Funny / Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

  • Most of the mini-games qualify for this, such as the humorous text surrounding a set of Instant Runes, but particular mention goes to QUIZ OF DOOM!.
  • In one mini-game which requires you to hit a sequence of key commands to play an ocarina, the notes play as usual, sounding more like panpipes than an ocarina, but still sounding appropriate for a small wind instrument.. until you get to the last note, which sounds like a squeaky toy.
  • "I! AM! NOT! NAKED!"
  • There's an enemy in Zone 4 who's streaking ever since he found Ash's tabloids on the Hellernet.
  • Ash being sickened by the scenery of Zone 8. Even funnier is how he noticed the innocent and sweet song playing in the background.