Funny / Humphrey The Bear

  • In "Hooked Bear", Humphrey grabs what he thought was a huge fish, but it was only a balloon float, which he accidentally popped. The little brat kicked him in the shin. Humphrey hops to the ranger complaining about it. The ranger angrily tells him to "Leave the kiddies alone!" and hits him in the same shin with a bucket of fish.
  • In "Rugged Bear", while pretending to be a bear skin rug, a fire spark lands on Humphrey's butt. He tries to ignore the pain since Donald's resting on him. So he change stations on Donald's radio from easy listening to loud jazz music and screams "YEEOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!".
  • In "In the Bag", Humphrey decided to set the litter paper onto fire. Then suddenly, a bear stomps on the fire to extinguish the flame, And it was no other than Smokey the Bear and reminded viewers "Remember: Only you can prevent forest fires!"
  • "Beezy Bear" is easily the funniest of the Donald Duck/Humphrey cartoons. Among the highlights:
    • The funny faces Humphrey makes to lure away the bees.
    • Ranger Woodlore explains how the line works:
    Woodlore: This side is ours and that side belongs to Mr. Duck. (sees Humphrey on Donald's side) Is that clear? (Humphrey nods) Then, GET BACK HERE!
    • Humphrey jumps through a barbed wire fence and a piece of fur gets snagged in the fence. Ranger Woodlore finds it, looks around to see if no one is looking, and puts it on as a toupee.
    • The climax has Humphrey siphoning honey from a hose. Donald finds out, screws the other end of the hose to a spigot and turns it on. As the huge bulge of water travels down the hose, Humphrey gets ready to receive what he thinks is the honey motherlode. Just then, the Ranger arrives, takes the hose from Humphrey and hands it to Donald. What follows is a frantic game of Hot Potato, ending with all three getting soaked.
    Ranger Woodlore: (bonks Humphrey in the head) You bath too much!
    Donald: (bonks Humphrey as well) Yeah!