Funny / Hitch

  • The dance lesson. Albert...shows Hitch his corny, ridiculously over-the-top dance moves to Usher's "Yeah!". Hitch suddenly stops the CD:
    Hitch: Don't — EVER — do that again. Do you hear me?
    Albert: I was just expressing myself...
    Hitch: No. Neww. Nn-nn. Not that that you're not.
    • And then Hitch tries to teach Albert some more normal, subtle dance moves. It doesn't work.
      Hitch: [slaps Albert on the left cheek then the right] Get Out.
  • During the speed dating scene, the woman who shares Too Much Information when Hitch and Sara are arguing:
    Woman: [stands up] You know, this is kind of distracting, and I haven't gotten laid in a YEAR!
    [the entire room goes silent]
  • The Dance Party Ending at Albert and Allegra's wedding.