Funny: Harvest Moon

  • In Animal Parade, if you marry the Harvest King the Sprites need to explain to him what a "smooch" is. How is this done? Colin decides to give one to Daren.
    • The same happens if you marry the Harvest Goddess.
    • Any scene with Luke in it, special mention to his and Owen's confrontation with Calvin in the ruins.
  • The drink off between Duke and Karen in Friends of Mineral Town, especially the aftermath with Manna berating Duke. You have to get Karen at green heart for it, but it's totally worth it.
  • The infamous "macaroni scene" in A New Beginning. Klaus walks into the restaurant, and out of complete nowhere, begins on a lengthy tirade on why macaroni has a hole in it and how this reflects on humanity. Clement becomes increasingly alarmed as Klaus just keeps. Going. On. Watch it in all its glory here.
  • Marrying Soseki in A New Beginning. The protagonist has to give him a Death Glare to make him say "I love you." Even then, he makes it halfway through before giving up and telling his new wife to stop teasing her elders.
  • The Witch Princess' introduction in A New Beginning. She starts off by claiming that you completed a ritual to summon her—which leaves your PC very confused. She's all set to punish you for summoning her errantly... until her old nemesis, the Harvest Goddess, shows up. She's so pissed off by the Harvest Goddess meddling that she decides to live in your town solely to spite the Harvest Goddess.
  • The "Charles' Flirtatious Words" cutscene in A New Beginning. Charles and Allen start talking about how Charles met his wife, Camilla. After some goading, Allen manages to get Charles to re-enact the scene of his dramatic confession to him. As it so happens, Charles' daughter, Hina, walks in... Not only does she wholeheartedly believe that her dad is in love with Allen—which bothers her for obvious reasons—she then declares that she is in love with Allen too and her own father is now her love rival. All Allen can do is sigh.
  • Sometimes your child in A Wonderful Life may say something humourous. The funnniest one of them all has to be this little gem.