Funny / Hivefled

  • Someone asked the Makaras how magnets work. The Grand Highblood actually started giving a coherent and scientific explanation, before sensing the reader's confusion that a Makara knows how a magnet works.
  • In Chapter 21, after Nepeta becomes Gamzee and Eridan's auspistice, she goes straight to her shipping wall.
    Gamzee: Are you updating that stupid shipping wall?
    Eridan: Oh cod, the fuckin’ shipping wall - wwe’re gonna end up auspisticisin’ for Nep and eweryone else when she rambles on about this…
    Nepeta: See? Already you're agreeing on something!
  • Dave tries to punch Equius. It... doesn't go well for him.
  • Someone asked the Kin if they rated their deaths to see who got it worst. Laneen says that typically, they don't do that, and then Keskay points out to Vanate that at least the rest of them got their pants back.
  • Fovos: Meet the Grand Highblood.
    • "'re motherfucking tiny."
    • "What is it with shorter females in my life?"
  • Even better: Fovos: Ride the Grand Highblood like a majestic steed.
    • Fovos singing "Pony" by Ginuwine.
  • Platonic Moirails.
  • Most of Chapter 43 is the kids watching bad troll porn. Word of God is that Fovos got inspired by watching real porn videos with the sound off in order to get the appropriate level of incomprehensibility.
  • When the kids took Sollux, Nepeta, Terezi and Karkat shopping, someone commented on Sollux's teeth, 'but we told him he was British and that seemed to solve the problem'.
    • Rose also hastily explains that the only way they could cover the trolls' natural grey was to use a dark face paint, and that it was not a conscious attempt to make "some kind of minstrel show".
  • This exchange from Chapter 44 (Rose is referring to Gamzee):
    Rose: Tell your purple friend to stay away from my mother.
    Karkat: Eridan, what the fuck did you do this time?
  • Terezi trying to teach Dave to "smell colors" like she can... by ramming crayons up his nose.