Funny: Heralds of Valdemar

  • Any time Tayledras mating circles are mentioned.
    • "How many Hawkbrothers does it take for a mating circle?"
      • "One, but he has to be flexible!"
  • Companions insisting they're not horses.

  • How Herald Alberich (with some help from Kantor) deters a pursuer (who happens to be a popular stage actor). He ducks into an inn, finds out there is a group of young women and chaperones who are major fans, and innocently directs them to outside, where the actor is lurking about. Then he nearly flattens himself against the nearby wall before he gets stampeded by fangirls who practically chase the actor down the street.

Last Herald-Mage
  • Starwind and Moondance become the first Tayledras to make their presence known to multiple Valdemarans with they visit Forst Reach. Savil warns them about the particularities of the Ashkevrons and Starwind airily waves off her concern. The next chapter, the two of them are desperately trying to maintain polite calm when chattered at by one of the many teenage girls of the main family. Once they are able to elude her, a bewildered Starwind says that the Ashkevrons aren't a family but an army, noting that k'Vala is bigger but that's an entire Clan, not the descent of a single set of parents (Three generations, with the oldest members of the third getting ready to be married themselves, all in one household)!