Funny / Heart of Darkness

Funny highlights from the video game Heart of Darkness.
  • The Master of Darkness taking out his frustration by tossing his servant into walls. Just when he throws his servant directly at a spiky column, a shadow monster steps in the way and the servant crashes into his enormous gut.
  • "Uhh, Andy, we have a problem."
  • After Andy turns the Amigos' last apple into a whole tree of apples, an overjoyed Amigo tries to eat two of them at once and gets his hands stuck in his mouth.
  • The head honcho of the Amigos in regards to his vision of Andy's arrival.
    Honcho: I know why you come. My vision eye sees all there is! Looky...I draw my vision!
    (He produces a parchment with a crude stick figure drawing.)
    Honcho: Just like you, huh? Hehehe.
    (Andy looks noticeably hesitant, then nods.)
    Andy: Mm-hm.
    Honcho: You fly from sky to find amigo like this, no?
    (He picks up another parchment, a detailed pin-up of a shapely female Amigo. The other Amigos wolf-whistle and make googley eyes, and Andy chuckles silently.)
    Honcho: Hmm? (He looks at the drawing he's holding.) WHOAA!! Wrong dream...!
  • And shortly after that, a bit of excellent comedic timing.
    Honcho: Great Honcho says evil bones never come here. I have spoken!
    (The wall behind him promptly explodes into pieces, as shadow monsters attack the Amigo village.)
  • In the ending, the Amigos find and salvage the wreckage of Andy's spaceship, rummaging through the junk and scrap. One of them finds a camera, which the Amigo with glasses takes a close look at. His reaction after photographing himself is gold.
    Amigo: Amigo face? AMIGO FACE! Amigo face, Amigo face...!
    (He runs all over the place holding up the instant photo, eventually popping back into view looking straight at the fourth wall.)
    Amigo: Amigo face? AMIGO FACE!! Amigoface-amigoface-amigoface-amigoface...!
  • Attacking the Worms will cause them to bloat up, while they just stay there in the wall with a suprised expression. Attacking the Worms again will make them fly around lIke a deflated balloon before dying!