Funny / Harlan Ellison®

  • One of the many examples of his black humor is when he was hired by Disney Studios as a writer. Said job only lasted one day when Roy overheard Ellison pitching an animated film where several Disney characters invoked Rule34. Said movie wasn't a legitimate pitch, but it got him fired all the same.
  • The fact that he trademarked his own name.
  • There's a story about Ellison that Stephen King recounted in 1980's Danse Macabre: in a plotting meeting for what became Star Trek: The Motion Picture, an executive repeatedly exhorted the writing staff to think bigger and bigger. Ellison thought for a few minutes, then suggested a plot where the Enterprise was sucked through a wormhole to the edge of all creation, where they found an enormous wall. Scotty figured out a way to breach the wall, at which point they are bathed in the luminous light of God Himself, peering back through the hole. When the executive claimed that this—this—wasn't big enough, Ellison flipped him the bird and walked out.