Funny: Hoarders

  • One of the Hoarders, Andrew, allowed a homeless man to live in small structure on his front lawn (calling it a "shack" would be generous). Inside, the crew discovered a bucket the man had used as a bathroom, leading Matt Paxton to comment, "We're all four or five bad decisions away from shitting in a bucket."
  • Augustine's grown-up children find a half-used pack of early Eighties vintage diapers while cleaning out her filthy house, leading to this exchange.
    Susan: We found some toddler diapers. Jason, how old are you?
    Jason: Twenty-eight.
    Susan: You don't need these any more, do you?
    Jason: Well, sometimes I get nervous.
  • They show one family on a Sesame Street meet and greet or photo op of some kind. The wife is wearing a Cookie Monster shirt that is pretty obvious, but the Sesame Street sign and Elmo's face are blurred out like the children's faces. Poor Elmo.

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