!The Comic
* The 2015 run has a new tagline: "Trapped in a World He's Grown Accustomed To!"
* Howard's receptionist is [[https://41.media.tumblr.com/7a0dca55f43d021702f23c0f40e041e2/tumblr_nle9xlEVh41r7vowoo1_540.png a stack of newspapers and a paper bag with a face on it.]]
* His advertisement at the movies.
-->'''Advertisement''': Who is he? He's trapped in a world he never made.\\
'''Moviegoer''': Creator/LarryDavid?\\
'''Advertisment''': Who is he? He's a duck.\\
'''Moviegoer''': Donald!\\
'''Advertisement''': He's Howard the Duck, private investigator.\\
'''Howard''': If it's lost, I'll find it. If he's cheating on you, I'll find his '''[[CensorBox *BLANK*]]''' '''[[CensorBox *BLANK*]]''' in a '''[[CensorBox *BLANK*]]''' or a '''[[CensorBox *BLANK*]]''', guaranteed.\\
'''Advertisement''': ([[FiveFiveFive 555]])-Duk-Dick, 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn. (If you've passed a She-Hulk, you've gone too far. Do not talk to the She-Hulk). No Website. Not even a tumblr.\\
'''Moviegoer''': Never heard of him.
* A scene from the classic comics had Howard [[IncrediblyLamePun duck]] into a bus during a monster chase. The hispanic bus driver looks at Howard and exclaims [[RunningGag You're a duck!]]. Howard shoots back with "And you're a stereotype! We've all got our crosses to bear!"
* In his 2015 series, a perfectly ordinary 'find my lost cat' case winds up with the Duck Detective (and a few other folks, including [[ComicBook/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy Rocket Raccoon)]] being [[HuntingTheMostDangerousGame hunted for sport]] by a crazed billionaire armed with high-tech toys. Howard finds time to bemoan his WeirdnessMagnet status while running for his life.
--> '''Howard:''' All I wanted to do was find a stupid cat! Why is this so hard? Why is ''everything'' on this ''stupid planet'' so ''hard?!'' I can't take it. I can't take this '''entire planet!'''\\
'''[[SourSupporter Rocket]]:''' Hey, no argument here!

!The Film
* "She took my eggs."
* Howard threatening Ginger's men with "space rabies".
* In the beginning of the film, after things go downhill following his arrival in Cleveland, Howard ends up landing onto the handlebars of a motorcycle being used by a member of a female biker gang called Satan's Sluts. Howard says "Are you ready for an incredible story?", and then the biker screams "Waste it, man!" while she and her friend try to kill Howard.
* As a standalone skit, Howard in the unemployment office is actually pretty funny.
* "If God had wanted us to fly, He wouldn't have taken away our wings!"