Funny / High Fidelity

  • This exchange with a customer when Rob's having a melancholy moment:
    Customer: Hi, do you have soul?
    Rob: That all depends.
  • Rob's reaction when he finds out that Barry is in a band called Barrytown
    Rob: Fucking hell, is there no end to your arrogance?
  • Rob's Imagine Spot of Laura having sex with Ian.
  • Rob's Imagine Spot confrontation in the record store, with Ian.
    • The variation in the book (the confrontation is over the phone this time) is just as funny, especially Rob's faux-intimidating threats ("Watch your step, boy.")
    Shall we leave it at that, then?
    I've already left it, you pathetic, rebound fuck! Now get your PATCHOULI STINK outta my store!
  • In the book (and a deleted scene from the movie), Rob comes across a woman selling a priceless record collection for $100. It turns out her husband left her, then asked her to sell the collection and send him the money. (This is a reworking of a well-known urban legend that usually involves a car.)