Funny: Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun

  • Kobungo is more or less a walking CMoF. For instance, his first and second meeting with Shino have him land on poor Shino's body and knocks him unconscious.
  • Episode 8 with Dousetsu's first appearance. His reaction to Megu, the frozen monk and Murasame were all funny.
    • Again from episode 8, after Shino kicked a drunk man out of their compartment, Sousuke follows him inside...but not before he pours scalding hot water onto Megu and causes it to grow size, freaking both the drunkard and Dousetsu out.
  • When Shino turns into an 18-year-old for a day, during his slumber, Kobungo pushes Genpachi away from the room as he imagined what Genpachi's reaction to the grown-up Shino would be like.
    • From the same episode, since Rio was on the same bed as Shino, Kaname and the foxes immediately said that they never expected him to be "into that kind of thing". Rio is not amused.
  • In episode 20, Dousetsu encounters Keno for the first time and is taken aback at his beauty. Yukihime approves. In hindsight, this makes Yukihime looks like a Yaoi Fangirl, but it becomes even funnier when you consider she might have given her approval just to troll her master because she probably knows it won't end well.
  • Episode 22 has the Scenery Censor where Shino stands fully naked...with Murasame conveniently covers his private part.
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