[[caption-width-right:350:Exhibit A of a perverted high school student.]]


[[folder: Anime]]
[[AC: Season One]]
* Episode 3. [[spoiler:Nipple lasers.]] That is all.
* Episode 4 had Freed's [[OhCrap For real?]] face when Issei promotes himself to [[ChessMotifs Rook]].
** The Dub actually makes funnier with Freed nonchalantly going "Yeah, I'm [[PrecisionFStrike fucked.]]"
* Episode 7 Issei giving Saji a ''very'' firm handshake after he enthusiastically shakes hands with Asia, threatening that if he makes any more moves, he'll cut off his nuts and feed them to him - at which point Saji retaliates, gaining the upper hand as they 'argue', with both ending in a stalemate. Rias notes "This is embarrassing", which Sona agrees with.
** Issei suffers a GroinAttack during the dodgeball game, and gets treated by Asia's HealingHands.
-->'''Koneko''': I have no words to suit this scene.
** And after that Rias says they can't let ''[[HeroicSacrifice Issei's death]]'' be in vain.
*** [[spoiler: [[FunnyAneurysmMoment Although considering what]] [[OurHeroIsDead happened to Issei]] in the light novels...]]
* Episode 8: To an understandably furious Koneko.
-->'''Issei''': So... come here often?
** Issei accidentally walks in on Asia when she's in the shower, and ''he's the one that'' ScreamsLikeALittleGirl
** It's even funnier when you realize it was because [[CovertPervert Asia briefly glanced at his groin]]. And then he promptly lampshades the moment with "Wait, why am ''I'' screaming (like a girl)!?", before trying to leave.
** Even funnier in the Anime when Asia ''asks Ise to join her'' and then Ise's mother walks in on them bathing and runs out yelling "Honey! We're going to be seeing our grandchild soon!" (Note that at this point in the story, Asia ''is'' Ise's bridal candidate by Japanese custom.)
* Episode 9: Asia trying to read from her bible ''knowing'' it will [[AmusingInjuries cause her terrible pain]] and doing so anyway, repeatedly.
** Same episode of the dub, Kiba walks past the struggling Issei with a wonderfully blithe "On your right", causing Issei to go "Seriously!?" [[note]]Even more funny if you're thinking of the same general exchange from [[Film/CaptainAmericaTheWinterSoldier Falcon]][[/note]]
** Kiba, who is carrying the same size pack as Issei is then followed by Koneko who is carrying what appears to be a large tarp full of supplies that is many times bigger than her, hell it'd dwarf any of the other characters.
** When Rias suggests it's time for them to have an after-dinner bath, she tells Issei he can join them if the other girls agree. Akeno and Asia agree. Koneko on the other hand states that she'd rather die, and if Issei peeks she'll kill him.

[[AC: Season Two]]
* Episode 3: During Issei's duel with Irina, he's of course inwardly excited about using Dress Break on her, complete with imaginings of such. Irina's creeped out by his expression, before Koneko warns her about said ability, much to her shock:
-->'''Irina:''' What!? Their clothes!?\\
'''Issei:''' ''(slightly incensed)'' Koneko! Why are you giving my secrets away to the enemy!?\\
'''Koneko:''' ''(flatly)'' [[DeadpanSnarker Because you are the enemy to all women.]]\\
'''Issei:''' ''(almost comically-depressed; to himself)'' Sometimes the things you say ''really hurt.''
* Episode 4: Saji getting spanked by Sona, and then Rias follows her example with Issei, and later Kiba in Episode 6 (offscreen).
** But speaking of Kiba, his reaction when he learns about this result:
-->'''Rias:''' ''(with dissonant cheerfulness)'' [Your punishment is] one thousand spankings.\\
'''Kiba:''' ''(voice cracking)'' What!?\\
'''Issei:''' Haha! This is great; good luck taking it pretty boy!\\
'''Kiba:''' [[LameComeback Gah... s-shut up, Issei!]]
* Xenovia praying to God after becoming a Devil. The results are... predictable.
--> '''Koneko:''' Anyone else getting Deja Vu?
** And straight after, when she practiced "how to be a normal teenage girl", in both versions (though for different reasons):
--> '''Xenovia:''' ([[{{Kawaiiko}} Voice several pitches higher]] than her usual coarse-and-masculine baritone) Let's get along, 'kay, Issei-kun!
--> '''Issei:''' ''That cutesey voice does NOT suit you!''
--> '''Xenovia:''' (Switches straight back to her [[ContraltoOfDanger normal-unfeminine voice]]) ''I know, I tried to copy Irina, and it was SO difficult.''
--> '''Xenovia:''' (barely any different in inflection/volume) It looks like we get to work together, Issei.
--> '''Issei:''' Don't try to sound cute while making ''[[TheStoic that]]'' face!
--> '''Xenovia:''' My goal was to mimic Irina, but [[{{Understatement}} I guess I just didn't quite get it right.]]
* Xenovia trying to get Issei to sleep with her and being completely [[TheComicallySerious stone faced]] about it.
** And she continues these antics next episode, first by holding up several ''condoms'' in class while asking Issei for some "practice".
* Serafall's antics during Class Observation Day (and subsequently, Sona just losing it out of sheer embarrassment).
-->'''Serafall''': No Sona-chan, no life!
*** The dub version has this example of Serafall going completely MotorMouth and telling everyone what she ''really'' feels:
-->'''Serafall''': You should run into my arms and tell me how much you missed me! And-then-I'll-say-oh-Sona-I-missed-you-tooandthenI'llgiveyouabigfatkissandyou'dkissmebackandthatwouldleadtogirlongirlactionwouldn'tthatbehoooooot? XD
** During that same episode, using a block of modeling clay while running on autopilot, Issei manages to make a sculpture of Rias. Naked, with only GodivaHair covering the important bits. And then it sparks off a bidding war as Rias' fans clamor to buy it off him.
** His dad's reaction is icing on the cake: "[[ComicallyMissingThePoint I thought perversion was all he had going for him, but he might become a famous artist someday!]]"
* Koneko trying to toughen up Gasper by offering him some Garlic.... he's a vampire mind you. The sight of her [[http://static.metanorn.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Koneko-chasing-Gasper-325x183.jpg chasing him]] all the while chanting "Here Here Here" in her usual deadpan tone is a side-splitting sight. The quick exchange between Saji and Issei which directly follows is also a gutbuster.
-->'''Saji''': Another pretty blonde?
-->'''Issei''': Pretty, but still a dude.
-->'''Saji''': [on his knees, completely distraught] ...A dude?! Why... Why have I been forsaken so!?
* During the conference, Azazel asks for Issei's opinion (who says he can't make that serious an opinion so quickly). So he puts it in LaymansTerms: if there's peace, he can have sex with Rias every day; if there's war, he can't... ''all while Rias is present beside Issei''.
** And needless to say, Rias's reactions to this are pretty funny as well. In the dub she even says [[ImStandingRightHere "H-Hey, I'm right here!"]]
** Issei only catches himself yelling enthusiastically about having sex with Rias when Kiba points out Sirzechs [[note]] Rias's ''own brother, and one of the strongest devils alive'' [[/note]] is in the room. Naturally, [[OhCrap Issei freezes in terror]], but the true crowning moment is a reverse angle showing [[{{Corpsing}} Sirzechs hiding behind his chair trying desperately not to laugh.]]
** He also uses a similar analogy in order to make Issei power up in his fight against Vali (Half Dimension reduces everything affected by it in half, ''including'' Rias' breast size). [[UnstoppableRage It works so well]] he lampshades it in both versions.
--> What the heck? Seriously? His powers skyrocketed just by the thought of his mistress' tits shrinking. (Subbed)
--> Hahahahahaha! This fight is hilarious! His power increases this much just to keep his master's chest from getting smaller. (Dubbed)
** Plus the exchange just before that (dub dialog):
--> '''Issei''': Don't [[PrecisionFStrike fuck]] with me! (BOOST!) Rias' boobs are perfect and I won't let you reduce them!
--> '''Vali''': Wait, [[FlatWhat what]]?
--> '''Issei''': YouMonster! (BOOST!) [[SeriousBusiness You're pure evil]]! (BOOST!) [[ThisIsUnforgivable I will never forgive you for this]]! (BOOSTBOOSTBOOSTBOOSTBOOSTBOOSTBOOSTBOOST-!)
* In the same episode, when Gasper has frozen his captors in time with his newfound powers, Issei wasted no time at all Dress-Breaking them, and was about to pounce on and grope the helpless villains... when Rias stops him with a mild-looking MegatonPunch to the head.
-->'''Rias:''' ''Down'', boy.\\
'''Issei:''' (resigned) Right, I'm down.

[[AC: Season Three]]
* Episode One: Issei's [[BigWhat absolutely gobsmacked reaction]] when he discovers that [[FriendsRentControl his house has been renovated to a huge mansion]], ''overnight''.
** Issei's parents seem to adapt to suddenly living in a mansion over night very well.
* Episode Three: Kuroka describes Issei as "The breast-lover who defeated Vali". Issei has the audacity to be offended by being defined that way for a second, until he remembers that's pretty much exactly how it went down. For the dub, he's not that offended, and is damn proud of defeating Vali, but likes to consider himself more of a ''connoisseur.''
** In the dub version, Tannin's plan for fighting Kuroka and Bikou:
-->'''Tannin:''' While I slap this monkey around, [[StealthPun you guys pound that pussy!]]
** Also dub, after Issei achieves Balance Breaker:
-->'''Ddraig:''' Congratulations partner, but I'm ''not'' looking forward to what [[ADateWithRosiePalms you're gonna use this hand for]] [[DeadpanSnarker when we're done here...]]
* Episode Four's dub gives us a few mild moments, courtesy of Loki no less:
-->'''Saji:''' You underestimated us - big mistake.
-->'''Loki:''' [[LameComeback The only thing big is your talk, little boy.]]
-->'''Saji:''' [[LampshadeHanging You need to work on your comebacks, man; they're pretty lame.]]
-->'''Loki:''' ''Noted.'' (tries to blast Saji)

-->'''Loki:''' I smell teenage angst. How disgustingly cliche. [[note]] This coming directly after Koneko + Akeno have resolved (or started to face) their internal issues [[/note]]

** Issei can't resist cracking the dumbest joke he can think of when he's making a run for [[DropTheHammer Mjolnir]].
-->'''Issei:''' [[Music/MCHammer IT'S HAMMER TI-!]] [[MoodWhiplash (gets chomped on by Fenrir)]]
* Episode Six: Ddraig's (over)reaction to Issei's newest nickname as the 'Breast Dragon Emperor' - no matter which version, it's hard ''not'' to crack at the ''utter bawling'' this dragon's been reduced to.
-->'''Ddraig:''' I'm one of the two Heavenly Dragons! The name 'Red Dragon Emperor' used to strike fear into the hearts of millions!(...)But now I'm the Breast Dragon Emperor! ALL HAIL GRABBIN' DRAGON!
** Not to mention the crew's reactions to videos of Issei powering up after poking Rias's boobs. We get a pan shot of Gasper, Akeno and Rias; Gasper is thrilled, Akeno is mildly amused, and Rias is staring in ''slack-jawed mortification''.
* [[WesternAnimation/Thundercats1985 Sexy See-through outfits, give me sight beyond sight!]]
* Episode Eight's dub added in one of ''the'' most unexpected one-liners for this series ever:
--> '''Xenovia:''' (dual-wielding Durandal and Ascalon, alight with holy power) With your powers combined, I will smite my enemies! I have the strength, because ''[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic friendship is magic!]]''\\
[[PillarOfLight *destroys Diodora's Rooks*]]
** Then, Kiba's reaction to Rias and Akeno's girl fight from the sidelines?
-->Jealousy. ''[[DeadpanSnarker It truly is women's]] [[{{Franchise/Superman}} kryptonite.]]''
** Issei's reaction to Koneko's plan (entice Akeno by offering a date with him) actually working. For the subbed version, it's your usual comical BigWhat, whereas dubbed, he draws out his 'what?' as not shocked, but plain disbelief.
* Episode Twelve: Rossweisse happily takes up Rias' offer of becoming her second Rook, mostly for financial reasons, but also to get revenge against Odin. For the sub, she merely says she'll never forgive him next time they meet, but the dub?
-->'''Rossweisse''': (internally) This is a dream come true! You can take your crummy job and [[AssShove shove it]], you prune-faced old pervert!

[[AC: Other]]
* [[LampshadeHanging "Why does everyone we fight have all these wiggly appendages?"]]
* When Freed...does pretty much anything, really. [[LaughablyEvil Twisted as the guy is, he's a joy to watch.]] EvilIsHammy indeed.
** [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Of all the ways]] he can pronounce Excalibur, he chooses [[Manga/SoulEater this]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kuhc8RROw10 one]] instead.
** Freed calling Kuroneko "[[BerserkButton little]]'', and gets benches thrown at him.
*** His not so manly "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnPZjqYFwjA Owie]]" after being hit with a bench
* Any time Koneko performs some feat of SuperStrength accompanied with a tiny little "Eh." (Subbed version only)
* [[https://youtu.be/5IXvEF8RhhY The Oppai Dragon Song]], now DeFictionalized and featured in the Season 3 PV, sang by [[Creator/YuukiKaji Issei's VA]]. One quick warning: it's a massive EarWorm.
* The very last bit of the Season 3 ending credits, where Issei is surprised in bed by the entire female portion of The Occult Research Club. They're all red in the face, everyone save Issei, Irina, and Rossweisse are completely naked, then everyone climbs into bed with Issei (possibly with 'more' involved). However, two reactions stand out in the situation:
** Irina has her hands (attempting to) cover her eyes, but she can perfectly see through her fingers - it's much like [[BlatantLies "I know I shouldn't be watching this, but I can't tear my eyes away!"]]
** Rossweisse is ''taking notes'', [[RefugeInAudacity without bothering to hide this fact or her interest at all.]]
* The third season OVA adapts Ravel coming to the Occult Research Club, for help with her brother, but this also means it animates the famous hot springs moment. Rias, Asia, Akeno, and Xenovia are unembarrassed about Issei suddenly landing about them while naked; Koneko, Irina, and especially Rosseweisse ''are'', naturally; Ravel... well, after the shock (and a perverted comment from Issei on her growing body), she embarrassingly explodes with Phoenix fire.


[[folder: Light Novel (Main Story)]]
[[AC: Volume One]]
* In chapter 2 Issei suffers a RhetoricalQuestionBlunder when he fails to use the magical diagram after being summoned and Rias tells him to travel on foot. He asks "What kind of Devil shows up on a bicycle after being summoned?". Koneko points at him in response.

[[AC:Volume Two]]
* Chapter 16.5: "I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DERE!"
* The reactions of Issei's comrades to Dress Break. Koneko tells him to stay far away from her, and Kiba actually apologizes to the other team.

[[AC:Volume Three]]
* Freed shows up in the middle of the night to taunt Issei, Rias, and Asia, who were sleeping in the same bed. He then admits that he's [[MomentKiller bad at reading the atmosphere]]. Though the rest of the scene becomes less funny once Kokabiel shows up.
* Kiba gets spanked by Rias with Issei laughing throughout the whole time.
** Though that might be because Ise got spanked earlier....
* During the fight with Kokabiel, Ise says that he won't let him destroy the town before he becomes a harem king. Kokabiel laughs and offers to let him sleep with a bunch of the fallen angel girls. Issei is so shocked Rias has to snap him out of it with a slightly jealous reprimand.

[[AC:Volume Four]]
* Issei is losing the fight with Vali by a large margin. In an attempt to rile Issei up, Azazel mentions that Vali can halve peoples breasts. Three seconds later Vali is spitting up blood and struggling to stay in the air.

[[AC:Volume Five]]
* The Sitri teams reactions to Billingual

[[AC:Volume Six]]
* Volume 6, Chapter 2: [[ComicallySerious Vali and Bikou]] with Issei look at [[{{Gonk}} Mil-tan.]] Their reaction? They think he's a [[CatGirl nekomata]] using senjuutsu to hide his form. Issei's first-person tsukkomis are ''priceless''.
** Bikou trying hard not to laugh too much by [[spoiler: the events of getting Issei out of Juggernaut Drive. And the reason why Rias' EmbarrassingNickname "Switch Princess" came to be.]]
** Vali's RhetoricalQuestionBlunder where he asks Bikou if [[spoiler: Rias' breasts are a control switch for Issei in which Bikou bursts out laughing so hard.]]

[[AC:Volume Seven]]
* When Issei and Akeno go on their date, the rest of the club is [[PaperThinDisguise spying on them]]. Rias is wearing a hat and sunglasses, Asia is crying through her sunglasses, Koneko has a luchador mask, Gaspar is wearing his paper bag, and Kiba is [[SubvertedTrope waving hello in his normal clothes]].
* Volume 7, Ddraig and Albion ''crying'' at the fact that Ddraig is now referred to as the Breast Dragon and Albion being the Butt Dragon.
* Volume 7 has Issei [[spoiler: trying to talk to [[HearingVoices Akeno's breasts]] instead accidentally summons ''the freaking god of breasts!'' He then asks Taninim as to whether a breast god exists. '''EVERYONE''' stops fighting and looks at Ise like he's going crazy. The kicker as well was Ddraig backed him up and everyone thinks Ddraig lost it.]]

[[AC:Volume Nine]]
* Volume 9: [[spoiler: The reason why there are a lot of molesters in the streets? It's because of Issei opening a box way back in the beginning of the Volume.]]
** Three words: [[spoiler: Breast Lover Zombies.]]
** Rossweisse [[spoiler: ''vomiting'' while fighting off against Heracles because she's still affected by the alcohol she drank earlier in the day.]]

[[AC:Volume Ten]]
* Volume 10: You wanna put on a strip show for Issei? Take off your [[spoiler:[[SeriousBusiness bra first before your panties.]] Corianna found that out the hard way.]]
** The long awaited confession of [[spoiler:Issei to Rias and they're about to kiss. Suddenly, they get hit with a MomentKiller when the door of the clubroom opened and ''everyone'' in the group was watching it.]]

[[AC:Volume Eleven]]
* Volume 11 shows us what happens when [[spoiler: Issei uses Gift on Rias' breasts. It replenishes his aura at the cost of her breasts ''shrinking''.]] The kicker? ''Siegfried makes an OhCrap face!''
** Siegfreed's OhCrap was preceded by Azazel recognizing the conversation as similar to the one Issei had with Tannin in vol 7. Cue LargeHam.
--> '''Azazel''': It's heeeeeeerrrreeeee!!! [[EvilLaugh WAHAHAHAHAHAHA.]]
** Ophis asks Ddraig if he wants to be the Breast Dragon Emperor instead of the Heavenly Dragon. Cue Ddraig going into another one of his [[HeroicBSOD Heroic BSODs]].
** Ddraig ''needs medicine'' to calm himself down. ''One of the most powerful dragons needing medicine'' just to calm down whenever someone talks about breasts.
*** This is understating it. Ddraig is being treated for ''clinical depression.'' You heard that right. A dragon/TransformationTrinket is undergoing ''psychiatric treatment for clinical depression'', including ''medication and therapy sessions.''
** During the promotion test, the practical portion is revealed to be a duel between two applicants. Issei, [[HeroicSelfDeprecation being Issei]], is worried about how well he'll do, and treats it like a life-or-death battle. Five seconds later, he lands one punch and sends the other guy through the wall. Both Akeno and Kiba were cracking up when they heard about it.

[[AC:Volume Twelve]]
* Volume 12: [[spoiler: Opfis '''''and''''' Great Red sang the Oppai Dragon theme music. Ddraig was definitely not amused.]]
** [[spoiler: Issei, in his spirit form, laments at the fact that he can't make out with Rias with his current state.]]
*** What makes the above even funnier is that [[spoiler: Sairaorg predicted this exactly as his reasoning behind why Issei would come BackFromTheDead.]]
** [[spoiler: Issei's HesBack moment. He even has to say ''"breasts"'' to let his friends know that he has returned, much to his consternation.]]
** Ophis [[spoiler: tapping the "ground" that she and Issei are on. When asked, all she said was "[[CherryTapping I'm defeating Great Red]]."]]
** Kiba is greatly annoyed by the fact that [[spoiler: Xenovia declares that she'll just [[AttackAttackAttack power through everything]] and that Kiba should be the only technique type. Kiba's FirstPersonSmartass commentaries are hilarious.]]
* Koneko being turned from TheStoic to perverted molester in one of the special episodes.
* Basically happens whenever Issei is being a DeadpanSnarker.
** And everyone's (From the past users of the Boosted Gear to Great Red itself) last words to Issei: "Zoom, Zoom, Iyaaan~" [[note]]That's from the Oppai Dragon theme song, btw.[[/note]]

[[AC:Volume Fourteen]]
* Volume 14: [[spoiler: Poor Issei, he can't even sleep on his own bed anymore thanks to the girls sleeping on it. Xenovia ''kicks him out while asleep.'']]
** [[spoiler: Ophis sleeping at Issei's bed like a dead person in a coffin.]]
** Also from 14: [[spoiler: Issei's lap has escalated into a battleground with Koneko and Ravel vying for complete control and ending with Koneko and Ravel on Issei's left and right thighs, respectively. It began with Koneko acting like it is her territory while Issei muses to himself that it must be the cat part of Koneko that makes her want to keep Issei's lap as hers.]]
** [[spoiler: Xenovia is having a hard time mastering all of the Excaliburs due to being a 'power-idiot', as Issei puts it so Irina tells her that she might become the self-proclaimed swordsman. Xenovia doesn't take well to this and retaliates by calling Irina the self-proclaimed angel. Irina is offended and asks Issei to assure her that she is an angel, reasoning that since he's her childhood friend he'll agree. Issei comments that it's easy for him to forget that they really are childhood friends to which Xenovia takes advantage of by calling Irina the self-proclaimed childhood friend, to her chagrin.]]
** [[spoiler: Ddraig's HesBack moment. That is all.]]
** Even if he's currently the enemy, Euclid making a lot of commentary with such seriousness is just hilarious.
** During the first night [[spoiler: with Rias, Kiba and Azazel away to negotiate with the Vampires, Akeno mistakenly tempts Issei into making love to her, thinking this is what he usually does with Rias and Asia every night. When she realizes her mistake, she disregards it and continues to seduce him, despite Asia being there to see it happen. Issei then has a GoodAngelBadAngel moment except from his perspective it's two devils, instead. The first tells him to do it even with Asia watching. The second? It demands him to [[AThreesomeIsHot take Asia as well.]]]]

[[AC:Volume Fifteen]]
* Volume 15: Ophis, while sitting on top of Fafnir's head with Rassei sitting on top of her head, saying, [[spoiler: "I, with this three-combination, think, can challenge Great-Red."]]
* Ddraig refusing to acknowledge Fafnir that Issei nicknamed the [[spoiler: Pantsu Dragon King]].
* Xenovia and Irina competing over the right to [[spoiler: sit on Issei's lap]]. Also, Ravel's disappointment of her status as a latecomer and Sister Griselda arrival adds to the humour.
* Azazel's thoughts that Issei is better off than Vali when [[spoiler: comparing the fact that Issei gets three meals a day prepared by his loved ones while Vali's entire team eats nothing but instant food when Le Fay is not around to cook for them]]. Also, the fact that a certain god-killing wolf is being given cup noodles to eat.
* Azazel telling Bikou that he's considering [[spoiler: adding Vali to the Oppai Dragon show]].

[[AC:Volume Sixteen]]
* Fafnir being picky with what he wants and requests that he be presented with [[spoiler: Asia's school swimsuit. Luckily for the group, Asia did bring it at per Sona's request ''who foresaw that coming''.]]
** Crom Cruach ''CompletelyMissingThePoint'' of what Fafnir wants with the swimsuit.
* Anytime Irina has her wings flickering from angel to fallen angel wings.

[[AC:Volume Seventeen]]
* [[spoiler: '''Chef [[OurDragonsAreDifferent Fafnir]]'''. [[RefugeInAudacity That is all.]]]]
* [[spoiler: Fafnir convincing the spirits of the previous Hakuryuukou to lend their power...by turning them all into panty lovers.]]
* Rias' [[DeadpanSnarker very appropriate reaction to the above]]:
-->“……There’s definitely something wrong with the Two Heavenly Dragons of this era……”

[[AC:Volume Eighteen]]
* Issei and Vali [[spoiler: watching porn at Issei's house. The end result? [[TheComicallySerious Vali]] ''can't comprehend porn'' and Issei has to explain ''everything'' about it.]]
* Irina's father bringing a gift for Irina from Heaven. The gift? A doorknob that will turn any room into a magical space where angels and devils can safely make babies without the angel falling! [[spoiler: Michael actually ''wants'' his ace and Issei to have sex!]] Doubles also as a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.
** Irina's father's declaration to Issei is the kicker.
** Everyone quickly picking up on the idea of a room designed ''only'' for sex being handed over to ''Issei'' and deciding that it is potentially one of the most dangerous and terrible things they've ever seen. Then they all start thinking about using it for themselves.
* After the battle is over Issei figures out how to use his new ability to gain XRayVision. No points for guessing [[PowerPerversionPotential what he intended to use it for.]]

[[AC: Volume Twenty]]
* While the entire volume is mostly serious, [[spoiler: Azazel baiting Lilith with candy just to get past her and go through the door would probably make someone chuckle.]]

[[AC: Volume Twenty-One]]
* The Volume starts off on a grim note with a flashback to Azazel's first meeting with Vali and an update on the rapidly deteriorating situation of [[spoiler: Trihexa's rampage]]. However, then we learn that Issei is recovering from his recent {{Heroic RROD}} by ''being soaked in breast milk''. ''And it works.''
** However, when Issei wakes up, he learns there are still some remaining side effects. As a result, he's suffering from Dragon Deficiency: breasts now ''harm'' him. He can't say the word, looking at them results in his vision getting blurry (except for [[ACupAngst Koneko's]]), and he can't touch or even think about them without experiencing immense pain. [[ThisIsGonnaSuck And then the Oppai Dragon Song begins playing.]]
* Vali attempts to explain that he's Issei's rival to [[spoiler: Issei's parents]] by revealing how he [[spoiler: threatened to kill them in order to make Issei fight harder]]. Awkwardness ensues, but Vali is surprisingly forgiven and the conversation continues, leading Vali to bring up that [[spoiler: Issei fought even harder when Rias's bust size was threatened.]]
* At the end of the Volume, a re-hospitalized Issei notices that Ophis is in her adult form and his Dragon Deficiency is finally cured. Vali, who is in the same room as Issei, hospitalized, explained to him that [[spoiler:the current form Ophis took '''IS''' the cost for [[{{Nerf}} nerfing]] his Diabolos Dragon form]].

[[AC: Volume Twenty-Two]]
* Grigori developed their own magic ero room doorknob, which Akeno uses to lure Issei into a "special graduation ceremony". However, Rias shows up and starts trying to compete with Akeno, followed shortly afterwards by Ravel and the church trio, who [[MomentKiller kill the mood]] as usual, which leads into a discussion about giving everyone else their own ero room, a prospect which both intrigues and terrifies Issei given the antics caused by just one doorknob.
* At [[spoiler: Issei's High Class Devil promotion ceremony]], a famous opera singer comes out and starts singing the Oppai Dragon song. Everyone is confused at such a song being sung at a formal event while Rias's father is moved to tears by the performance.

[[AC: Volume Twenty-Three]]
* The Brave Saints team's ultimate tactic against Issei: [[spoiler: trap him in one of Dulio's bubbles and show him a sexy video of Gabriel in {{Fanservice}} clothing so he doesn't try to break free.]]


[[folder: Light Novel(Side Story)]]
[[AC: Volume Eight]]
* Volume 8, Issei's ''DarkAndTroubledPast''. That is all.
* Volume 8, ThreeHundred Isseis short story. ALL OF IT.
* Volume 8: [[spoiler: Introducing, the [[BunnyEarsLawyer Four Lords Of Hell Plus One Ultimate Queen]] [[SuperSentai Rangers]]. Issei's reaction is ''hilarious'' while Rias thinks ''this was all real''. One particular example stands out: Satan-Pink (Serafore) sees a mysterious object and everyone blasts at said object. ''[[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Said evil spirit dies on the spot.]]'']]

[[AC:Volume Thirteen]]
* Volume 13: Gasper goes from Cardboard Box Vampire to Cardboard Box Vampire Shogun, and then Cardboard Box Vampire God, and proceeds to change the title of the movie.
** The entire chapter of Issei SOS.
** [[spoiler: Kiba genderbended himself to]] tend Issei. The other girls are not amused.
** Riser's training, which involves a dragon chasing him in the mountains.
** [[TheAlliance The Alliance's]] Sports Festival Event. This is going to be interesting. To wit:
*** The three leaders are just trying to pump up their members and already said members are trying to ''kill'' the other two parties.
*** What Issei needs to find in the "item collection race": someone who has a [[BrotherSisterIncest sister-complex]]. Only two people come to mind and he chooses Sirzechs.
*** Using his Dress Break in the cavalry match thanks to a suggestion by Azazel. [[spoiler: [[TheDitz Gabriel wins]].]]
*** In vol.13, when he hits almost all the female calvary members with Dress Break during the Sports Festival, he makes the ''entire male contingent'' on the Angel's side start wavering.
*** Azazel's "Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade", and everyone's reaction when he revealed it.
** You know who controls the ''entire'' Lucifer group? [[spoiler:[[SheIsTheKing Grayfia]] who can practically make Surtr, a giant man who can breathe fire ''scared'' and Beowulf bow down to her.]]
*** Sirzechs is [[BlueWithShock in shock]] when he finds out that his son favors [[spoiler: Oppai Dragon instead of Satan Red.]]
*** Milicas giving Xenovia a lecture on how to use the Ex-Durandal more effectively with Kiba crying [[ManlyTears manly tears]] at the background. [[RunningGag And Irina gets called a "Self Proclaimed Angel" again.]]
* Grayfia's [[spoiler: entire InVinoVeritas moment when she's at the [[HotSpringsEpisode mixed hot springs]] with Issei. Seeing that stoic maid becoming TheTease in one fell swoop is pretty funny.]]
** In the same short story, [[spoiler: Ophis just ignores the entire epiphany about Issei and Grayfia being together and just says that she wants to swim. [[DeadpanSnarker This was not lost on Issei.]]]]

[[AC:Volume Fifteen]]
* The girls from the Occult Research Club and the Student Council being forced to audition themselves as magical girls alongside with Serafall Leviathan, with all the girls wearing magical girl clothes. Also, Gasper and Mil-Tan actually joining the audition [[spoiler: and passing the preliminary auditions]].
* The Church Trio actually buying an eroge for Issei.
* YMMV on this one but one of the latest short stories involve [[spoiler: Akeno having a S&M ''with her father'' after finding out that he and his wife engaged in that sort of thing every single night. Oh and Azazel joins them, being also a masochist.]] In short, AllWomenAreDomsAllMenAreSubs.
* [[SwitchingPOV Fenrir's narration]] in which he can't get along with Kuroka and Bikou in his head.

[[AC:Volume [=DX1=]]]
* Abduction ERO: Seeing Issei lost his perverseness and instead talking about achieving world peace is not something you can see everyday.
* Ultimate!! Oni-chan Mask!!: When cleaning the Gremory castle as tasked by Venelana, Issei stumbles upon Sirzechs and the latter shows video recording of Rias' childhood (including an album of her face when sleeping). Sirzechs later assigns Issei to capture Rias' face when sleeping at the present because there is a "missing link" in his album. Many laughs followed.
** Rias begs to her mother and Kiba not to move her bear souvenir is both funny and cute.
** The videos Sirzechs shows to Issei are rampant of laughs.
*** The first video shows the Gremory family when Sirzechs went off for work as Rias begged him to stay. Venelana tried to comfort her little daughter but she insisted and cried. At the same time, Lord Gremory held the camera and commented to Rias. Judging from little Rias' cute reactio and how Sirzechs and his father spoiled her as a child, no wonder the Gremory males are like that (this includes Issei).
*** The second video shows mini Rias and Sona playing and later fighting over Rias' teddy bear. The girls then cried because Sona ripped the doll's ear, and both Sirzechs and Serafall calmed them down. What really blows is when both siscons decided to settle down 'which one is CUTER' in a fight, but later broke off when Venelana scolded both people, now Satan Lords. High position doesn't mean you can escape your mother's anger, people, especially if she is the Brunette Madame of Extinction
** Sirzechs cosplaying as {{Franchise/Batman}}, [[TitleDrop dropping]] his alter-ego name and called Issei as "Agent Hyoudou" as he was assigned to take Rias' pictures takes the cake. Especially later when both men must face the wrath of the love of their life as a punishment (Grayfia and Rias respectively. Even Venelana also joins the fray). Sirzechs doesn't seem to find that wearing a {{Sentai}} cosplay was enough.
* Records of Chichiryuutei's Pleasure Adventure: The Occult Research Club receives reports of a fake Oppai Dragon team operating in the outskirts so they go investigate. When they get there, they realize that the fake team is Vali and co with Vali as Oppai Dragon, Arthur as Darkness Knight Fang, Kuroka as Hellcat...and Bikou using transformation magic as Switch Princess.
** Due to Bikou's trolling, a "Who is the real Oppai Dragon?" contest is held between the Occult Club and Vali's team for who's more fitting for the role. The third round is the Cardboard Box Vampire battle, with Gasper being compared to...a regular cardboard box. And the cardboard box wins.
** The next round is the Switch Princess battle, and in order to beat Bikou, Rias allows Issei to touch her breasts. The light emitted as a result ends up revealing that one of the members of the audience was actually the dragon that Vali's team was looking for. Naturally, Ddraig is not happy at this development.

[[AC:Volume [=DX2=]]]
* The Student Council's Decision: Issei is filling in for a sick Saji at the student council and is helping Yura and Meguri conduct surprise inspections on the clubs. They're investigating the Manga Research Club, who're suspected of making H-manga. They manage to find the H-manga but it turns out to be [[YaoiFangirl Boys Love]] manga featuring [[HoYay Issei and Yuto.]] And it's already popular enough to have 15 volumes. Issei is not pleased to learn about this. Especially after the president asks [[MistakenForGay who the "attacker" and "receiver" are]].
** Yura and Kusaka later ask the exact same question, again to Issei's distress.
** To thank Issei for helping out, Sona bakes him a cake. However, Issei unfortunately learns that she's a LethalChef and that he has to finish the entire cake or potentially face the wrath of Serafall.
* Let's go with Training: The Occult Research Club receives a request from a little kid hailing from a family of magical beast hunters to help him complete his family's Rite of Passage, so Azazel uses the opportunity to try out his new real life RPG "Azazel Quest". HilarityEnsues.
** The player party consists of [[PlayerCharacter the Hero]], [[WhiteMage a Priestess]], [[BlackMage a Wizard]] and [[JokeCharacter a Clown]]. Asia neatly fills in the role of the Priestess while the Wizard and Clown are...[[BunnyEarsLawyer Magical Girl Levi-tan and Satan Red]].
*** Azazel is going over the characters levels and naturally, Serafall's and Sirzech's levels are absurdly high at 5000. While fighting [[TheGoomba slimes]], a CurbStompBattle ensues and it's the two Maous who level up while nobody else does.
** And then there's the roles that everyone else plays:
*** At the village, Xenovia is the NPC at the entrance [[WelcomeToCorneria who keeps saying the same thing]] (while [[AlmightyJanitor wielding Durandal]]) while Kiba is the equipment shop salesman, [[MundaneUtility using his ability to create swords to sell.]]
*** Tannin was roped into being a Lizardman midboss and Serafall and Sirzechs (who until this point have been destroying everything) decide ''now'' that the Hero should solo the boss.
*** Irina, Rossweisse, Koneko and Gasper in his cardboard box are the QuirkyMinibossSquad before the FinalBoss. Issei [[SilentSnarker remarks to himself that all their aliases are horrible]] and the Hero, immediately after waking up after fainting from fighting Tannin, learns that he has to solo the group ''again''.
*** Saji is the FinalBoss and he learns to his horror that he'll have to [[ThisIsGonnaSuck fight against Serafall and Sirzechs]].
** After everything is done, Grayfia and Sona show up furious to drag the two Maous back to work, and over the intercom, Shemhazai is heard scolding Azazel for creating something using the Grigori funds again.
* Worship☆Dragon-God-Girl: A shrine was recently constructed for [[spoiler: Ophis]], so everyone celebrates by making wishes to it. The wishes range from heartwarming to comedic, but the crowner is Azazel, who just returned after a mahjong tournament that lasted all night. His wish quickly turns into a complaint about his subordinates and Heaven, and one of his comments prompts Issei to begin thinking of Gabriel as a seductive Fallen Angel. A [[BoltOfDivineRetribution bolt of lightning]] promptly strikes Azazel and Issei.
* Hyakki Yako and Pandemonium: The Church Trio trick Issei into going into the Ero Room, however, they do so by using the bathroom door as the entrance, so Issei has [[PottyEmergency other concerns]].
-->'''Issei''': Let’s do these kind of things next time! Right now nature is calling for me!
-->'''Xenovia''': [[InsaneTrollLogic But doing these erotic things is also nature’s call! Won’t it be fun to see which side will win?]]
** At the end of the story, Issei tries to be savvy and goes to a different restroom. Unfortunately for him, Xenovia expected this and set up the Ero Room in that bathroom instead.

[[AC:Volume [=DX3=]]]
* Let's Go with Training ~Mascot Chapter~: House Bael creates a mascot character, Bapple-kun, and the one wearing the suit is Sairaorg. However, his debut ends up sabatoged by his own stage fright. Wanting to learn about how to be a better mascot, Zeoticus, who turns out to be the one playing Greomory's mascot, Gomorin, takes Sairaorg to a ''mountain'' in order to train. Naturally, Issei gets dragged along as well.
** The reason we haven't heard about Gomorin until now, it's because Gomorin is based on a camel, and Rias has a [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes fear of camels]] due to an incident where she insulted a camel and it attacked her when she was a kid. This leads to the glorious image of Rias cowering behind Issei when Gomorin takes the stage.
** Before they leave, Rias warns her father that Venelana will be upset if he suddenly takes off. Sure enough, later while the group is [[ItMakesSenseInContext fighting bandits in mascot costumes]], Venelana shows up and is furious. The bandits make the mistake of butting into the confrontation with her husband and she quickly demonstrates why she used to be known as the [[RedBaron Brown-Haired Ruin Princess]] by [[DisproportionateRetribution annihilating them all in one blow.]]
* Talents Of The Student Council: Saji bemoans how he's become the OnlySaneMan of the Student Council in the face of [[spoiler: Xenovia becoming president]] after it decided that they're going to fight against an infamous delinquent school.
** The comparisons Saji makes between [[spoiler: how Sona handled the Student Council's affairs and how Xenovia does so]]:
*** When sports clubs argued over the use of the gym, a teacher would be called over to mediate the argument. [[spoiler: Xenovia decides that the clubs should determine it with a fist fight.]]
*** It turns out that the [[CallBack manga club is still making]] Yaoi manga of Issei and Yuto. [[spoiler: Xenovia ends up critiquing the accuracy of it rather than shutting it down like she's supposed to.]]
*** Azazel is shown to be enabling [[spoiler: Xenovia's]] outlandish ideas, like superpowered uniforms.
* Worldly Desire of Steel: Issei and Asia go to visit Issei's grandma, and shortly after meeting, one of the first things she asks is that they [[IWantGrandkids hurry up and make great-grandkids]]. This, and Issei's parents voicing their agreement leads to Issei theorizing that perhaps his perversion is genetic.
** Issei and Asia end up joining Seekvaria, Alivian and Elmenhilde in hunting down a vampire turned stray devil who's been attacking people in order to hypnotize them into servants. It turns out her motive is to force them to put together gunpla models so she can make a ''peerage'' out of them. Cue the vampire devil and Seekvaria getting sidetracked by a debate about Gundam continuities.
** After dealing with the vampire, Seekvaria attempts to turn Elmenhilde into a Gundam fan by giving her a Blu-ray set under the pretext of research.
** At the end, Issei and Asia attempt to sneak back into the house only find that Issei's grandmother found out and assumed that they went out to have sex. [[BrickJoke Issei takes this as confirmation that his perversion is indeed genetic.]]

[[AC:Dragon Magazine]]
* The Ophis short story has a ''ton of these''.
** Rias asks a question as to what Ophis [[spoiler: wants for her room since she's permanently staying at Issei's place.]] Her answer in a deadpan expression: "[[ComicallyMissingThePoint Great Red's neck]]."
** Azazel being a salesman employee [[spoiler: after resigning from being the Governor-General of the Grigori fallen angel faction.]]
** Rossweisse ''fighting'' against old women just for clothes on sale.
** Ophis' [[spoiler: going through the Lost Child Notice and pretty much describing how the Occult Research Club and some other people who they look like ''broadcasted throughout the entire department store'': Crimson-haired big boobed mom (Rias), lecherous faced dad (Issei), normal-sized boobed golden haired sister (Asia), idiot sister with brute strength (Xenovia), self-proclaiming angel sister (Irina), two birds and a cat (Riser, Ravel, and Koneko), one more mom with big breasts (Akeno), sister looking like she has low happiness and is poor who is silver-haired (Rossweisse), and a handsome guy, cross-dressing guy, and glasses girl (Kiba, Gasper, and Shinra). The sheer embarrassment that ensued pretty much took the cake.]]