Funny / Infinite Crisis

For the Comic:

  • While searching for the right Earth, Alexander Luthor comes across a weird, Aztec-themed one where Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman are allied and in conflict with the Superman family (Superman, a wife and child). He promptly dismisses it.
    Alex Luthor: No.
  • Joker is interrogating the Royal Flush Gang as to where the Society is and has seemingly killed every other member of them and is down to King. Suddenly King starts laughing and says that they don't want him. Why? Everyone knows that Joker's too wild.

For the Video Game:

  • Using the /dance emote on almost any character will cause them to dance. No matter who they are. Batman on the other hand...
    • There are a few ridiculous dances emotes - Starro's turn on a disco light show with one of his parasites as the disco ball.
  • Several of the available alternate costumes can be quite jarring as well. Special mention to First Date Doomsday.
  • Green Lantern as a Leeroy Jenkins who demonstrates why it is a very bad idea to attack a turret without minions.
  • Green Lantern saying that he likes Gaslight Batman because it is just like his Batman, only louder.
    Green Lantern: What do you call yourself anyway?
    Gaslight Batman: ...Batman.