Funny / Half-Minute Hero

  • The bonus mission "ABYSS" in Second Coming needs to be seen to be believed. Basically, in the lead up to the final battle with Fate, Yusha comes across a strange chasm that the Time Goddess is desperate to keep him from entering. If you continue to push her and go in anyway, things take a seemingly grim turn as the Goddess turns into the True Time Goddess and attacks you as the most powerful Bonus Boss in the game. If you manage to defeat her, you find out her terrible, terrible secret...a cave full of Time Goddess merch she had mass produced in a failed attempt to cash in on her popularity. The Goddess then declares that she will form a pro baseball team before doing...something to Yusha. We never see what it is, and Yusha suddenly finds himself back outside with the Goddess (seemingly) unaware of what just happened. While we don't see what she did to him, its clear that Yusha is terrified and quickly returns to his real quest as the Goddess innocently wonders what's wrong.