* When trying to find out where Dracula's coffin was delivered to, Van Helsing tries reasoning with the ObstructiveBureaucrat preventing him and Arthur Holmwood from seeing the records, stressing how important it is, to no avail. Holmwood very calmly pulls out his wallet and bribes the bureaucrat without saying a word -- the bureaucrat [[EveryManHasHisPrice quickly changes his tune]].
* Later in the film, when Van Helsing and Holmwood are chasing Dracula back to Castle Dracula, Dracula rides his coach right through a barricade, smashing it. The same ObstructiveBureaucrat comes running up, shakes his fist at Dracula and repairs the barricade... just in time for Van Helsing to drive ''his'' coach right through the barricade, smashing it.
* J. Marx, the undertaker:
-->''(right cheerful)'' Perhaps you'd better let me lead the way. I know these steps. They can be dangerous. We don't want to have an accident, do we? No, we don't, but, you know, an old man came here once to see his dead departed. He fell down these stairs... ha ha!... quite amusing. He came to pay his last respects, and he remained to share them. Quite amusing!\\
''(Van Helsing and Holmwood exchange a dubious look)''