Funny / In Death

  • Eve's reaction to farm animals in Indulgence in Death.
  • Creation In Death.
    Peabody: Do I have hat hair? You can't effectively interview with hat hair.
    Dallas: You have hair. Be satisfied with that.
    Peabody: Hat hair...
    • After she's been raking and fluffing it back into shape:
    Dallas: Stop! Stop being a girl. Jesus, that's annoying. If I had a partner without tits, there would be no hair obsessing.
    Peabody: Baxter would combat hat hair before an interview.
    Dallas: -scowling- He doesn't count.
    Peabody: And there's Miniki. He-
    Dallas: Keep it up, and I'll tie you down and shave you bald. You won't ever suffer the pain and embarassment of hat hair again.