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Funny: How NOT to Write a Novel
  • The whole book is highly quotable, giving us such lines as "Giving a reader a sex scene that is only half right is like giving her half of a kitten. It is not half as cute as a whole kitten; it is a bloody, godawful mess."
  • "By 2005, 'World Wide Web' was starting to sound like something Mr. Burns would say to Smithers."
  • "This particular blunder is known as 'deus ex machina', which is French for 'Are you fucking kidding me?'"
    • Later: "This type of ending is a special instance of 'deus ex machina', known as the 'folie adieu', which is French for 'Are you FUCKING kidding me?'"
  • Ask yourself, "do I know this word?" If the answer is no, then you probably don't know it.
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