Funny / Hocus Pocus

  • Mr Binx reacting to a small cat ( Thackery Binx) trying to get his attention with the words "AWAY BEAST!"
  • Any scenes with Billy the Undead tend to be very humorous, beginning with his reaction to seeing his own gravestone, finally culminating with him hurling some truly nasty, ultimately deserved and satisfying insults at Winifred.
    Billy: Wench! Trollop! You buck-toothed, mop-riding, firefly from Hell!
    • And the dialog that immediately follows:
    Billy: (whispering to Max) I've waited centuries to say that.
    Max: Say what you want, just don't breathe on me!
    • After Winifred threatens to kill Billy again, he does a motion with his hands that's basically telling her "Ah, shut up." Or, more likely, "I'm already dead, what else can you do?"
  • The two bullies getting their comeuppance at the hands of the witchy trio.
  • Max and Dani's mom dressed as Madonna at the Halloween Party.
  • Anytime Binx gets snarky.
  • Mary's reaction to the baby commercial.
  • "I mean she really hurt my feelings! She doesn't even know me!"
    • "She's just jealous."
    • "You know, I've always wanted a child. And now I'll think I'll have one... ON TOAST!"
  • "Aaah! Burning rain of death!"
  • "This is ICE!"
  • This exchange when the sisters are at the "master's" house:
    "Master": (referring to his wife) I want you to meet the little woman.
    Winifred: He has a little woman!
    Mary: Sounds tasty.
  • Max uses a "learn to speak French" tape to lure the witches into the oven. When they escape, Winnie quotes it. "Hello, I want my book. Bonjour, je veux mon livre."
  • "I AM CALM!!"
    • "Oh sister, thou art not being honesty with thyself. Huh? Huh? Come on, give us a smile."
  • This is one most viewers don't realize until they take a better look at the scene. After realizing Max's "burning rain of death" is just ordinary water, the sisters decide to chase after him to get the book back. The background music being played sounds like an epic chase theme... and it's just the three of them hurrying out the front door.
  • Sarah: "What a pretty spider..." *MUNCH*
  • "Oh look. Another glorious morning..........makes me SICK!"
  • A lot of the movie runs on Funny Background Event, and a lot of fun comes into rewatching the movie and noticing something you missed the first time due to Mary's tendency to groan and make noises, along with Sarah's fidgeting spazziness.
  • Max and Binx's first interaction, while also being a (re)Establishing Character Moment.
    Binx: Nice going, Max!
    Max: *eyes widen* You can talk!
    Binx: Yeah, no kidding!
  • When the group flees to the graveyard after encountering the witches for the first time, and Binx finishes explaining his story
    Binx: "So every Hallows Eve, I guard the house just in case some airheaded virgin tries to light the candle." *looks pointedly at Max*
    Dani: "Nice going, airhead!"
  • When Billy is brought to life and explodes out of his grave, then turns and sees three humans and a cat. They all look at each other, then scream in Billy's face in unison. Followed immediately by the zombie looking at himself, wondering what all the fuss was about. Then he notices his own gravestone and grunts as if to say, "Son of a bitch..."
  • The sisters give chase to Max, Allison, Dani, and Binx, and suddenly stop at the road, not understanding the strange 'black river' in front of them. Sarah suggests that 'perhaps it is not too deep.' As she stares at the blacktop, Winnie and Mary share a look and then toss Sarah into the 'river.'
  • "Thackery Binx, what took thee so long?"
    • "Heh, sorry, Emily. I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle."
  • The part where Max tries to tell a police officer actually a guy in a Halloween costume about waking the witches. Dani yells out, "He's a virgin!" which leads to a very awkward moment where the officer asks, "Are you a virgin?" The look on Max's face is priceless.
  • The sisters attempting to bluff the witch-hunters.
    Winifred: We're just three kindly old spinster ladies!
    Mary: S-Spending a quiet evening at home!
    Sarah: Sucking the lives out of little children!
    Cue Winifred and Mary choking Sarah Homer Simpson-style
  • "Winnie do you wanna hit me again would that make you feel better?"
  • After the sister's see the light sent out by the book and realize that all is not lost;
    Winnie: "Come, Sisters! We fly!"
    Mary: "We fly!...Oh what do we fly?" (three little girls who were out trick-or-treating stole their brooms earlier)
    • They end up raiding the janitors closet (because their house was turned into a museum)with some... interesting results
    Winnie: *brings out a normal broom, cackles and jumps on as it starts rising into the air* "into the night!" *more cackling*
    Sarah: *comes out with a mop and raises it into the air* "Let's go, broom!" (jumps on and rides away)
    Mary: *wheels out a VACUUM CLEANER onto the porch* (nervously)"Winnie...!" *sighs and mounts the vacuum ,which actually STARTS TO FLY* "Broom Ho! Oh my!"
    • The "Oh my!" is because Mary is startled by the fact that the vacuum cleaner begins vibrating and making vacuum noises...despite not being plugged in. The shot of the witches riding off into the night shows Mary's vacuum still has the cord trailing behind it as they fly.
    • If riding on a vacuum cleaner wasn't goofy enough, there is the way that the kids are able to defeat Mary; Billy, Alison, and Dani simply grab the cord and begin pulling her to the earth. Sara comes and tries to help her sister, only to end up getting dragged along with her. The three let go and end up sending the two flying so hard that they nearly fall onto the hallowed ground of the churchyard.
  • Even their deaths are hilarious. As Winifred realizes the sun's coming up, she only lets out a rather Narm-like scream and turns into a statue. And then:
    Sarah: Winnie! (begins to explode, pauses for dramatic effect) Goodbye! (explodes)
    Mary: (begins to explode) Uh oh.. (waves)..Buybye! (explodes)
    • Before their deaths, as Winifred tries to suck out Max’s life, she notices the sun rising, then she notices she’s standing on holy ground. This is followed by her and Max staring at the ground, then at each other, back at the ground, and back at each other.