Funny / Incognito Cinema Warriors XP

  • The photo shoot montage in Bloody Pit of Horror, which is preceded by a very disorienting cut (from a very dull scene) and is set to "wacky fun" music.
    Cylon: Polka happened.
    • The scene where Travis dons the red tights of the Crimson Executioner.
      Rick: Behold - STRIPPER CLAUS!
  • The real werewolf's Final Speech in Werewolf In A Girl's Dormitory, where the guys start howling "Amazing Freaking Grace."
  • The "Soapy" song (sung to the tune of the Flipper theme) at the end of Ep. 202.
    They call him Soapy! (Soapy!) The stuff of nightmares!
    While your face he cleans, no one hears your screams!