* Believe it or not, yes, there is one.
-->'''Comicbook/{{Hawkman}}:''' I see you, [[ComicBook/TheFlash Wally]]. \\
'''ComicBook/TheFlash:''' I know what you're doing. \\
'''ComicBook/GreenArrow:''' [[Franchise/GreenLantern Kyle]]... I see you, too. \\
'''Franchise/GreenLantern:''' (''appearing from nowhere'') How'd you do that? \\
'''ComicBook/GreenArrow:''' I bluffed.
* Also, Green Arrow's comment about the Justice League security systems.
--->'''Comicbook/GreenArrow:''' "Thanagarian, Martian, Apokoliptian, and Kryptonian technology. Plus the really scary crap [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Bruce]] invented."
* And this gem:
-->'''Superman''': He used a bowline knot.
-->'''Green Arrow''': A what?
-->'''Superman''': A bowline knot--to the tie the other end of the noose to the door. They call it a bowline knot, though he added a Dutch marine twist.
-->'''Green Arrow''': And you recognized that?
-->'''Superman''': It's a common Boy Scout knot.
-->'''Green Arrow''': ''(internal monologue)'' I love him and hate him in the very same breath.
* Firehawk asks Ralph about his nose-twitching, saying that Ollie claimed he just did it to get more press. Ralph's totally deadpan response: "Green Arrow has a bald spot. That's why he wears the hat."
* Another small joke is Batman's note for Green Arrow when the super-CSI team is combing the apartment. It's short, but the tone of voice in the writing is so Batman it's hilarious.
Crime scene's done.\\
Results soon.\\
** Plus, it's signed not "Bruce" or "Batman," but with a Batman logo sticker, like the kind you find on a child's lunchbox.