Funny / Have Space Suit Will Travel

  • "Oscar"
  • How Kip deals with the annoying Jerk Jock Ace Quiggle at the end.
  • Peewee gets defensive about Madam Pompadour claiming she's a "conditioned reflex" necessary to help her get to sleep. Kip's response:
    Kip: I don't care how you get to sleep. Personally I hit myself over the head with a hammer.
  • Kip when Peewee demands he search the spaceship for the Mother Thing: "I'd have done it for another Human, even a stranger with halitosis. I'd have done it for a cat or dog, all be it reluctantly -" but he draws the line at bug-eyed monsters. Until he meets her.
  • Kip manages to talk to a Late Imperial-period Roman by splitting the difference between his Spanish and his Latin, although he does fumble when he calls Iunio his 'amigo'.
    Iunio: And don't call me 'amico'; I'm a Roman citizen - so don't get gay.