Funny / Hideki Kamiya

  • Following a wave of laying the verbal smackdown after a news story misinterpreting a comment he made about his lack of interest in making PC games and ports, he got called out for it by Atsushi Inaba, his superior at PlatinumGames. According to Kamiya, the conversation went like this:
    "I got chewed out by Inaba again because I said クソ馬鹿ぼんくらガイジンTL . :(" [1]
    "He was like "Don't say gaijin, It's rude! You can say fuck, shit or douche, but never use gaijin ! ...uh, never use all of them, I mean." [2]
    • Involving the same story, Kotaku writer Luke Plunkett asked if he even read it. Kamiya delivers a response that became instantly memetic.
  • "Don't use F-word. It's rude." Considering that he swears regularly on Twitter, he's most likely being tongue-in-cheek about it.
  • Whenever people ask him about Dreamcast versions of his games, he often jokes around responding with "Dream...what?" and "What...cast?"
  • Whenever someone asks him a question with an answer that he's unable to give out due to NDA, he tweets a link of a Nintendo logo altered to read "Ninja", which is accompanied with a caption of telling followers that if he says anything, ninjas will come out and kick his ass or force him to commit ritualistic suicide. Alternatively, if it's a project on a Microsoft platform, he expresses worry over Microsoft making him jump off the Space Needle instead.
  • Kamiya posing with a bodypillow of Bayonetta.
  • Kamiya, the creator of Metal Gear Solid.
  • A wikipedia editor asked Kamiya if there was a photo he'd be willing to provide for his page. Kamiya replied with this. Sadly, due to Wikipedia copyright policy, they can't use this photo.
  • He bought a custom-made stamp with his face and the word "BLOCKED" on it.
  • Kamiya absolutely hates anti-aliasing.