* The lie detector test he took as Mr. America. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-DcSs6QFCY Particularly when Vince tried to take it himself in order to prove it wasn't rigged]].
--> '''Mr. America''': Are you the biggest '''''[[PrecisionFStrike ASSHOLE]]''''' on God's green Earth?
--> '''Vince''': No. **buzz**
* Have you ever seen Hogan's acting? 'Nuff said.
* An odd example in which Hogan himself wasn't involved, but was a TakeThat to him: ''Billionare Ted's Wrasslin' War Room''. The skits were harmless enough at first, with jokes about WCW stealing the WWF's ideas. But just wait.
-->'''Huckster''': I gotta win that match for all the Huckstermaniacs that [[NowBuyTheMerchandise buy my merchandise!]]\\
'''Nacho Man:''' The only reason why they wear your crap is 'cause they pass it out for free, ''Brother.'' And they're promised TV time to wear it, Brother. And that's the truth, Brother!\\
'''Huckster:''' STOP CALLIN' ME BROTHER, BROTHER! ''[hits Nacho with a chair shot]''
* When he ran for President, [[Series/TheTonightShow Leno]] asked Hogan about his platform ("FLAT TAX, BROTHER"). Jay asked him to explain it for the folks at home. Hogan stammered before coming up with "16 percent." Jay asked how he came up with that number. He stammered again and mumbled something about 16 percent being higher than 15 percent.
* His encounter with "Black Machismo" Wrestling/JayLethal (who was doing a Randy Savage impersonator gimmick). He even bemusedly gave Lethal the "Mega Powers Handshake."
* Hosting ''[=WrestleMania=] XXX'' and saying he's proud to be in the [[WrongNameOutburst Silver, oops, Superdome.]] [[NeverLiveItDown He's made to pay for it immediately]] by Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.