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Funny: Hetaween 2011
  • Grandmano overlaps this with CMOA
    • "It's like the final boss has shown up at last!"
    • And Spain and Belgium's reactions? "Cute! So cute!"
  • Hungary trembling with excitement as she tries to get Austria to wear a dress.
  • Ukraine + Poland + toy horse
    • contagious!Poland
  • Mochimerica spontaneously growing and losing limbs whenever it is convenient for him and his meeting America.
  • Taiwan has kindly revealed to us how to instantly revive a dying China. A cure made from Mochimerica's 'legs. Eeeeep.
  • Cameroon's epic costume...was designed by his pet. who is a graduate of Glasgow University in Fine Arts.
  • France failing to get down from his wire after "flying".
    • America trying to get England to show off his legs, "skin-tight clothes", and pretty much everything about America and England dressing up together.
  • France's beard just sprouts right back up once England returns and starts ranting again, returning everything to normal.
  • Rome secretly getting a bunch of people including Japan, Prussia, Austria, Hungary and Germany to dress up in slave costumes like Italy's throughout the night. He is about to spread Romano's cosutme around as well when Germania stops him.
  • "I'm not really sure what's going on, but holy crap, India!" And then he and Prussia have a fabulous dance party.
    • This was pretty much the fandom's reaction as well.
    • Germany's reaction to Prussia being involved in all this.
  • Turkey kidnapping Greece for his and Egypt's Aladdin cosplay. He's just carrying him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes!
  • Belarus hitting Denmark over the head and furiously berating him simply because he thought he'd win the costume contest. His reaction? He laughs and tells Belarus that he can't wait to see them all dressed up.
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