Funny / Gulliver's Travels

The Max Fleischer animated movie

  • This scene:
    Sneak: (reading letter) Dear King Bombo, sail the word that the giant is a dead duck.
    Coo-Coo: (to Snoop, who is writing the letter) Is a dead duck.
    Sneek Spy: (pats Gulliver's gun and turns around, rubbing his hands) P.S. What do we do with the body?
  • "There'sagiantonthebeachletmego!"
  • Gabby getting his lantern stuck over his head after he crashes into the guards. When he complains about needing to see the king, they slam the lantern window shut in his face.
  • The scene where Gabby is alerting the town to Gullivers presence on the beach, especially the deaf old man with the Ear Trumpet.
    *the old man uses the trumpet like an actual trumpet*
  • Bombo and his navy's reaction to Gulliver; the ships retreat into the distance in seconds.
  • The Gabby shorts themselves were actually pretty hilarious. In one, the titular character decides to help out the fire department, though he does more damage then good (and the other firemen couldn't care less about him). At one point, he chops his way though a the door with a bucket of water... to water the plants and put a log in the fireplace.