Funny: Gungrave

  • Near the end of Overdose (before the tragedy starts) Mika gives Spike a well-deserved Dope Slap.
    Mika: You know, I worked REALLY hard on making that soup for you.
  • One of the enemies from the train level in the original is two guys with machine guns riding a missle. Both hilarious and awesome.
  • The anime isn't a very lighthearted series, however, the early part of episode 5 stands out. Apparently, Brandon can't use a phone properly, but considering his character...
    Gary: Hey, New Face, pick up the phone, I betcha he's callin' right now.
    Brandon: *picks up the phone and holds it to his face without saying anything*
    Gary: Well, say something!
    Brandon: .............Good afternoon...
    Gary: *falls off the couch* WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! HOW MANY TIMES I GOTTA TELL YOU? *grabs Brandon by his shirt* The racing phone's on the right, the middle is for black market stuff and the left one IS FOR INTERNAL USE!
    Brandon: ....
    Brandon: ...........I'm sorry.
  • When Bunji and Harry get ambushed by the Gashaw gang in the anime, eventually Brandon shows up and him and Bunji start wrecking shit, all the while Harry is sitting behind Brandon's car, calmly smoking a cigarette.
    • Afterwards, Bunji is offered a chance to join Millenion, but Bunji only agrees to go through with it if he's bested in a hand to hand fight, which Brandon readily volunteers for. Let's just say the show manages to hint to a Cross Counter without actually referencing Ashita no Joe, no small feat in itself. The swollen faces on both Bunji and Brandon sells it.