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Funny: Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
  • Ron Fox "torturing" the black orthodontist.
  • "Look what we got us here brothers... Mexicans!"
  • Kumar trying to impress the Ku Klux Klan.
    Kumar: I once took a Ko-re-an guy's toothbrush, and rubbed it all over my dick.
    Klan Member: Now that's just disgusting. But I like it!
  • "Dude, the klan is fucking slow."
  • When the old woman sees Kumar sitting some seats ahead of her, she briefly imagines him with a beard and turban, laughing at her, and imitating an airplane with his hand, falling out of the sky and making an explosion sound.
  • The scene where Neil Patrick Harris does mushrooms and has a vision of himself on a unicorn. Even better, he's being questioned by a police officer the entire time. Not once does the cop even suspect that anything is wrong.
  • At the brothel, Harold is telling all the prostitutes about how much Kumar has been screwing up the whole journey through and is probably thinking that he's having a great time having sex with the prostitutes. Cut to Kumar's room and we find him crying over losing his girlfriend while the prostitutes try to comfort him over his loss.
  • Fuck you, donuts are awesome!
  • This scene.
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