Funny / Heavenly Sword

  • Much of Kai's dialogue is there purely for laughs.
    Guard: Ah, I think she saw me. [cowers behind fireworks]. G- go away! There's no one here!
  • A bit of Black Comedy from Flying Fox, during his and Nariko's first encounter he sends a couple waves of mooks for her to fight. After she wipes them out, he asks for more volunteers, turning to one guy who cowers away. He then just slaps him, killing him.
  • The torture of Nariko's father, while tragic, is followed up by:
    Nariko: AAAAARGH!!!
    Bohan: BLEEEEEEEHHH! (Utterly Deadpan) Kill her.
    • Considering Bohan is a madman, any scene with him in it has the potential for hilarity.
  • The "Generals" cutscene has a number of these, but one of Bohan's lines regarding Flying Fox stands out.
    Bohan: There's something about that man I don't entirely trust...