* Pretty much every interaction between Shirou and his sister. Actually, we might just go and say every scene which has Yukari in it
* [[ItMakesSenseInContext "Ah.]] [[RunningGag I forgot."]]
* While trying to create a cover story to explain the damage caused by Homura's winging, Shirou gave Shinji's name as his own.
* Shirou's reaction towards the...ahem...clothes his sister bought for Akitsu. Made funnier with each repetition.
** Made even funnier when it happens in the presence of witnesses
-->Landlord (upon seeing one of the exhibits): "W-w-what was that t-t-thing?"\\
Shirou: "One of those things a man should not be nearby when his girlfriends are packing them."
* TheInternetIsForPorn. That is all.
* Shirou's reaction upon finding out [[spoiler:his mother is one of Homura's most prominent customers]], along with the subsequent scene
* "Kuu-chan also wants onii-chan's babies!"
* The first time Shirou invokes his mask on the presence of Miya.
-->'''Shirou:''' ''[looking at Miya]'' Did you just "eep"?
* Shirou spent a while seriously wondering why the blonde Sekirei that kept on appearing in his dreams wanted kill him. He considered everything from resentment of the fact that her species needed to bond themselves to humans in order to access their full powers, to fear of sexual abuse at the hands of her potential Ashikabi. When Shirou finally met Tsukiumi, he discovered that the truth was far, far simpler:
-->'''Shirou:''' ''[[[GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger pointing at Tsukiumi]]]'' You're a {{tsundere}}!
** Also an InUniverse example, as Homura nearly lost it when he realized how right Shirou was.
* [[HardDrinkingPartyGirl Kazehana]] doing, as Matsu put it: "The legendary NakedApron!"
* Internet illiterate Shirou reading the message from Minaka in chapter 5.
-->'''Shirou:''' [[{{Emoticon}} Colon. Parenthesis.]]
* Yukari's departure from Izumo House in [[MoodWhiplash Chapter]] [[WhamEpisode 24]]:
-->"Wait, Yukari," I called as she disappeared out the door of the dining room. "At least show up on weekends," I yelled, hoping for at least this mercy. "I'll make your favorite teriyaki!"\\
"Okay, rival-onii-chan," she called back happily. "I'm off to fight the forces of evil! See you on Saturday!"\\
"There has got to be something wrong with that girl," I muttered, unable to believe what I had just seen. "Takami must have dropped her on her head a few times when she was a baby."
* Homura's reaction to learning Saber was King Arthur.
-->'''Homura:''' And you were boinking him!
* This bit from Chapter 21, after Miya finds Shirou in a NotWhatItLooksLike scenario:
-->"So that's what happened," Miya said, sounding like she was waffling between amusement and resignation. Putting one hand to her chin she turned to look away, muffling her voice slightly as she continued. "And here I thought Emiya-kun had just finally succumbed to his primal carnal urges."\\
I gave her a small glare as I finished ladling the miso soup into the bowl I had set before the landlady. "'My primal carnal urges?'" I repeated in an aggrieved voice. Miya nodded, her face the picture of innocence as she continued to tease me.\\
"After so long restraining yourself, I had wondered when you'd finally give into your baser instincts and ravage all the beautiful women around you," she informed me. She put both hands to her cheeks and looked to the ceiling. "Ah, and me, an innocent widow. What would my dear husband think if he knew that I was near such a beast?"\\
"'That poor, unsuspecting beast'?"
* Seo gets called by [[spoiler:Yukari in the middle of his match at the beginning of the third stage.]] It distracts him long enough for [[spoiler:Sanada]] to punch him. When he finally answers it at the end, he gets into an argument with [[spoiler:her about he isn't going to give a speech about love and justice.]]
* Matsu summing up Franchise/{{Nasuverse}}!Earth's inner workings:
-->"The Earth is alive, it has a split personality, and [[EverythingIsTryingToKillYou it's trying to kill]] [[GaiasVengeance everyone]]?"
* [[LiteralMinded Literal]] FogOfWar, with many fog machines in the battleground. Shirou wasn't amused.
* FunnyAfro Miya.
-->Even more surprising was the state of her hair. It had been blown back, as though by some great wind, and even more unusual was the way it was somehow maintaining that position, crinkles of what looked like a static charge keeping her long lavender mane floating about her head like some sort of enormous light purple afro.
* The idea of Miya simultaneously teasing and in all honesty ''advising'' Shirou about learning [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hojojutsu Hojoujutsu]] (Wiki/{{Wikipedia}}: traditional Japanese martial art of restraining a person using cord or rope) to prevent [[DoesNotKnowHerOwnStrength accidents]] like the one during [[TheirFirstTime his first time with Akitsu]] from occurring is at least giggle-worthy, but the way how Shirou caught her [[SayingTooMuch poor choice of words]] and realized that Miya and her human husband probably ran into the same problem in their sex life than he and Akitsu is just hilarious. It went more or less like this:
-->'''Shirou:''' Wait a second. It's mostly called "shibari" these days. How did you know the old fashioned name?\\
'''Miya:''' ''[looks away innocently]''\\
'''Shirou:''' Hold on. I know that you tend to favor traditional methods of doing things. Don't tell me you and Takehito…\\
'''Miya:''' Shirou, You shouldn't imply such things to a young widow! ''[hands over a platter]'' [[ChangeTheUncomfortableSubject Now go and take this out to the party immediately!]]\\
'''Shirou:''' Oh, I see. It's alright to say whatever you like about my sex life, but the moment yours comes up…\\
''[sound of steel being drawn]''\\
'''Shirou:''' ''[flees]''
* The Thirty-Fifth Wing, Uzume, Kazehana and Shirou all start teasing Miya about her blocking all attempts at intimacy at the Izumo Inn and eventually Miya has enough [[spoiler:however, when she tries to bring out her [[DemonHead Hannya Mask]] it fizzles. She has no idea what happened until she looks at Shirou, who proclaims that he's glad he finally got that to work. Uzume was so impressed that she started to congratulate him on it and Miya tried to use her mask on Uzume again, only for it to fail. She then stomped her foot and pouted at Shirou in a honest-to-goodness "please stop teasing me" reaction. It was either hilarious, or as [[OnlySaneMan Homura]] put it, "the most disturbing thing I've ever seen, ever".]]
* The ending of the Thirty-Eighth Wing[[spoiler:, Rin Tohsaka and Saber's arrival at Izumo House.]] Shirou is screwed.
* The Thirty-Ninth Wing. [[UpToEleven OH BOY!]] [[spoiler:Tensions build up between Shirou's Flock and his ex-girlfriends Rin Tousaka and Saber only to be stopped by Miya, Homura wanting an autograph of KingArthur (Saber), Rin's reaction to both Miya's DemonHead and Shirou's Magical Washing Machine, [[HopelessWithTech her failure to comprehend technology]], and Matsu being Matsu.]]
* As heart wrenching as the Forty-First Wing was, Shirou [[spoiler:hitting Karasuba in the face with his severed arm]] was still pretty funny. The fact that she's completely bewildered by it as well just makes it even better.
* Although a certain reveal makes the Forty-Second Wing '''[[WhamEpisode deadly serious]]''' it was really amusing that [[spoiler:Matsu created porno of Shirou (with close-ups, professional editing and soundtrack composed by herself) and the man in question just found out about it.]]
* How [[CoolVersusAwesome Karasuba vs Shirou]] ended in the Forty-Third Wing. [[spoiler:Karasuba forcefully winged herself by Shirou once he broke her contract with Rule Breaker. The fighting stopped right in its tracks and just about every single Sekirei grabbed their Ashikabi and '''[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere ran]]''' as fast as they could. After all, fighting with their lives on the line against a much feared enemy is one thing, but the danger of Shirou [[{{Netorare}} NTR'ing]] them away from their Ashikabi is just pure NightmareFuel in a [[LoveFreak Sekirei's worldview]].]]
* "Onii-chan has ''all'' the swords!"
** Really, the reactions of each of Shirou's Sekirei to [[spoiler:Unlimited Blade Works]] are pretty funny.
* The DistantEpilogue. [[spoiler:An almost 18-year-old Kusano continuously tries to seduce Shirou, with no success. He keeps telling her to wait for her birthday, which is a week away, much to her consternation.]]
** [[spoiler:Almost-legal!Kusano]] is also the subject of an amazing BrickJoke from way back in [[IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming Twenty Eighth Wing]] where Shirou wondered about [[spoiler:the effects of constant exposure to what amounted to ''harem politics'' would do to a young girl like her. Long story short, she grew up quite comfortable with her own sexuality (or anyone else's, for that matter) and firmly believes that if you have a problem that sex can't solve, it's simply because you're not having enough of it. Period.]]
--->[[spoiler:(about Miya): "Honestly. Onii-chan, when are you just going to give in and screw her?"]]\\
[[spoiler:(About the hostility between Miya and Karasuba): "Those two should just screw as well."]]\\
[[spoiler:(when her "sex is really the answer" credo is questioned): "That's not what vast amounts of empirical evidence gathered by my sisters indicate!"]]
** [[spoiler:The way Kazehana revealed both of her pregnancies is just hilarious. She proudly announced both of them while Takami had come for dinner, then would go on to describe the tryst that she believed led to the pregnancy in vivid detail. The second time, she even came with a tape recorder!]]