* In "How the West Was One" (2-parter), Ben watches the news of a school protest and sees his siblings and dad being taken away by the police, and Maggie, who's reporting the event, [[MamaBear yells at the police to not hurt her kids]].
--->'''Maggie:''' WATCH THEIR HEADS YOU NAZIS!! [[MoodSwinger Back to you, Jerry.]]\\\
'''Ben:''' Whoa, my family's been busted!
** "[[SarcasmMode OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE??]]" (Mike and Jason's reaction to Carol's perfect attendance being ruined.)
** The principal's secretary finding the chant "Heck no, he won't go!" catchy. Even Jason think so.
** "[[ThatCameOutWrong We're just a couple of guys,]] [[HoYay cuddling on the front of a parked car.]]"
* Ben's attempt at making a horror movie in "Ben's Movie".