate some of the kids from Skool. Zim scolds his robot companion as he had stipulated that GIR could eat "just one" of the children.

Issue 11
  • The cat GIR brings inside the base gets kicked outside by Zim, only for Zim to find Dib. The cat rubs against Dib, and you can't help but laugh at Dib after his allergic reaction happens.
  • Zim when he throws a robotic cat on Dib, the way he throws the pet is hilarious.
  • Zim disguises himself as a vet, takes a customer's pet, then proceeds to hit Dib with them using a cannon.
    • The final animal is a poodle, which only Dib sees as a beautiful dog, getting the animal to drag him to a supermarket to get anti-allergy medicine.

Issue 12
  • Zim's latest evil plan involves detonating a bag of "Flaming Hot Cheeze-Os" in the atmosphere. Even Emperor Zim later admits this was stupid.
  • Among other things, Emperor Zim has renamed every street after himself.
  • Zim being forced to sit in a waiting room for six months waiting for his future self to see him. And then it turns out Emperor Zim completely forgot about him.
  • Not even Emperor Zim knows what the "T" in "GIRT" stands for.
  • While it's also Nightmare Fuel, Dib going slightly crazy while imprisoned with no company other than his future self's corpse and arguing with it.
  • Dib Logic Bombing himself while wondering what happens if one of the Zims defeats the other, something Emperor Zim does too shortly after. In both cases, Tak's ship advises them not to think about it.
  • Emperor Zim is only taller than Present Zim because he wears high heels.
  • At the start of the issue, GIR is carrying around a baby (that he doesn't remember where he got it from). During the climax, he uses the now rapidly-aged baby to distract GIRT.

Issue 13
  • The entire premise of this issue is a couple of aliens mistaking Dib for Zim's best friend and kidnapping and torturing him to try and blackmail Zim into surrendering a Super Serum to them. Naturally, Zim just sits back and watches.
    • The aliens also mistake Dib for a girl, causing Zim to question if he is, since he can never tell with humans.
  • Dib protesting the aliens' beliefs:
    Dib: Zim and I hate each other. You know, "hate"? The opposite of "like"?
    Alien: On our planet, "hate" is the opposite of "shoe".
    Dib: ...Why?
  • The aliens' "proof" that Dib is Zim's friend? A series of flashbacks showing such things as Zim and Dib fighting at school, having a battle with ray guns, and fighting over a pie on a window sill. And later, during Humongo-Dib's Roaring Rampage of Revenge, we see how those scenes ended — Zim stomping on Dib, Dib's face scorched, and Zim slamming the pie into Dib's face.
  • Dib sneaking into Zim's base by hiding in a "gift sandwich".
    • In a flashback, Agent Darkbootie tells Dib to stop spelling "you" without the "y" or "o" (an effective Take That! against texting vocabulary).
  • At the end of the issue, Dib is turned into a giant monster, but still goes to school. The only reaction is Ms. Bitters telling him to "stop being a monster".
  • The backup comic, of Zim and GIR going to the gym and stealing people's sweat to use as fuel, before getting kicked out for being creeps. And then GIR drinks it before Zim can use it.

Issue 14
  • Zim is written out of the issue pretty quickly, as he falls into a random hole outside his house. The end of the comic reveals that he's still stuck down there.
  • Agent Batflaps' "explanation" for how he escaped from his captivity in Zim's base back in Issue 9 is that he starved to death, and that somehow helped him get free.
  • When Gaz is asking her gaming buddies to help her keep Dib happy, one bluntly comments that he lives in Guam.
  • The long string of creatures that Dib and Gaz hunt:
    • Squishsquatch, who is "like Sasquatch, but squishier".
    • Fishquatch apparently instinctively attacks anyone who's ever eaten bass.
    • Hamquatch lives in a giant side of ham.
    • Bobquatch is "half normal guy", and is only threatening in that he bores people to death.
    • Crotchquatch. Which is exactly what it sounds like.
    • Guacquatch seals its victims in giant avocados.
  • Professor Membrane offhandedly referring to Bloaty's status as a restaurant as "questionable".
  • As soon as Dib is no longer under threat of exploding, Gaz slams his face into his pizza.
  • The backup comic has Dib "investigating" a haunted mansion by running in and loudly screaming for ghosts to do stuff. One finally shows up, tells him to chill out, and breaks his camera.

Issue 15
  • Due to budget constraints, the Skool can't afford a substitute teacher for Miss Bitters' class. Instead, they use a side of ham.
  • The sheer Arbitrary Skepticism of Dib being the only one who thinks Miss Bitters is perfectly normal.
  • Keef believes that Miss Bitters is part of an evil secret society called S.M.O.E.B. — "Secret Masters of Evil."
    Keef: Uh, "Bleargh"?
    • According to Keef, Miss Bitters started her sadism off with doing things like throwing fax machines at cars. This makes Dib question what year this was supposed to be in.
    • Zim complains that Keef's story doesn't have any moose in it. Cut to a second look at Miss Bitters' Torture Cellar, which now has its floor covered in copies of Minimoose.
    • Miss Bitters apparently finally impressed S.M.O.E.B. by turning into a giant cyborg vampire turtle.
  • After a girl tells her story about how Miss Bitters is a centuries-old golem out for revenge, another student asks who she's supposed to be getting revenge on, since the people who wronged her are all dead. The girl responds with Your Mom.
  • Gretchen is a Conspiracy Theorist who thinks that Miss Bitters is the Hive Queen of a race of bug people out to Take Over the World.
    • A part of her story has the army fighting the bugs, but their guns have been "digitally" replaced with hot dogs.
  • Zim says that the ham has been Miss Bitters in disguise the whole time. Dib snaps, and smashes the ham to prove him wrong. Then Miss Bitters, who was in a Parent-Teacher conference all along, shows up and tosses him in detention for "disrespecting the ham".

Issue 16
  • Zim's attempts to scare Dib and prove he's the master of fear include replacing his lunch with frozen corn, breaking his pencils, and having Willy dress up as Santa Claus when it clearly isn't Christmas time.
    Zim: Who's that over there, Dib? Could it be... YOUR BELOVED CHRISTMAS MAN? But it's not Christmastime is it, Dib? WHY WOULD CHRISTMAS MAN BE HERE NOW??
    • To add to the joke, this issue was released the same week as Christmas.
    • Zim starts getting a little desperate:
    Zim: Beans in your shoes, Dib! BEANS IN YOUR SHOES!!!
  • Throughout the issue, Zim keeps referring to Gaz as "Gus", while asking for her advice on how to scare Dib.
  • Gary, the owner of the (not) haunted house, is more concerned about the noise Zim and Dib are making in his attic than the fact that it's being increasingly filled with scary things. Or, you know, the fact that his house has been converted into a makeshift Humongous Mecha.
  • The kid who explains the supposedly haunted house to Zim, going on a rant about how it's full of poison blood ghosts made of poison and blood. Zim ends up punting him into the horizon.
  • The second montage of Zim's attempts to scare Dib include such things as Bigfoot and a witch (who take a selfie with Dib), a heavy metal rock band, Dracula (who's really just some guy in a cape), and sticking GIR in a ghost sheet and tossing him at Dib's head.
  • Zim abducts a famous horror writer and tries to get him to tell a scary story to Dib. The guy's so confused and scared that he just babbles out something about goblins with big ears that are mummies (the ears, not the goblins). Zim's so annoyed, he launches the guy away in an escape pod.
  • In the end, Zim turns everyone present into clowns, causing Dib so much fear that his fear siphon explodes, coating him and Zim in fear juice, making them both afraid of everything.

Issue 17
  • The Running Gag of Zim being confused by the alien named Dolores. Right off the bat, he finds her name unlikely, later refers to her as "the improbably-named Dolores", and when she reveals the truth of herself, Zim assumes that her name was fake all along (though she admits it's not).
    • Dolores' idea of her big reveal is to throw off her "disguise" (a hat and scarf) and pose dramatically, which has no effect on either Zim or Dib.
    Zim: I have no context for your kind. Did you just molt?
  • The unlikely stories told throughout the issue:
    • Dib's first story has him go on an epic quest to get the other Skoolchildren pizza, acting like an action hero the whole time.
    • Zim tells a story about Dib's head growing to gigantic sizes and blocking the sun, and having to move the Earth to undo the block.
    • GIR's story is just him finding a cat in the couch cushions and declaring his intent to eat it.
    • Dib's second story has him as some kind of badass, who saves the world by beating Zim's deadly stink out of him.
  • GIR shows up, claiming to be Zim's lawyer, and presents Dolores with a bunch of empty jelly jars, apparently thinking that counts as evidence to free him from incarceration.

Issue 18
  • Recap Kid claims that they hold their breath between issues.
  • Zim's idea of impressing the Tallest to get a new ship? An augmented battle sloth.
    Zim: He is deadly! And sloooow.
    GIR: Sloooooowwww-hoooo!
  • When Zim is complaining about all the "easy" victories that Larb is getting credit for, he's looking at a picture of Larb on the Universe's Most Comfortable Couch; GIR states that his "butt wants that couch".
  • After Zim takes over the Burrito King, he demands his first new "follower" kiss his burrito ring.
  • GIR is sent back to make burritos, and we see a brief view of the world through his eyes — cans of beans are registered as "Mice", a stack of tortillas are a "World of Adventure", bags of cheese are "Space Feet", and a rat is his "Little Friend".
  • For that matter, GIR's long string of failures at making burritos:
    • His first shows attempts are: a bunch of salsa packets covered in melted cheese, wet napkins, a rat in a sombrero, and an actual burrito... containing a face-eating spider robot.
    • When Zim goes in to check on GIR, he's for some reason hiding in a tortilla that's stuck to the ceiling, and attacks Zim, saying that he's going to lay burrito eggs in Zim's stomach.
    Zim: GIR, I'm going to say this once. Burritos do not hatch from eggs, you make them!
    • He fills a pot with beans, sits on it while holding a stack of tortillas, and then lets the cooked burritos explode out of him.
    • He brings out a burrito, seemingly perfect, but when the customers try to eat it, a live Howler monkey bursts out and attack them. Zim is less angry at this and more confused as to where GIR found a monkey.
  • When Dib discovers what Zim's up to and starts a heroic rant, the customers all pelt him with burritos — not out of loyalty to Zim, but because they find Dib annoying.
  • The parodying of Avatar: The Last Airbender that occurs once Burrito Royale returns as a "beanbender".
    • When he says he walked the Earth to gain this power, Dib points out that he's only been gone since that morning.

Issue 19
  • Zim's freaked out reaction to the Robo-Parents showing up at Job Day.
  • The flashback showing GIR lying on his back on the couch, while the Robo-Parents feed long links of sausages into his mouth.
  • The wink at the series' Negative Continuity, as Zim references the events of a non-existent comic issue where he apparently made a clone army of the Tallest (complete with a thought bubble from GIR showing the clones attacking the Delishus Weenie building).
  • Everything about the absurdity of the "animals" at Zim Zoo, and the Robo-Parents obliviously acting like it's normal.
  • Zim and GIR breaking into the Town Zoo to steal real animals that can pass inspection of Zim Zoo... and just a few panels later, Zim tosses them out of his ship because he's disgusted by their smell.
  • At the end of the issue, the police shut down Zim Zoo and arrest the Robo-Parents, but leave Zim alone because they aren't going to blame him for his parents' actions. This leaves Dib crushed and Zim confusedly stating his victory. The last panel shows the Robo-Parents quite happy in jail.

Issue 20
  • At the start of the issue, the computer tells Zim that the Conquer-Blob is one hundred percent complete.
    Zim: Not enough percents!
    Computer: That's... all the percents.
  • Zim and GIR's obsession with Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy has them just sitting on the couch for over a year watching the thousands of episodes — this despite Zim hating everything about the show — while garbage just keeps building up more and more around them. By the end, there's a literal mountain of garbage that they're both buried in.
    • A group of raccoons infesting the garbage pile also become obsessed with the show, apparently to the point that they starved to death watching it, as their skeletons are visible after one of the Time Skips.
    • At one point, GIR offers Zim some doughnut balls. Zim points out that they're actually chicken beaks.
    Zim: Why do you have a bucket of chicken beaks?
    GIR: Why you gotta know all mah secrets?
    • Zim gets attacked by a sentient-fungus-infested hot dog with teeth. A hot dog with teeth.
  • Minimoose is a fan of an Expy of Orange Is the New Black.
  • The Conquer-Blob unleashed on Earth somehow ends up on friendly terms with the crowd of humans surrounding it while it awkwardly waits for Zim to show up.

Issue 21
  • When Gaz shows that she couldn't care less about Zim's plans for her and Dib, she states that she's running late for some of her online games. Zim admits that he didn't understand half of what she just said.
  • When Zim and Dib are freaking out over being stuck in the wrong bodies, GIR doesn't even seem aware of what's happened.
  • Dib freaking out over the insanity he finds in GIR's mind files.
  • After Gaz-as-Zim reveals herself to the world, there's a Running Gag of people wondering why no one ever told them there was an alien hiding among them; Dib's annoyance is what really sells this.
  • GIR turning Dib's body into a cyborg, with pointless add-ons like a record disk player up one sleeve (which he calls an "AM/FM upgrade") and "fork fingers".
  • Gaz reveals that Irkens apparently have more than two arms, and states that Zim's just too oblivious to have ever noticed.
  • Dib, when the GIR insanity finally overwhelms him — he hallucinates a bunch of mini-GIRs (a crowd in the dog disguise, a few without) asking him to "come play with us forever".
    Dib: (running away) NOO!!! I don't want your dog babies!
  • GIR's idea of helping Zim prove he's the real Zim is to act like a deranged stylist.
    GIR: Girlfriend, I'm gonna make you look fabulous!
  • Just... just how everyone looked in this issue thanks to the body switching, but special mention goes to Gaz for just how damn shady she looked!

Issue 22
  • The "Evolution of Man" style banner explaining humanity's long obsession with cheese, featuring Dib, only to explain he's not actually in the issue (much to his annoyance).
  • GIR's wig makes him look like the Fonz.
  • When GIR attempts to attack Zim the first time, only to change back to normal when he turns around:
    Zim: GIR! Did you try to smash in my skull with a kwag hammer?
    GIR: Nooooo....
    Zim: Are you suuuure?
    GIR: Yessss....
    Zim: Strange. Well, I'm going to yell at you anyway. BAD GIR! BAD!
  • At the start of the security officer's interrogation of Zim:
    Benchee: I bet you're wondering why Cheezo security is so important to me.
    Zim: Not really.
    (Beat panel)
  • One of GIR's weapons is a toaster.
  • Zim begins panicking at the prospect of a meltdown, explaining why this would be bad, only to realize that GIR's not there for him to explain this too.
  • After Zim manages to stop GIR's rampage:
    GIR: I was gonna murder yoooooo! Now I wants a puppy face!
  • Benchee thanks Zim for stopping the Cheezo factory plant from melting down. It promptly does, seemingly killing Benchee.
    Zim: Er... whatever.
  • The look at GIR's Mental World. It has to be seen to be believed.

Issue 23
  • The Roboparents Breaking the Fourth Wall to tell Dib he's not in this issue, to his confusion.
  • Zim recapping last issue to Minimoose, while stating that it's a good thing that there's someone there for him to explain things too.
  • The Running Gag of Zim complaining that nothing in GIR's mind makes sense.
  • Zim asks a floating triangular program where to find Virooz, and after it helps, it says how lonely it is, causing Zim to wonder how software can be lonely. And then when some of Virooz's Mooks come after him:
    "Who, Zim? No, you want this sad triangle man!" (throws program at them)
    • He then tries to escape via subway, only for the entrance to turn into a head and arms, which hug him.
  • Sent into a fight arena, Zim is confused at having to fight with monkey-headed sticks, until he figures out how to use them.
    • Zim's opponents — Legless the Clown, Susan Sad-Orb, and Sergeant Oysterface.
  • Hok "rescues" Zim from the arena with a Chihuahua-shaped car. And when he slams through a wall to make their escape, Zim approves of his making holes in things.
  • Hok's exasperation at how broken and nonsensical everything in GIR's mind is, complete with demonstration to Zim.
    Hok: Like that chair you're sitting on. It's not a chair, it's Biffy the Happy Sit-Crab! (chair turns into a crab and greets Zim cheerfully)
  • Zim proves his "master of disguise" moniker to Hok by sticking the latter in a sack that barely looks like the Virooz drones' heads, and wears it as a hat. Naturally, it doesn't work.
  • GIR's operation system is a giant version of himself, chained up like King Kong and rampaging. According to Hok, he's always like this.
  • Virooz's messenger, for some reason, takes on the form of a floating golden baby. Which apparently poops out Virooz's message.
  • At the end of the issue, a restored GIR accidentally deletes the coordinates leading to Virooz, much to Zim's exasperation and GIR's obliviousness.

Issue 24
  • This exchange when Dib sees Zim flying off in his ship:
    Robo-Mom: Zim's not here, sweetie.
    Dib: He's right there!
    Robo-Mom: That's not here.
  • Zim's janitor disguise is him standing on top of GIR with a coat over them... and Minimoose dressed as a bucket.
    • GIR later fills the bucket with pasta. Minimoose doesn't seem to mind.
  • How did Zim "rent" his temporary base? Locking the landlord in a box.
  • The Running Gag of the trigger-happy criminals shooting each other just from Zim mentioning Virooz. At one point, he realizes he's in a store that sells only glass and bombs and wisely chooses not to bring it up, only for GIR to say Virooz's name as they're leaving, causing the place to explode.
  • At one point, Zim interrogates a small alien for information on Virooz. When all he gets is gossip, he has GIR throw the guy through a window.
  • The very end of the issue. Dib arrives on Cyberflox and is told by GIR that he just missed Zim. So he states in annoyance that he's going home.

Issue 25

Issue 26
  • Many of the overdramatic gestures and faces made by the characters in this issue.
  • Dib points a gun he found in GIR's secret tunnels at Zim... and it turns out it just shoots muffins. Apparently GIR uses it to shoot them into his mouth.
  • GIR is so happy to see Zim (and/or the muffins) at the end of the issue that he rips off his human costume and changes into his dog one. And then to Dib's frustration, everyone just accepts this as normal (and someone throws a muffin at him for trying to point it out).
  • Zim finding out to his annoyance that the secrets on GIR's memory chip that he was so desperate to uncover are just pointless school gossip. Including the fact that at least one student thinks he smells like bologna.

Issue 27
  • The documentary Zim is watching at the start of the issue seems to outright admit that it stages beaver attacks on people for the sake of having something to show.
    • At the end of the issue, there's now another documentary covering the battle between Zim's beavers and Xooxi's moles. Dib and Gaz debate how the show makers could have known about this secret fight and made a documentary about it already.
  • GIR ruined Zim's plan for an army of exploding beavers by sending them to his "space pals" (we see one receive his beaver and get blown up.
  • There's a random hobo living right outside one of the secret entrances to Zim's base. He doesn't seem to care, and the hobo meanwhile is seemingly nonplussed by seeing an alien running around.
  • Absolutely everything about Zim being bored out of his mind by Xooxi's stories.
    • At one point, the comic suddenly cuts off with a black void, with a message from the artist saying that it's too boring and he's giving up.
    • When Zim finally snaps and tells Xooxi to his face that he's boring, GIR and Minimoose look shocked.
  • Zim doubts Xooxi's claims at having conquered Earth, pointing out that no one has. GIR points out that means him too, causing Zim to tell him to shut up.
  • Zim calls Minimoose, telling him to bring some weapons to Xooxi's base and create a distraction. While he obviously meant for Minimoose to attack, Minimoose instead just shows them off.

Issue 28
  • GIR smelling space and declaring it smells like old people.
  • Zim having to clarify to GIR that hot dogs aren't made by making "hot dog babies". He then, in an overly-dramatic close-up panel, says that no one knows how hot dogs are made.
  • The Running Gag of GIR throwing things at Zim's head.
  • The montage of Zim's failed plans to retrieve the Time Accelerator... including at one point having the other Irkens build him a spa.
  • The stereotypical way all the Irkens act when they reach old age.
  • Miss Bitters stating that, since the skool could only afford four textbooks for the class, everyone else should stare at their desks and think on how unprepared they are for the future now.

Issue 29
  • Let's start with the basic concept of this and the following issue — that secret societies of wizards power their magic by means of Poop Cola. Even Dib has trouble believing that one.
    • Also, the Running Gag that all the Poopwatch members wear obviously fake beards. Even the women.
    • At one point, Dib's guide Fizzmitz burps open a secret doorway.
  • The sheer number of varieties of Poop can be seen as a playful jab at real life marketing.
  • Dib has trouble finding any Darkpoop because GIR has bought it all. And this is because Zim needs it to clean off the stains on his ship that were apparently gained by GIR flying it through a "fudge nebula".
  • Dib is made Poopwatch's new seer. How do they trigger a vision? By making him drink every kind of Poop until the sugar rush kicks in.
  • The existence of a monster called Poopthulhu.

Issue 30
  • Recap Kid pointing out that there's already a recap of last issue's events in the new issue itself, so they don't have to do anything.
  • Poopwatch uses a cow which has visions in order to see the future. Its name? Future Cow.
  • A Poopwatch member uses a spell to make the attack team invisible. Another one points out that it didn't rhyme.
  • Everything Dib goes through in order to get a Darkpoop from Zim:
    • Letting Zim put an alien squidmonkey on his head to eat his brain. He has trouble getting it on right, and it doesn't cause him any harm, so Zim gives up.
    • Zim sticks him in a virtual simulation which supposedly contains all of humanity's worst fears — a giant sandwich which expresses disappointment, a giant mustache made of blades, a galaxy of "terror cheese", and some random ugly guy. Dib isn't affected by any of these, understandably.
    • Finally, Zim just forces Dib to pay him a compliment. Dib has to think really hard, and finally settles on trying to say something positive about Zim's boots. At this point, Zim just gives up and lets him have the soda.
    • And after all that, Dib arrives at the battle to find it's already over, leaving him to get chewed out for being late.
  • Zim's plan, which he is carrying out while Dib is dealing with the Poop stuff, apparently involves taping bees together. That's literally all we're told.
  • For two issues straight, Dib goes through one of his most bizarre adventures ever in order to get Gaz her precious Darkpoop... and in the end, it turns out that she doesn't even like it that much.

  • At Rikki Simons' "Rikki Simons on GIR" Q&A panel at Shutocon 2013.
    Q: What was GIR's reaction to the show's cancelation?
    Rikki Simons: Um, GIR didn't have a reaction. Because he was canceled.
  • GIR auditions for American Idol.