Funny: Independence Day

  • When David goes to get him and his father out of NYC and to White House, Julius opens his front door while brandishing a shotgun. With David unfazed by this.
    Julius: The television said they've started with the looting already... vultures.
  • Julius snarks all the way to the White House:
    Julius: Tell me, you're so smart: why did you go to MIT to become a cable repairman? They have people who can handle this, David. If they want HBO they'll call you.
    • Followed not too long after by David using his laptop and a radio antenna to triangulate his ex-wife's location after calling her unlisted cell phone.
      Julius: You can do that?!
  • During the argument between Capt. Hiller and Jasmine over his leave being canceled, he makes a frustrated comment wondering why she's acting like this, which prompts an immediate and livid response:
    "WHY?" [marches over to window, snaps curtains back with force] "THAT'S why!"
    [camera cuts to shot of window, three-quarters of which is engulfed by one of the scout crafts that's currently idling over the Los Angles skyline. Helicopter blades and sirens can be heard wailing in the foreground.]
  • Before that, the extended Failed a Spot Check gag where Hiller manages not to see the giant hovering spaceship during his entire morning routine because he doesn't look up. Even the panicked neighbors loading up their car barely warrants observation.
    • When Will Smith takes the day off, he takes the day off.
  • This exchange:
    The President: I am sleeping next to a beautiful, young brunette...
    First Lady: [dismayed] You didn't let her stay up late watching TV, did you?
    The President: Of course not.
    After the President gives the phone to their daughter...
    President's Daughter: Daddy let me watch Letterman...
    The President: [muttering] Traitor...
  • Two of Will Smith's many one-liners:
    Hiller: "No, sir. Just a little anxious to get up there and whoop E.T.'s ass, that's all."
    Hiller: "Oh No, you did NOT shoot that green shit at me!"
  • Doubling as a Crowning Moment of Awesome, Smith (as Steve Hiller) opens the hatch to the cockpit of the alien ship he'd brought down by parachute-blindfold, and greets the alien with "Welcome to Earth!", followed by a knock-out punch.
    • This is followed by Hiller lighting up a cigar shortly after and proclaiming:
    • And after that, Hiller dragging that same alien through the desert:
    Hiller: You know, this was supposed to be my weekend off. But nooooooo. Instead, you got me out here dragging your heavy ass through the burning desert, with your dreadlocks sticking out the back of my parachute. And you gotta come down here with an attitude, acting all big and bad. (pauses, looks around) AND WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMELL?!
    (screams, kicks the alien repeatedly.)
    (grabs his parachute and resumes dragging)
    Hiller: But I'm not mad. It's all right. That is all right.
    • Made even funnier because his scream of "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMELL?!" was unscripted. The scene was shot in the salt flats of Utah, where a few trillion brine shrimp were decomposing in the summer heat when they were on location... Something that Will Smith clearly noticed and was not told about beforehand.
  • News anchor in Los Angeles: "Once again, the L.A.P.D. is asking Los Angelos not to fire their guns at the visitor spacecraft. You may inadvertently trigger an interstellar war." All in the same deadpan voice that they would use for politics and the weather.
  • From a random woman during the news broadcast: "God, I hope they bring back Elvis!"
  • "You punched the President?"
  • Julius inviting Nimziki to join his Torah reading:
    Nimziki: I'm not Jewish.
    Julius: Eh, Nobody's perfect.
  • Hiller "persuading" soldiers to allow him access to Area 51.
    Hiller: Okay. Come here. You want to see my clearance?
    (pulls back tarp to reveal the unconscious alien; soldiers recoil in alarm)
    Hiller: Maybe I should just leave this here with you?
  • Jimmy sees the ring Steve is planning to propose with on the floor, and picks it up while on one knee to give back to him. Then another pilot walks in. Said pilot immediately backs off. Hey, don't ask, don't tell...
  • Steve convinces a Giant Mook to let him borrow a helicopter to pick up Jasmine, and advises him "Just tell them I hit you." The big guy's dubious expression is priceless.
  • Jasmine and the first lady talking about her dancing:
    First Lady: So, what do you do for a living?
    Jasmine: I'm a dancer.
    First Lady: Ballet?
    Jasmine: No. Exotic.
    First Lady: Oh... sorry.
  • For his short time in the movie, Jimmy (played by Harry Connick Jr) was absolutely hysterical.
  • Julius walks in on a drunk David trashing a lab.
    Julius: David, what the hell are you doing?
    David: Making a mess!
    Julius: Yeah, this I can see.
  • Steve tries flying an alien fighter... which immediately flies backward into a wall. The following exchange takes place:
    Steve: Heh heh. Oops.
    David: "Oops"? What d'you mean?
    Steve: *flips the direction control around* Some jerk had this backwards. What do you say we try that again?
    David: Yes yes yes. Yes, without the "oops". *points forward* Is... thata way.
    • The fighter then leaves the base through the tunnel exit at high speed with an excited Steve at the controls.
    Steve: Whooooo! Man, I have got to get me one of these!
    • Which becomes a Brick Joke a few minutes later when the mothership takes remote control of the fighter:
    David: I was counting on this. They're pulling us in.
    Steve: When the hell were you gonna tell me?
    David: (beat) Oops.
    Steve: We have got to work on our communication.
  • The absolutely amazing Oh Crap! moment when the alien dock controller opens the ship's windows and David exclaims, "Oh shit. Um...hide!" (ducks)
    • David and Steve both popping up and smarmily greeting the aliens once the virus has uploaded:
    Hey! Alright, how you guys doin'? Take a look at the Earthlings! Good-bye!
    Steve: PEACE! (cue nuke launch)
    • Followed by:
    Steve: I ain't heard no fat lady!
    David: Forget the fat lady! You're obsessed with the fat lady! Drive us outta here!
    • The entire sequence of David and Steve leaving the mother ship before it explodes. Absolutely amazing chemistry, and not just a few ShoutOuts:
    David: We're hit! We took a hit!
    Steve: We're not hit! We're not hit! Stop side-seat driving!
    David: No! No! Tunnel! Tunnel! Exit! Exit! LEFT!
    Steve: Where the hell do you think I'm going?!
    David: Uh, uh, OK. We're, we're, uh...
    David: No, they're closing it on us!
    Steve: Shut up, shut up, shut up!
    David: Faster, must go faster, must go faster. GO GO GO GO!
    Steve: (piloting the ship through just as the doors close) AAAAAAAAHHH! ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!
    David: No, no, thank you very much. I love you, man.
  • The president's bewildered expression when he finds out Area 51 is real. What makes it better is that David's father, Julius, was the one to bring it up simply on accident when he accuses the presidential staff that they should've known this was coming.
    President: Take my word for it, there is no Area 51. Psh, there is no recovered space ship.
    Nimziki: Ah, Mr. President. That's not... entirely accurate.
    David: What? Which part?
  • The president finishes his televised address to the nation concerning the aliens' arrival by advising anyone who wishes to leave one of the affected cities to do so in an orderly fashion. The scene then immediately cuts to a street in New York packed full of people in full blown panic mode as they are frantically trying to flee the city.
  • When David asks Mitchell to shoot the coke can off the spaceship. It goes about as well as you'd expect with the shield still up. However what makes it even funnier is that during most of the parts where everybody ducks from the ricochet, if you listen carefully, you can hear Steve calling David out.
  • Meta Example: Bill Pullman pokes fun at his famous speech.