Funny / Hate Plus

  • Load the data from Analogue: A Hate Story's Harem Ending, which requires the player to "cheat the system" to get.
    *Mute: Like, no matter how you look at it... there's no way we should be both be able to be activated at the same time.
    *Hyun-ae: I don't get it...
    *Mute: Well, like, it should be impossible.
    *Hyun-ae: Wasn't it also impossible for him to have found that log file they showed to you, in order to get us together, in the first place?
    *Mute: Uh. Yeah, actually.
    *Hyun-ae: Just because our route isn't canon, doesn't mean our feelings aren't real!
    *Mute: ...don't worry about it too much, okay?
  • Heo's security report that spends way too much time fangirling about Mute's updated look, which gets an angry, embarrassed, all-caps rebuke from *Mute that threatens to fire her and replace her position with a potted plant.
    • In the Harem Route Mute Version 2 will also ask Hyun-ae if she could be replaced with a potted plant while the pair is reading this log.
  • The ship's council discusses the possible benefits and drawbacks of an economic stimulus that would try to reverse the declining birth rates, especially since it would require a pretty steep tax hike to fund.
    Councillor *Mute (Security): Okay, but here's my problem: if you increase taxes on the lower class by 15%, there will be riots. Like, my office will be on fire within a week, and it turns out that costs even more of the money that's already tight to put out. We're talking actual straight-out riots. It's a security problem.
    Chief Councillor Ryu (Captaincy): But the benefit would be-
    Councillor *Mute (Security): I get what the benefit would be. Um, it just doesn't offset the cost of, you know, offices on fire.
    • In general, every time *Mute talks in the council meetings.
  • When *Hyun-ae confesses to *Mute in the Harem Route, *Mute at first doesn't take *Hyun-ae seriously. But once it finally sinks in that the girl is serious... she unleashes a scream lasting several dialog boxes.
  • This exchange in the Harem Route:
    Mute: But Old *Mute started from the same blank slate that I did! The same core directives, the same values! But... like, even still, she's nothing like me. Like, she's... kind of a bitch, isn't she?
    Hyun-ae: That isn't...
    Mute: ...what was that?!
    Hyun-ae: Nothing!
    Mute: It had better have been nothing!
  • When *Mute interrogates Oh Eun-a's maid on her behavior, the maid comments she's been getting increasingly unhinged:
  • *Hyun-ae's commentary while reading the log file about Oh Eun-a and Ryu Hyeon-su's first meeting.
    Eun-a: Me? Oh no! I think people get distracted by them too easily instead of focusing on the things that really matter!
    Hyeon-su: And what is it that matters to you?
    Eun-a: The future! Everyone's always about the 'now' these days.
    *Hyun-ae: Spoiler warning: the future sucked!
  • During a council argument:
    Councillor Kim: Ugh.
    Councillor Smith: "Ugh" is not a vote.
    • During the next one:
    Councillor *Mute: Let the record indicate that the Chief Councillor's remarks were prefixed by an overly dramatic sigh.
  • Borderline Troper Tales, but Chocolate Cake-flavored Vodka counts as chocolate cake. And so he enjoyed Russian chocolate cake!
    @christinelove: Catching up on cake emails. Someone sent a picture of himself drinking a bottle of chocolate cake flavoured vodka with *Hyun-ae. THAT'LL DO.
  • In the harem route, during the "The Death of *Mute" log, Heo Seo-yeong shouts at one of the maids to tell where President and Chief Councilor Ryu is so they can arrest him. The AIs' commentary?
    *Hyun-ae: The maid must've been pretty scared, though.
    *Mute: Can you please just reign in your fucking maid obsession for five minutes?!
  • The girls' reaction to Heo Seung-bok's log file where he visited his aunt (Heo Seo-yeong) to deliver a gift from his father to her and was told by a maid of the house who answered the door that she wasn't at home.
    Seung-bok: Is her husband home, then?
    Maid: He's home, but... uh... [blushes and looks away] Professor Kim is... he's busy right now, and not to be interrupted. Sorry...
    *Hyun-ae: ...oh, geeze! Does he mean her husband was doing...?
    *Mute: ...the maids? Yeah, I think so.
  • The Image Song It's Not Ero!, which starts by gleefully telling the listener that the game is "no ero story" and "won't show you smutty CGs".