Funny / Infinite Crisis

For the Comic:

  • While searching for the right Earth, Alexander Luthor comes across a weird, Aztec-themed one where Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman are allied and in conflict with the Superman family (Superman, a wife and child). He promptly dismisses it.
    Alex Luthor: No.

For the Video Game:

  • Using the /dance emote on almost any character will cause them to dance. No matter who they are. Batman on the other hand...
    • There are a few ridiculous dances emotes - Starro's turn on a disco light show with one of his parasites as the disco ball.
  • Several of the available alternate costumes can be quite jarring as well. Special mention to First Date Doomsday.
  • Green Lantern as a Leeroy Jenkins who demonstrates why it is a very bad idea to attack a turret without minions.
  • Green Lantern saying that he likes Gaslight Batman because it is just like his Batman, only louder.
    Green Lantern: What do you call yourself anyway?
    Gaslight Batman: ...Batman.