Funny / Infinite Stratos Prototype Spartan

  • Kira's attempt to see if Chifuyu can read his mind by having completely random thoughts.
    Kira: I dare you to make me. Now, is it just me or did her glare intensify? It would suck if she could read my mind… Uh… Chocolate covered marshmallow hell in space with demon monkeys… ON A STICK!
  • How do you get Ichika to stop whining about he's weak? Use some... creative threats.
  • Chifuyu ending up as an ideal match for Kira when he's convinced to just try out a quiz to tell what girl at IS Academy would be good for him.
  • Apparently Kira's had 'dreams' about Chifuyu according to E. His reactions to be teased are priceless.
  • Insta-Karma for Kira when Rin arrives.
    Kira: Though, considering how she acted… Ichika's in the middle of a love triangle. Ha, it'll suck for him if 'Rin' is a Yandere. Hm, Tsundere vs. Yandere… an interesting fight.
    (A little while later)
    E: HAHAHA who's stuck in a love triangle now!
    Kira: Fuck off, E! And SHIT, you could be right. Damnit-
  • The cut to Charles' introduction.
    "Apparently another boy, Charles Dunoa was discovered as another male IS Pilot." Ah, hat trick, eh? Awesome, hopefully he's a pretty cool person. I'd be happy to have someone here that isn't afraid to stand up to Chifuyu-
    (line cut)
    "Good morning everyone, I'm Dunoa Charles."
    Bullshit that's a girl.
  • When Houki and all the girls in Kira's harem find him getting rather close to Tabane, she gives him one chance to say his final words. Kira's choice of words?
  • Chapter 19, Kira explains to Shinjiro how he gets through the day when Shinjiro needs to go to the bathroom... at an all girl's school.
    Kira: "Once in the morning, and pray I don't drink too much at lunch."