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Funny: Hairspray
  • "I Can Hear the Bells."
    • The part where Tracy pins a random guy to a locker and continues singing as Penny visibly struggles to get her to release him in the background.
    • Also when she puts Penny's hand on her chest; prompting stares from others around and an awkward look from Penny.
    • Plus, when Tracy gets hit by a dodge ball while singing the song.
  • When Tracy says on live TV in The Sixties that if she were president, "I'd make every day Negro Day!"
    • Alot of the stuff Tracy says and does is hilarious, really.
  • Link finally growing a spine and telling his history teacher to "kiss my ass" in the film version. (YMMV, though, as his later refusal to participate in the integration protest makes this a case of terribly uneven Character Development.)
    • Well it's one thing to just get in trouble at school and get a detention just to flirt with a girl, and quite another to risk losing your one chance to be discovered which is what he feared participating in the march would do.
    • What makes the line even funnier is that it's said, dead serious, as an answer to the question "What were the immortal words of Patrick Henry?"
  • Link's utterly sincere line when he shows up at the Turnblad residence.
    Link: I can't believe Tracy savagely bludgeoned an Eagle Scout! That's just not like her.
  • Penny's mom tying her up with a jump rope and throwing holy water on her.
    Penny's Mom: Devil child! Devil child!
  • When Penny is on TV and while she kisses Seaweed, her mother is watching and screams "Penny!!" and trips over a table.
    Penny: I am now a checkerboard chick! (kisses Seaweed passionately)
    Prudy: (watching on TV) Penny! (tumbles over the coffee table)
    • The next scene of Prudy desperately attempting to scrub Seaweed out of the picture.
  • When Link catches Tracy dancing with Seaweed in the detention room, when she spanks her butt.
    Tracy: I'm a bad bad girl who needs to be punished!
  • Link seeking solace at the Turnblad residence.
    Link: I'm so worried! I can't sleep, I can't eat -
    Edna: You can't eat? Come on in, I'll make you some pork.
  • This exchange, while Penny and Seaweed are having a romantic moment as he tries to untie her from her mother's jump rope:
    Penny: Oh, Seaweed! I knew the color of our skin wouldn't get between our love!
    Seaweed: Yeah, but these knots might. Was your mom ever in the Navy?

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