Funny / Heavyweights

  • Bears love honey.
    • So do deer.
  • The before-and-after photos of the campers are ridiculously funny.
  • "I see the future President of the United States." "...He's from England..."
  • Lars, particularly at the dance.
    • The campers actually blackmail Lars:
      Camper: Hey, Lars, guess what. We're in charge now! You know what we found out? We found out that if you don't have a job, you get deported! So, Lars, buddy, pal, are you with us or are you against us?
      Lars: I am with you...I love you!
  • The camp bus drives past several fast food restaurants on the way to Camp Hope. Is it any wonder that the campers love it there?
    • The bus ride in general is pretty funny.
      Pat: Hey, Sam, don't lean your head out the window! We lost six kids like that last summer, I'm not going back to pick up your head!
      Sam: Just leave my head, I don't need it anyway!
  • A jerkass MVP yelling fat jokes at the Chipmunks is shut up by Roy when he calmly jabs the kid in the gut with a baseball bat.
  • The Camp Hope sing-along during the end credits.
    • Love Lars' bit.
  • Tony's new career after he's been fired as head of Camp Hope.
    Tony: (door opens to reveal Tony in a fancy business suit, with a suitcase full of crystals) Good afternoon. I know what your thinking. Another guy hawking 'healing crystals' door-to-door. Well I don't like to call them crystals, I like to call them transformational facilitators. (door is promptly shut in Tony's face)
  • This bit while Gerry is writing his letter:
    Gerry: ...We have to resort to more drastic measures.
    cut to the campers chasing a cow, one with a baseball bat in hand
    Random Camper: I WANT MEAT!
  • "...Cher?" note 
  • "Lunch has been cancelled today due to lack of hustle. Deal with it."
  • "Hey! Don't pee in the water! Don't drink the water, he peed in it!"
  • The food-for-all after Tony's been locked up by the campers.
    Julie: Oh my gosh... is that Tim?
    Tim: (dancing around the bonfire, shirtless, covered in chocolate sauce, and chowing down on a bag of marshmallows) WHOOOOO!
    Pat: ...He looks like a human S'more.
  • After the kids have shown their parents the video of how abusive Tony was to them:
    Tony: (Sarcastic Clapping) Oh ho ho ho yes, that was wonderful! Woo, so entertaining! The cinematography, the editing techniques, though I must say, the villain was a bit over the top. (Does a flip from the second story and lands on his feet) Ouch.