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Dreamworks Film

  • Captain Smek has a favorite fruit he discovered on Earth: Footballs.
  • Oh can't control himself when he dances. He hates it. Tip finds it hilarious.
    Oh: What is happening to my body?
    Tip: It's called dancing!
    Oh: Boovs do not do dancing!
    Tip: (laughing) I can tell!
    Oh: (while skin is changing to yellow) How long before this kills me?!
    Tip: UGH! What is that?!?
    Oh: Boov song. It is called "Motionless and Obedient." Very big hit.
    • Even funnier, Pig has a freak out over the music.
  • Pig gets a lot with his Funny Background Event.
  • This bit of dialogue when Tip and Oh first meet:
    Oh: Can I come in to the out now?
    Tip: No! You can not come into the out.
  • "Our tradition is to punch you in the nose—hold still."
  • Tip teaching Oh about jokes, using possibly the oldest joke in history: The interrupting cow.
  • Before they sneak into Paris, Tip offers to disguise Oh so that the other Boov won't recognize him. She breaks out a ton of makeover supplies, decides to start with a Beauty Mark... and that's all. The Boov are completely fooled.
  • Oh: "I will now sing the Boov Death Song."
    • "It is rude to interrupt the Death Song."
      • During the credits: "The Boov Death Song - Written and Performed by Jim Parsons."
  • Oh's Imagine Spot when he considers hiding in Antarctica.
  • Seeing Tip make a mad face has Oh asking "What is the purpose of your face?"
  • As squicky as it is, Oh takes a bite out of a urinal cake and drinks a bowl of lemonade.
    Oh: "AAH! DO NOT EAT THE BLUE MINTS!! Thankfully, there is a large bowl of lemonade. (he drinks the "lemonade") UGH! DO NOT DRINK THE LEMONADE!!
    • Doubled is that Tip can hear Oh from the girl's bathroom and is desperately trying to surppress her laughter.