Funny / High Fidelity

  • This exchange with a customer when Rob's having a melancholy moment:
    Customer: Hi, do you have soul?
    Rob: That all depends.
  • Rob's reaction when he finds out that Barry is in a band called Barrytown
    Rob: Fucking hell, is there no end to your arrogance?
  • Rob's Imagine Spot of Laura having sex with Ian.
  • Rob's Imagine Spot confrontation in the record store, with Ian.
    Shall we leave it at that, then?
    I've already left it, you pathetic, rebound fuck! Now get your PATCHOULI STINK outta my store!
  • In the book (and a deleted scene from the movie), Rob comes across a woman selling a priceless record collection for $100. It turns out her husband left her, then asked her to sell the collection and send him the money. (This is a reworking of a well-known urban legend that usually involves a car.)