* Dale and Nick hopped up on Bobby's cocaine.
** Nick and Dale trying to clean up the spilled coke with Nick using a vacuum cleaner and Dale trying to scoop it up by hand and Nick angrily telling him "Stop helping!"
* Pellitt sarcastically telling his dad "I didn't know I needed to ask your permission every time I need to take a dump," when the dad innocently asks him why he seems to be spending so much time in the restroom.
* Pellit asking Kurt to fire the fat people "because they're lazy and slow and they make me sad to look at."
** Kurt refuses on the grounds that he believes the fat lady is just pregnant, not fat. [[spoiler:At the end of the movie, you learn she's just fat.]]
* Kurt's remark when he and the other two first enter Pellitt's house: "It's like a douchebag museum! It's like we stepped inside the mind of an asshole!"
** An even funnier version of that scene can be found among the outtakes during the ending credits in which Kurt says instead "This place is awful, it's like the Sharper Image took a shit in here!"
* The three of them attempting to drive out of the supermarket parking lot, but continually getting in each other's way.
* Kurt's OhCrap moment when he finds out that [[spoiler:sticking Bobby's toothbrush up his ass]] [[WhatAnIdiot left DNA evidence]].
* The explanation of how "Motherfucker Jones" got his nickname.
* The guys trying to get Gregory's real name (Atmanand) right, but ultimately giving up because "that name's a fucking nightmare."
* Dale is supposed to be keeping watch while Kurt and Nick break into Harken's house. He spends his time flipping his seat back and forth while singing along to "That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings, then playing ''VideoGame/AngryBirds'' on his iPhone.
-->'''Kurt''': Holy shit, I broke a rock.
* Nick's excuse for speeding.
-->'''Nick''': I was drag racing.
-->'''Cop''': In a Prius?
-->'''Nick''': (''{{beat}}'') I don't win a lot.
* The scene with the "Wet Work" Agent that Dale and Kurt hired online.
** Dale trying to explain himself afterwards. "We are MEN looking for a man!"
* Dale's God-awful attempt to have (forced) phone sex with Julia during an extremely dangerous high-speed car chase.
** The ''look on the policeman's face'' when he listens to the tape recorder playing Dale's ridiculous phone sex.
** "Oh, sorry, maybe I should've danced on her boobies!"
* Harken's reaction to his surprise party, where we get to see the despicable {{Smug Snake}} driven into a tantrum worthy of a five year old.
** FridgeLogic: He probably reacted that way because having just [[spoiler:killed Bobby]], he was still on edge about getting caught.
** Later, his utter failure to keep up the intimidating act after enacting his WoundedGazelleGambit. "Oh, that hurts so much!"

!! ''Horrible Bosses 2''

* Nick's obliviousness to what their company name [[MistakenForRacist ("Nick-Kurt-Dale")]] sounds like out loud when read fast.[[note]]It sounds like "Niggerdale".[[/note]]
* When Kurt and Dale start screaming about how they should "kill these motherfuckers", and Nick, (who obviously is against it) just remains stoic the whole time, while the audience is laughing their asses off.
** When Dale suggests copying the plot of ''Film/{{Speed}}'' as a means of getting the money they need to save their company:
-->'''Dale''': You said no idea is a bad idea.
-->'''Nick''': I was wrong, the idea sucks, the movie sucks, and so do you.
-->'''Kurt''': Hey, that's the movie that introduced us to Sandra Bullock!
* The sight gags during the Shower Buddy demonstration that pay homage to similar scenes in ''Film/AustinPowers''.
* Kurt hiring numerous hot women for their new business, then finding out from Dale and Nick that he can't sleep with them ''or'' fire them. "Why're we even doing this thing?!"
* The blink-and-you miss-it hashtag "#We'reNotRacist" after the boys tweet their first Shower Buddy rolling off the assembly line.
* Nick's description of his "problem" at Julia's sex-addiction meeting...which he thinks is an AA meeting. His description makes everyone at the meeting think he's gay. Then he finds out what kind of meeting it really is:
-->'''Nick''': I've just been gettin' together with the guys, been facedown, chugging one right after another...\\
'''Julia''': Oh, so your sex addiction, it's ''homosexual'' in nature!\\
'''Nick''': My ''sex addiction''! My sex addiction is...and then what did you say?
** Made even funnier when Kurt and Dale, who are hiding in the bathroom eavesdropping, realize Nick's mistake and are trying really hard not to crack up.
* Also from the same scene:
-->'''Julia''': I know you ate that cock, I just wanna hear you say it!\\
'''Nick''': I ate that cock, I sucked those balls, and I licked that kid's sweaty asshole!\\
'''Julia''': Because you are fantastically gay!\\
'''Nick''': I am totally gay, never been inside a woman!\\
'''Julia''': Meeting adjourned!\\
'''Nick''': Everyone out!
* When Julia is describing her mental "cock trophy room", Kurt turns to Nick proudly and says, "We're in there!"
** Also this:
-->'''Julia''': At night I reflect on them, alphabetize them, dust them.
-->'''Dale''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Why are they dusty?]]
* The "butt-face-puss" discussion the guys have about how they can go about gang-banging Julia. Especially the way Kurt always picks himself for "butt".
* They lay out a criminal conspiracy on a whiteboard... but with a permanent marker... Twice. The second time, the "plan" is incredibly stupid, involving skyscrapers, a zip line and a trampoline.
* Motherfucker Jones shows up as a getaway car when the ransom drop goes south, at which point the guys realize he was planning on stealing the ransom money for himself. Motherfucker defends himself, saying he was only going to steal the money if they got killed, because he figured they'd prefer him having it over Burt.
-->'''Motherfucker''': I was honoring your potential deaths.
-->'''Kurt''': Honor? What are we, samurai?
* At the end, when Motherfucker Jones is speaking to the Pinkberry rep, the man says that starting up a location will cost a significant amount of money. Jones then proceeds to dump [[spoiler:the entire bag of $5 million ransom]] money on the rep's desk. The look on the guy's face is amazing.