Funny / Inside Llewyn Davis

  • The entirety of "Please, Mr. Kennedy". Particularly watching Al Cody performing backup vocals.
  • The argument Llewyn has at dinner with Mrs. Gorfein keeps on escalating from sad to hilarious, particularly after she returns to the table after leaving in tears, now holding the (female) cat Llewyn has tried to palm off on them.
    Mrs. Gorfein: WHERE'S ITS SCROTUM?
  • Everything Roland Turner says - the man is so unbelievably cruel and insulting that he even mocks Mike Timlin's suicide, saying how it's customary to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, not the George Washington Bridge, and he was an idiot for doing so. When Llewyn predictably loses his patience and threatens to shove Roland's cane up his ass, Turner responds by informing him that he won't abide impoliteness, and that he can use Santeria to cause Llewyn physical pain or secretly ruin his life.
  • After Llewyn gets slowly wound up finding out he can't afford a new merchant marine's license and then trying and failing to get his dues back, the union worker he's speaking to asks "Are you Hugh Davis' kid? How's he doin'?"
    Llewyn (at the end of his rope): He's fucking great. Matter of fact, he's been asking after you.