Funny / How I Became Yours

  • When Aang and Toph belch simultaneously during Binge Night. That's probably the only scene in which the Taang relationship was done right.
  • Iroh facepalming as Zuko and Aang bicker about what Azula's planning.
  • This dramatic reading, by skrcha. One especially funny part is 1:50 in Chapter 1, Part 2, when the reader accidentally reads Katara's Wangsty internal monologue in Zuko's voice.
  • The Sokka-Azula special variation of Crash-Into Hello: She fell down on him out of a tree. Recognized in-universe, with Katara trying and failing not to laugh when Azula tells her about it.
  • Toph teasing Sokka about his feelings for Azula. Sokka grumbles that he isn't anywhere near as obsessed with her (Azula) as she (Toph) insinuates. He doesn't think about "that stuff" much at all, he has a disciplined mind! Then, Azula walks in on them in a gorgeous dress, with Sokka reacting accordingly ...
    Toph: (Snickers) Yeah, really disciplined ...
    Sokka: Shut up, Toph.
  • Sokka's reaction when Mai's assassins attack is TOTALLY in character:
    Katara: (Stumbling in on his fight) Sokka! What's going on?!
    Sokka: How the **** should I know?!!